BALH: Written Update 17 Oct 2011

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                  Bade Acche Lagte Hain
                       written update 17 Oct 2011

Sharma House.Karthick & Sudhir tensed & awaiting arrival of Ships from the jewellers. Ayesha has reached home already informed them of her mom's extravagance. Nutz walks in nonchalantly & rolls her eyes at the worried faces of her hubby & FIL.

Ships returns & sits tiredly on the sofa.Everybody stares at her but don't say a word. Ships is taken aback by their behaviour & says she is not a saintto know what's on their minds.She asks them the reason for their tension.Sudhir begins his rant of how Ships is so unmindful of their financial condition & her thoughtless spending.Karthick too joins in berating his mom.Ships angrily retorts that she is only doing it to keep her family's face during such a huge Karva Chauth function.She says anyway its her jewelry & she is free to do as she pleases with it.Sudhir & Karthik argue with her some more when Nutz intervenes saying MIL is right.Karthick pounces on her for siding with his mom.Finally Karthick gets a super brainstorm that they should ask Priya for a solution to this problem & get her to knock some sense into Ships.D'ohKarthick phones his sis.Nutz rolls her eyes again thinking what a bunch of brain dead gits! (As much I hate you have to agree with you on this oneThumbs Up.)

Kapoor Mansion. The Kapoor women are seated with a jeweller selecting jewelry. Dadi tells Niharika to first let Priya choose a set for herself & then send a few pieces over to Nutz later.Niharika wants to do it rightaway but Dadi scolds her asking her to wait & let Priya choose first.She then asks Priya to hurry & select one.Pippu chooses the smallest one & asks for the price.Niharika laughs at her & tells her that the Kapoor women don't look at price tags. (Sure! You are not the one paying for it are you,Free loader parasite?) Pippi insists on knowing the price & is told its a mere 10 lakhs.Pippu is shocked & tells Dadi that she was already given so much jewelry at the wedding many of which she hasn't worn even once.She wants to wear one of them.Dadi is very impressed by her Golu ki dulhan's samajhdaari but isn't having any of it & insists Priya choose one.Having no choice Pippu picks the smallest piece but Dadi isn't happy & chooses a grander one.Pippu protests saying she is uncomfortable in heavy jewelry so Dadi gives in & lets Pippu have her way.Niharika & her secretary beti are watching all this with typical ektaish faces.Sleepy Just then Priya gets a call from Karthick & she leaves to attend it.Dadi then asks Ishika to choose one & she grabs the best piece & looks to her mom for approval who gives a very happy approval.Dead

Karthick explains their problem to Priya & she in turn asks to speak to their father. She pretty much says the same stuff that Sudhir said to his wife & advices him to talk her mom out of her stupidity. Sudhir approves of his daughter & tells Ships so.Nutz is angry that Priya still rules the house even after being married off.

Priya in her room worrying over her fasting the next day.She then pacifies herself that there is no job that she cannot do.After all Ships too has been observing the day all her life.She says she'll do it for Dadi who is working so hard to make the day so special.Pippu then berates Golu for hurting dadi by flying off to Chennai.Golu then walks in self importantly & says he has tried everything to avoid going out of town on KC day but he hasn't managed to wriggle out of his commitment.He simply has to go else his company will suffer losses. Pippu all miffed says he can gauge the company losses coz they are related to money but he is so blind to the loss he is causing to the family by insisting to remain absent coz that can't be measured in monetary terms. She then mounts a full on assault over Golu's indifference to his dadi's hurt feelings.OuchLOL Ramu retorts that she is making a castle out of a molehill & asks exactly what purpose a man's presence would serve in an all-women celebration (Point to be noted your honour!Clap) He asks her to somehow manage on her own.

Dadi walks in on this argument & demands why her pyaara pota is bent on ruining her day.Golu tries to explain but Dadi shuts him up.She orders him to stay home the next day or else & walks out in a huff. Ram turns on Priya accusing her of instigating his pyaari Dadi against him.LOLPippu flatly denies it. Ram booms no one understands him.Priya's tells him to tone it down & that he is so selfish that he can't think of his Dadi's happiness.She says he broke her heart what kind of a pota he is? Golu gets all possesive over his granny & says its between him & hisss Dadi.He then walks off from there.Priya yells after him that she is hers too as Pippu is her Golu ki dulhan.Thumbs Up Meri dadi!!!! Priya mutters omniously.She says she'll see just how he gets to Chennai.Evil Smile

Resentment escalating in Nutz that Priya remote controls her house.She is worried she is not the apple of their family's eye.She decides to put an end to Priya Raj in Sharma House.She calls her didi for advice.ShockedLOLSecretary Didi says the Sharma's should be shown their place & concocts a plan in mute.Nutz all happy wappy & smiles evilly.Sleepy

Ships all worried stands alone near the living room window & Nutz notices her.She walks over to her & asks if Ships is worried over those jewelry.Ships nods & says she & her hubby don't think in the same way & makes a very sad muh.Nutz puts her plan in action & tells her MIL that there is no need to worry over it as they can always cancel going to her maika.Ships says they can't remain absent from a first KC ceremony of the bahu & beti of the house.Nutz then says she could ask her mom & brother for money & Ships is shocked & says that is so not done.They can't take money from their samdhis.Just then Nutz gets a
call from her assistant who asks her about some jewelry for their fashion show.She shouts at him to source it on his own.He then asks if they could use fake jewelry & she agrees.She cuts the call & turns to her MIL.She says the phone call has given her an idea,Why dont they use fake jewelry just so they are not belittled in front of the hoity toities? Ships first is reluctant then agrees.She finally heaves a sigh of relief & is happy. She calls Nutz a doll & embraces her.Nutz smiles evilly to herselfDead.
(I dislike Shipra but felt a bit bad for her here.Naive & superficial she might be but she doesn't deserve the public flogging Nutz has planned for her.Nutz has a problem with Priya why hurt Shipra where it will hurt her the most? She was one who wanted to buy all that gold for her.How soapish!!!!!)

