*Pyar Bus Ho Gaya*(ak)

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hey my name is kashish and this is my first ff. i hope u ppl will like it.Big smileBig smileBig smile

Khanna members

Angad Khanna- 22 yr and lives in mumbai with his family. he doesn't belive in love. He think love isn't so important in live it just a joke he's a spolied kid since childhood.

Anita- 20 yr, she is another spoiled brat that came from london. she always does wat she want. she never listen to no one.

Naina Khanna- naina is a mom that wants to find a girl for angad but angad doesn't want to get married.

Dilip Khanna- dilip is the dad that always takes angad side and always give him watever he want. so his dad spoiled him .

Dadi- dadi loves angad so much and angad always tells her dadi everything thatz going on in his life.


Sharma members

kripa sharma - is 21 yr. she lives in mumbai. she dosen't belive in love after she got rejected once from a marriage proposal also is a spoiled brat.

Shewata Sharma - kripa mom just wants to see kripa happy

Amit Sharma- kripa dad and also want to see her happpy

Kartik Sharma- 25 yr ,Kripa brother. kripa tells him everything thatz going on her life.


extra characters-

Aliya- 21 yr , kripa best freind

josh - 23 Angad best friend

pritvi bose- kripa childhood freind and loves her too

and more ppl will be add in the story.

Khanna family and Sharma family are both rich.

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PArt One :
Khanna house
Ther was a guy coming down the stairs. he was getting later for first day of collage. he was wearing a black shirt with blue jean. he looked so cute. anyway he was coming down the stair when suddenly he bumped in to his mom and tured around it was angad. He was getting later for collage to he ran got in his red hot car and zoomed ooof .
Sharma House
There was a girl getting ready for first day on collage. She was also getting later . she rush downstairs she was wearing a pink top with black pant. so suddenly she rushed out butbefore rushing out but all of a sudden her mom called and she turned around to she wat she wanted and that girl who turned around was kripa. She was getting later and told her mom she'd call and left in her red new car she got.

did u guyz like it. do u think i should continue it? Big smileBig smile

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Posted: 2006-02-01T14:09:39Z
i hope u ppl liked it Big smile
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Posted: 2006-02-01T14:10:22Z
i'll post the second part soon kkk Big smileBig smileBig smile
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Clap superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.......chaltaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rahoooooooooooooooooooo Wink Clap Clap
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Angad and kripa had got to collage and they both got out of the car at the same time.when they were walking they both bumped in to each other.....

k- omg am sorry
a- can't u watch were ur going
k- i said am sorrry
a- well next time watch
a- maybe u should have watched where u were going next time
and quickly walked away

They both walked away with a mad face.Angry after a few minutelater they both found there class
and there both ended u in the same class. An also had to sit next to each other beacuse there was only two sit left.

a- i've seen u some where
k- well daa we just bumped in to each other out ther
a- ooo
k - some one has bad memery
a - shut up, i don't have time to think of the ppl i bump in to.
kripa got mad but did say anthing cause the proffeser was looking at them .
later on it was time to go for lunch

i have to go i'll continue in like an hour
i hope u like it!!! it is boring but i'll try to fix it okie!!!!!!!!
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Posted: 2006-02-01T16:03:22Z
nice intro plz continue
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Posted: 2006-02-01T16:31:12Z
at lunch time kriap was with her friend aliya.
k - hey aliya
al- hey kripa wat up how was ur first day of collage
when aliya siad that kripa flashed back when kriap had bumped in ti angad.
k- it was okie but scince i bump in to this guy i don't noe his name anyway my mood his off.
al - y wat happened noe.

so kripa told aliya everything . aliya was laughing
al- omg that funny
k- no it not he was so mean

as soon as she said that she saw him with his freind. Angad looked staight up and saw her. so he walked up to her.

a- hey.....
k-( ignored)
a- arn't u going to say hi ....
k- aliya let go i don't wat to talk to ppl i don't noe
al - but kripa
a- ooo so ur name is kripa
k -ya so u have a problem , u want to move out of my way noe
j- common angad leave the girl allown with her freind

so angad and josh walked away.
al- omg did u see his freind he was so cute omg.
k- comon aliya u think everyone's cute
al- no am serious
k - anyway can we go to our classes noe.

after a few hours the collage ended.

the newt day
angad and kripa were both in class. there got a asigment that they had to do it together. they did have a choices so they were partners.

k- omg i can't belive i have to partners with u. i don't even noe ur name.
a- ur so later everyone noe's my name angad khanna.
k - wat a weried name she whispered
a- did u say anything
k - no no not at all
k- okie can we like finish our assigment
a- if u want go ahead but i not don't nothing
k - well fine am only doing my part and that it if u wan't to fail then that good for u Angry cause i don't want to fail
a- okie okie just chill i was just joke holely

1 month had passed and like that they would alway fight and they hated each other so much.on the other hand aliya and josh were going out them too made it together and angad and kripa were like kids fighting all the time

i noe it was boring but am trying to bring it to an interesting part. my fan fic will go fast.

anyway i hope u like it??
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