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Posted: 18 years ago
Pranks are the sole silver lining at hectic shooting schedules, and it is always amusing to find that some actor or actress has been the latest bakra. Recently, ace photographer turned producer Subi Samuel, his wife and director Ashu played a prank on their leading man Akshay Kapoor. AK was chilling in the US with his dad, and Subi and his wife also happened to be there. So Subi casually informed Akshay that director Ashu had come across another guy who was a really good actor and had a great physique; and that Ashu was toying with the idea of casting the new guy in the lead, and making Akshay the assistant director instead. Hearing this, AK immediately began to follow a proper workout regime and working harder on his role to make sure that Ashu wouldn't have second thoughts about casting him. Subi, his wife and Ashu, of course, didn't let on till the end, and now Akshay has a fab body to show for the prank. This is one bakra who is not complaining!


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Posted: 18 years ago
Who's Akshay Kapoor?