Dadi all sad in her room has summoned Priya & she arrives.Dadi expresses her disappointment over Golu's imminent departure.She extracts a promise from Priya that she will somehow stop him from leaving.Priya replies she has no mind to commit suicide.ROFL Kidding! Embarrassed Priya says its impossible & she can't do it.Dadi tearfully insists & it moves Priya a lot.She gives her word that she will try that her Golu should be in front of her eyes on Karva Chauth day.Baaki Rab Raakha.LOLShe asks the oldie to get some sleep & leaves.


Ramoo busy packing a suitcase & Pippu in her Rani pink satin gown saunters in clutching her huge comforter.She comes to stand next to Golu & peeks into his open suitcase.WinkRamu acts all irritated saying that he has already explained to her that he has to go & he really is going.Pippu simply stares back at him.She says."Go! Who is stopping you?"ROFL Ram is shocked & is like,"Heh, you want me to go"?EmbarrassedLOL Priya says does he want help? Ram regains composure saying no he likes to pack his bag himself just so he knows what stuff is where.Priya listens to all this & says she too is not fond of pawing through his suitcase.ROFLIts just that if dadi caught her not helping her Golu like the time he went to the US she might blow her fuse again.Ram agrees with his wife & requests her to stand by him but please not touch anything.After extracting two more promises to not touch his stuff he goes to get more shirts from the wardrobe.(Haila! ShockedRam, Chennai mein shirt ki dukaan lagan hai kya?) Priya takes this opportunity to pinch his air ticket from his laptop bag.She says to herself try travelling without an air ticket now,Mr K! ROFLGolu returns with a pile of shirts & Priya asks him how is he packing so much? He replies the shirst may get soiled & he may need more.(Boardroom mein presentation karoge ke kheton mein Golu?ROFL)Ram slightly disappointed that his new wife is letting him go so easilyEmbarrassed (Want to pull his cheeks.Cho Chweeet!LOL) .He asks the reason for her ear to ear grin. He asks is she so happy that he is leaving.Priya says an emphatic Yes! Ram is like,"Really?" & Pippu says,"Really"!ROFL This way she wont have to transfer the moon in a sieve & see Golu through it. Ram says that's a good point.Pippu continues that her mom has said one must always see off a person with a smile.She then proceeeds to show her battisi.Big smileBig smileBig smile Ram says he was so wrong about her mother being loud.She seems to be an intelligent lady.Priya is all proudy.Then Golu being Golu can't resist & asks Pippi if she too was a bit like her mom? Priya raises one brow in a ."Dont start now" way.That shuts up Ram & he manages to swallow his chuckleTongue.He then begins to check for his ticket & Pippu reminds him that it is in his lappy bag.She makes a big show of hunting for it but Ram asks her to keep her hands off.She insists on helping him to check for it but he firmly zips up his lappy bag.Pippu then wishes him a very hearty good night & Ram responds like wise.Screen freezes for the day on Priya giving Golu an evil lookLOL.

Precap: Karva Chauth ceremony underway at Kapoor Mansion. At the Sharma House Nutz walks in looking for Ships who looks gorgeous in a gujrati style saree.She asks Nutz if she is ready.Nutz replies that she is ready & asks her meaningfully if she is!Angry

The last scene was the saving grace of the episode.Ram & Sakshi were at their usual best. The moments with Dadi too were not bad.As for the Sharmas though yawn worthy still it did portray a the middle class perpetual dilemma of trying to live up to false illusions all the while living beyond their means.Ok Ok episode.Tongue

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Good night & Take care.


Posted: 2011-10-17T13:37:46Z
Thanks for the wonderful update Zuby... Rightly said, Last scene was the saving grace of today's episode... Loved the RaYa scene... 

I think we will get the Karwachauth scene tomo as per promo.. Waiting eagerly for it.. Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2011-10-17T14:05:52Z
Thanks for an awesome update Zuby...
I bet Pippi's started to have some feelinsg for Golu, she does'nt want to stop him only for Daadi..and Golu kinda feeling bad she's letting him go easily is hilarious!
Nuts is an absolute gone case! What a spolit little thing! How does she thing Kartik will react seeing his mother getting humiliated in front of her family! 
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Posted: 2011-10-17T14:31:53Z
thanks for quick update zuby..missed the episode today
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Posted: 2011-10-17T14:52:16Z
It seems like ages that we have not seen RAYA though it's just three days! Thanks for the fantastic update and reading your update BALH rocks today tooClap ! Thanks for showing us today's picture!
I will watch it at night today...Pippu rocks again...Naughty naughty Priya u pulled a fast one on Bholuji!ROFL Zuby...LOL Gholu is coming there to open a store in Chenaii! Are u excited?????/ You hit right on the MC mentality that to keep up with Joneses u have to  borrow /camouflage to flaunt  your wealth
Great update Zubs!Clap 
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Posted: 2011-10-17T17:02:58Z
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Posted: 2011-10-17T17:18:33Z
thx for the update,,,,,I kinda like Nutz idea of fake jewellery if only her intention was not bad.In their situation it is the best solution and I dont like the way they kind of humiliated the mom infront of her DIL and the whole family...whatever their situation is she was trying to do the best she can which is quite understandable.
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Posted: 2011-10-17T17:48:40Z
Thanks for the update
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