Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya (A.k)

Posted: 2006-01-30T22:11:36Z
Hi im starting a new ff. I dont really know how to write in hindi so i wrote all in english(have bad spelling with Hindi writingsLOL)
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Posted: 2006-01-30T22:12:40Z
My story. That one that I will never forgive my self for… For what I did to the person that loved me more than his life.

It all started 7 years ago. I had a really good family and a best friend. She was really dear to me I loved her more than my sisters.   

One night I got a call
Ring ring
S: hello who is it ( sleepy voice)
C: (worried )hello kripa its me Mishti
K: hay Mishti what's wrong y do u sound worried?
M: plez kripa help me someone is trying to kill me
K: what? U stay there I will be there in 10 mints did u call the police
M: yes I did plez hurry im really scared
I hang up the phone and run from home toured mishtis house. Her house was close. I ran as fast as I could and I was so scared to even forgot to wake up my parents or tell them about anything. After running for 5 mints I reached her house. I hurried in the house fast and saw the house missed up. I heard a scream from mishtis room. I ran to her room, as I opened the door I saw mishti ran to me and fall on me.
K: mishti, Mishti what happen
She place something in my hand, it was a knife with blood over it.
M: K.. Kripaaaa
She passed out . I raised my hand to move her when I saw my hand full of blood to. I was shocked and scared same time. Someone opened the door and came in lots of people. I wasn't paying attention and didn't see who came in, all I saw was my hand and misty with blood at her shirt in her back.
Person1: arrest her
P2: yes sir
that's when I looked up and saw the police. Two other police came and pulled from my arm and hand chafed my hands in my back.
Police officer=PO
Write the case about Ms. Kripa murdered her friend Ms. Mishti , by coming to her house in middle of the night and stabbing in her back.
K: "what?" I was shocked to hear them blaming me for mishtis murder and couldn't believe mishti died in my arms.
They took me to the car. Every thing happen so fast I couldn't believe it. I tried a lot to tell them that I didn't kill her but they keep ignoring me. We reached at police station. Two police women came and grabbed from my hand and toke my in said. They holed from my arms really hard. They open a cell and pushed me inside then locked it back.
After few mints latter I came back to sense form the whole incident. I sat at the corner of the cell and hugged my self and started crying , in front of my eyes all I could see was mishtis dead body. I couldn't get the image of my eyes. As I cried alot I fall a sleep there.
In the morning some women came and opened the cell. They grabbed from my arm and dragged me to the police car gain. After half hour we reached to the court. All the time I was quite like a dead person who is alive but cant talk or show any emotion.

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Posted: 2006-01-30T22:24:14Z
cool Star plz continue soon..itz a great start...Nice to see Kripa in jail for a change Wink Wink
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Posted: 2006-01-30T22:41:20Z
wow great story cont soon Big smile
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Posted: 2006-01-30T22:46:34Z
wow thats really good!!!!!!!!!
Big smile
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Posted: 2006-01-31T07:37:54Z
marvellous start
cont soon
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Posted: 2006-01-31T20:05:46Z
At the court

The judge came in and sat down at his chair and the women's stood me at the box.
Judge: plez start the case
Lawyer: today's case it about Ms. Kripa Sharma who went to her friends house at middle of the night and murdered he best friend Ms. Mishti Chopra
K: (yelling) that's not true
J: order order…Plez continue
L: thank you… there are some evidence that shows Ms. Kripa murdered her friend.
They showed pictures of misty dead body on me and I was holding the knife which misty give to me
L: from this picture it shows clearly that Ms. Kripa Sharma has killed Ms. Mishti Chopra

after few mints later
J: From all the evidence it shows that she has been seen guilty.. The court gives Ms. Kripa Sharma 10 years in prison.
I was shoked and fainted there.

When I woke up I was in jail. The women that worked at jail came
W: so your finally awake its been two days since u passed out.
K: what? What happen? Than I remember the court saying I have to be at jail for 10 years.

Two weeks passed, in this two week I became more hurt. My family didn't believe me and they disowned me. I was really shattered . Every day I woke up and went to eat and stay quit and do what they told me to do.
One day like always for the passed two weeks I went to the small place were they served food. I was in line and got my food. I waked to the corner there was a small table. I sat in it, few mints later a girl came to me with food on her hand.
G: what are u doing?
K: eating what do u think
G: your not allowed to sit in this table
K: y not
G: the lady sits here only if she sees u she I will kill u
K: what are u talking about
G: oh god they are here
I was confused and didn't understand what she try to tell me

After few seconds I was eating with my head down. And someone came in front of the table and hit her hand on the table
G: do u know were your sitting at
K: (looked up) what do u want?
G: what do I want, your asking me that, this is my table and this is were I always sit .
K: is it your dads
G: got mad and hit my plat, and all my food fall on the floor
I got mad and got up tried to talk to her back when the police lady came
P: your time is over go back to your cell
I didn't say anything and just left. I was still hungry.

