*RAYA* THE EXPLORER(updated 8th jan ) pg 11

Posted: 2011-10-08T22:43:36Z
Hi every1 i am Shagun AND dis is my first ever ss  so i hope evry1 likes it Smile

all the characters are the same bt there are no other character except RAYA and Vikram and neha in my ssWink
so here is the first part :
ram : no ways i am gonna get into dis it's impossible
neha : no u will be doing it as u lost it in the gameEvil Smile
ram : u are such a devil who came from hell to put my simple life into a miserable one
vikram : ram don't be a spoilsport we have planned out everything and u are given a choice too
             either you take priya bhabhi to a 15 day honeymoon trip to europe or a 7 day trip in india itself
             not too far from ur work and office the choice is urs
ram : pointing towards god hey ram!!(oo that's me myselfLOL) save me plzz
neha : no one is gonna save u not even u urself
vikram: so whats ur decision ??
ram : have i any choice leftt??
neha : (triumphantly) no u don't and don't sulk  and enjoy ur best coz we all know u haven't
          been on a   vacation since a proper past 10 yrs my goodness u surely need a refreshment
ram : thinking sumthng for a while opened his mouth bt was rightaway  cutted in by neha
neha ; and Mr ram dat surely dosen't include taking dadi for a haridwaar yatraClap
ram ; huh finally  as u ssay i agree and will prefer the india trip
both vikram and neha : ya u will surely enjoy  it (thinking we have many things planned out                               for u bothEvil Smile
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Posted: 2011-10-09T04:39:03Z
hey didn't any1 like reading it??Ouch
i am sorryCry
bt if u liked it and want me to continue den plz comment plzz...

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Posted: 2011-10-09T05:26:12Z
nice update pls continue...
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Posted: 2011-10-09T07:46:55Z
nice take. plz cont. soon thanks
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Posted: 2011-10-09T08:26:17Z
aww... gr8 start yaar... n m glad that only these 4 here da part of ur SS... plz continue
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Posted: 2011-10-09T08:44:49Z
hey thnx for liking and commenting on my story Smile
so here goes the next part:
part 2:
ram : (entered his room saw priya with a book) ahmm priya
priya : yes Mr. kapoor what do u want
ram : wooh priya me i was thinking that after our marriage we have'nt gone anywhere out so
       i was thinking ki we should go sumwhere out with each other
priya : Shocked (thinking: kahi aj mr kapoor ne kahi excess drink toh nai kia bt then again) with a
         smirk cum on mr. kapoor don't melodramatize or beat around the bush now cum straight
         to the pointt
ram : Angry(thinking:ohh the nerve of this woman she is surely the baap sorry ma of investigation)
          woh priya i went to vikram's house for a get -together and i lost a bet and as penality
          they have planned a "honeymoon" trip of 7 days for us
priya : (supressing her laughter) so??Confused
ram : so so what i want u to pack up soon and be ready as we will be leaving tomorrow
priya : so where will we be going to?
ram : oh i don't have any idea everything is planned by vikram
priya : how ironic we are going for our "honeymoon" bt both of us have nil amount of idea D'ohas to where we'll be going
ram : now all angry says: what's the problem with u priya that u always keep bugging up
        my head ? all i want is just ur cooperation in it as i am helpless can't u bear that
        much ? and i promise the trip won't be all that bad!
priya : oh ya ya i know what we will be doing u wil be engaged with ur favorite laptop(in mind
         my worst sautan) and i'll gat bored till death no i don't wanna cum along wid u
ram(now loosing all his tamper shouted): what do u think that i can't enjoy and have fun
            then mind it mrs. priya u are totally going to regret and rethink before saying this
           to me ever again
ram(walking out of the room) : called vikram : hello vikram can u plzz.. reschedule my trip
           with priya yes i want u tomake a 20 days long trip and all the information i will mail
            u within half and hour bye!!
vikram(almost trembled from the chair he was sitting on) he thought in mind that wether he heard it right or not or it's that ram has now totally lostConfused his senses
            t.b.c. (plzz. comment)
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Posted: 2011-10-09T09:04:30Z
loved it plz cont. thanks
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Posted: 2011-10-09T09:58:54Z
20 days!ShockedROFLROFLROFL totally love da idea yaarClap brilliant!! continue yaar
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