Kuchto hua hai-Ks,Ku,Abh,khus,bajaj,Prern

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Kshitij Oberoi:A doctor who is Kumud's Bf
His parents:Aryaman,Saakshi
Dr Gujaral:Kshitij's uncle
Kumud:very bright student.Preparing 2 go 4 a job.The pet of Abhay-Khusum
Abhay-Khusum:the most luckiest parents.They r kumud's parents
Rishab Bajaj: Kumud's boss
Apo*na:Bajaj's wife
Kazak:Bajaj's daughter
Nakul:kali's bf
Rishi:Bajaj's son

Sum other characters including Prerna r also there

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Posted: 2006-02-02T09:06:25Z
nice jasmine.....cont soon... Clap
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Posted: 2006-02-02T09:23:27Z

hey hey...jasmin i m back!!!! dekha jaha kshitij-kumud waha nightangel....Wakka Wakka

cho cheewwwt!!!!Kisses

good luck...Thumbs Up


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Posted: 2006-02-02T11:06:47Z
Fantastic....Jasmine, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz con't soon. I just can't wait till it starts...

woww!!!!looks like our writer is back...
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Posted: 2006-02-03T02:29:14Z

Abhay gets up from the bed.He sees nobody on the bed.
A:Where is khusum?she may b in the kitchen
Kkusum busy in the kitchen.A enters.A smiles:what r u making?
K:u got up?Abhay,2day kumud is coming back after studies no.so i'm making her fav food.poor kumud.she does'nt get nice food in the hostel
A:she'l b missing her mom's food
K smiles:Ur pamper is what kumud misses most
A smiles.
K:its the time 2 stop pampering & find a guy
A:ya,we'll find a guy 4 her.but thats not a reason 2 stop pampering
K:Abhay...u r spoiling her
A:never.our daughter is the most disciplined girl
K;since we shifted 2 a new house,it wil b difgficult 4 her 2 find this house.Abhay,we'll go 2 pick her up

Abhay-kusum go 2 the bus stop.they wait 4 kumud's bus.
The bus does'nt cum.
A asks a person:Did the bus anupama cum?
he:it came early
A:what?kumud told us the wrong time?
K gets tensed:without waiting 4 us,kumud went in search 4 us?Oh!where wud've she reached?
A consoles K:calm down kusum.she'l b sumwhere here.we'll find her
A-K look 4 kumud.but they did'nt find.They sweat due 2 tension.Suddenly A's mobile rings.A listens 2 what that person told.A was shocked

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Posted: 2006-02-03T04:07:44Z

PLZZZZZZZZZ cont. soon.
or else I donno what will happen to me due to shock... LOL Wink
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Posted: 2006-02-03T14:44:34Z
continue fast!! verna humhe shock se kuch hojaye ga
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Posted: 2006-02-04T00:38:43Z
Part-2....Abhay was very serious.
Kkusum:who's that abhay?
A:cum,we'l go home
K:no,i want 2 see my daughter
Tears on her eyes.
A:get inside the car kusum.there is an imp matter at hime
K:nothin is more imp than my daughter
A:kusum,plz cum.its related 2 kumud
K:related 2 kumud?how?
A:1st u get inside the car
K gets inside the car
A drives the car.he looks K.K was very upset.They reach home.
A:go inside
K:Abhay...kumud...u said sumthing is here related 2 kumud
A:ya,u go inside
A holds K's hand & go inside.K:whats seen here?nothing. want 2 see kumud
Sumbody closes kusum's eyes with arms.
K:Abhay...whats this?ur touch is so much of like kumud's
Arms r taken off my her eyes.
K looks.Was surprised.It was kumud. K:kumud!
Kusum hugs K:where were u?
K:i was here.i reached here after u all left.i told u the wrong time of the bus,so that u'l reach there late.so that i can search 4 this house & reach here & giv u all a surprise.
Kusum:u naughty!
A smiles:let her b naughty.she can b naughty only 2 us.
K:u r right papa.

Kusum has arranged lunch.kumud:wow!my fav food.i really missed it.
K eats it.Abhay:whats ur next plan?
Kusum:has 2 get her married
K:mama,i want 2 go 4 a job.
A:gud,if its ur wish,fine.
K:thanku papa

Kumud goes 4 an interview.While waliking on the road,a car began 2 hit her.K got tensed & moves 2 a side.A handsome young guy gets out of the car.

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