RaYa FF"U complete me" 7th january pg30 2

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Hey frnds' as the new promos are revealing the effect of Priya's past on Ram' I thought of writing a small FF envisaging the episodes in coming week'. Hope u all like it'

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Part1 - pg no. 1
Part 2- pg no. 3
Part 3- Pg. no. 7
Part4- pg.no. 11
Part 5-pg no. 14 
Part 6-pg no. 17
Part 7-pg no.21
Part 8-pg no. 23
Part 9-pg no.25
Part 10-pg no. 27
part 11-pg no. 28
Part 12 and Part 13- pg no. 30
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Recap: After Ashwin won the bet and proved to its colleague that Priya and he were in relationship and she still cares about him… and then that stupid Ashwin's brainless natter on fat and health… projecting himself superior to Ram.

Part 1

Next Day

Ram-Priya reached the office…

Priya accompanied Ram to his cabin and after making sure he is fine she finally moves to take her training session. As soon as she entered the room she saw Ashwin and all the stupid talks of Ashwin trying to humiliate Ram's fitness came to her mind… and she was in absolute anger…

During the whole session that reckless Ashwin keep staring at Priya… and Priya avoided him completely…

Suddenly his Phone rang… and Priya who was already in anger… gave him a gud reply… and finally sending him out… (I said "Get Out") he tried to argue… but Priya Mr. Gupta I said… Get out now…

Session Over…

In the break… colleagues started pulling Ashwin's leg… but he managed them saying she was angry bcoz he couldn't met her yesterday in coffee shop… so she did this… and left…

As soon as Ashwin left… they all started gossiping about Priya and Ashwin… Ram overhears there Convo… and left to confront Priya…


Ashwin blocks Priya's Way… (Ram has Also reached and seeing Priya-Ashwin talking he stops on gate… and listens)

Ashwin: Priya, why u r behaving in such a rude way… and tried giving her sake of their old relationship and friendship… he adds I know you are angry with me but I'm sorry Priya can we again… and that's it bfr he speaks anything Priya interrupted him…

(Priya who was in absolute anger for his morning deed and then this… she lost… and gave him her piece of mind…)
Priya:"Mr. Ashwin Gupta maine tumhe pehle bhi kaha hai aur aaj bhi keh rehi hoon… tum meri jindagi koi mayine nahi rakhte… toh tumse naraaz hone ka toh koi sawaal hi nahi hota… aur rehi baat aaj kii toh mind it… aaj jo tumne Mr.Kapoor ko nicha dikhane kii koshish kii hai… yeh sab uske liye mera I mean Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor" ka chhota sa jawab…"

Priya: tum samhajte khudko… insaan ki pehchan uske roop se jyaada uske character uske dil se hoti hai… aur in sab mai tumhe Ram tak pahuchne mai toh shayaad agla janam bhi kam pade… toh aage se… don't you dare to talk to Ram in this tone… aur else…

Mr. Kapoor tohh kuch nahi karenge kyunki unka dil itna bada hai kii woh yeh sab baato ko dhyan nahi dete par… par… Mind it Mr. Ashwin Gupta… next time… u dare to do any such sick deed to Mr. Kapoor and then I'll show u what place u actually deserve and points him to gate (main gate of Kapoor Industries)
Ram: Smiles… (in bg Bade acche lagte hai… yeh baatein… yeh aapnapan… yeh hamdardi… aur aur tum…) and he left…
Priya too left leaving behind an annoyed Ashwin
Precap: Ram sitting in his cabin, twisting his fingers…, stress lines on forehead, thinking about all that happened in last few hours… all that he saw and all that he heard…
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Posted: 2011-11-06T03:44:15Z
nice imagination!!!! i hope this hapns in d show also. :))
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Posted: 2011-11-06T03:46:24Z
nice update
continue soon
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Posted: 2011-11-06T03:58:33Z
hey nice post..
CV's should read this..
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Posted: 2011-11-06T04:10:54Z
Hey gr8 post.. Continue soon..
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Posted: 2011-11-06T04:13:55Z
I really liked this ! Plz continue Smile
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Posted: 2011-11-06T04:54:09Z
gr8 start yaar.. plz continueClap
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