Next day it was time for lunch. I left and took my food and site the same place as I sat last time. Every one was quit and all of sudden a girl screamed. No on moved a bit like as if they know what is going on. A man came there wearing police uniform. He was a police man. He came close to a girl and started to fight with her. I didn't care I thought they might be fighting,. The girl started screaming "help me plez someone." but no one moved a bit they just watched her fight with the police man. I asked the girl that sit at other table.
K: why are they fighting , what's with her?
G: she is useless no matter how much she screams for help, no one will help her.
K: what do u mean?
G: she is not just fighting with him…she is trying to save her izat.
K: (was confused) what izat?
G: u see this police he is trying to rape her
K: (shocked) what?
K: how come no one is helping her?
G: they cant if they do they will get beat up
I watched her fight with him as he tried to rape her. I couldn't see her like that. I got up and went to them. I grabbed from back of the police shirt and pulled him, he fall down on the ground.
P: how dare u hit me
He raised his hand to slap me. When I caught his hand. He looked at me in my eyes. I knew exactly what he saw. He saw lots of anger that could kill him any mint if he try to fight with me. He pulled his hand back.
P: u know for doing this u have to pay a lot.
K: u don't have any rights to rape someone here.
P: who do u think u are? U think u could stop me? (He started laughing)
K: (angry even more) try to touch her again u will see. Just becz im a girl it doesn't mean I cant do anything to u.
P: no, I will not rape her, but I will do it to u.

He came close to kripa. kripa picked a danda of police that was laying in the floor. She smacked him in the head with that. He fall holing his head and blood started coming. She hit him again with the stick at his back. He fall and started screaming for "Help"
K: go ahead scream for your life, no once will be able to stop me. ( started hitting him again but this time harder)
Few other police came running and holed her. she tried to free her self but couldn't , she still started kicking him.
K: I will teach u how to treat a lady.. U ba***ed
They holed her and ambulance came , took the police man to hospital.
They throw her back to her cell. She fall on the ground. Instead of getting angry or cry she started smiling and laughing.

After a hour latter the police lady came and opened the cell.
L: came here, u have to go to the court for injuring the police man
K: that bas** is still alive
L: yes he is .. Now get up

They took her to the court

The judge came
G: so Ms. kripa u are here again
K: (acting like kids) yes sir
G: y? what did u do this time
The lawyer got up to talk when he got interpret
K: shut up. I'm not done talking
G: order order… your not allowed to talk like this here
K: listen sir, if I don't talk like this they will never let me explain my self but they will put all the blame on me like last time.
G: what do u have to say
K: look, today I went to my lunch and I was eating when I heard a girl scream. That bas** man was trying to rape her. And I saved her. that's a good thing right
G: yes. But y did u beat him up
K: that bas***
G: no bad language
K: ok sorry sir…..I went to him and asked him y is he doing this to her and he tried to rape me. I didn't know what to do , so I picked up a stick and him with it.
The lawyer got up
L: that's not true.. I would like to call that police officer here your honor
G: ok bring him in
The man came there his head, hand bandaged. He stood at witness box
L: Mr. Kilash is it true that u tried to rape that girl at jail and then tried to rape Ms. Kripa to
Kilash: no sir, I was walking around when all of sudden she started hitting me
K: that's a lie, he is lying
L: there are some witness here that's says the same thing , Ms. Kripa did hit him for no reason
K: they are lying
G: order order.. Ms. Kripa do u have any prove that your right and he is wrong.
K: (thinks than get an idea)oh yea then ask him what was he doing in ladies jail. No man is allowed there.
Ki: I..I..
The time bell ring and its was 12
G: the court will continue after 15 mints of break.
They all leave out said but kripa runs to the judge.
K: wait I have to talk to u
Some police holds form her hand tries to stop her
G: what is it
K: I have a request can u do it plez, after this u will see the man is really guilty
G: what is it?
Kripa tell him something

After 15 mints

K: he hasn't answered my question yet
There was trouble going on in there and I got a call to go there.. I have some witness to
K: looks at judge
G: ok the witness come and if their witness becomes lie. They shall be hanged
The witnesses gets scared
They come to the witness box
W: (nerves)
L: tell them what is the truth
w: he is lying
Every one gets shocked
Kripa smiles
w: I don't want to die. He told us if we lie he will pay us but if someday our witness become lie I don't want to die
G: (shakes his head) im really disappointed on u guys that people who should protect our county are the ones…..
G: thanks to Ms. Kripa we give the right Justas
G: Mr. Kilash will be send to jail for 7 years and he shall be suspended

They take kripa back to jail
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Posted: 2006-01-31T21:20:25Z
Cry   Cry Aww thats so sad ...
plz cont soonClap
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