BALH - WU - OCT 4th - Neha forgives RAM - DONE **

Posted: 2011-10-04T20:37:32Z
As nobody did the written update I am doing it for today...

Part 1:

Ram reaches Vikram's house and knocks on the door. Neha comes and opens the door and a bit puzzled to see the Ram over there as she didnt expect. Neha doesn't invite Ram and she is just staring at him.meanwhile vikram comes and sees ram and says why r u standing thr like a guest..come inside..Ram enters n says he wants to talk to both of them..vikram asks ram whether he need to say to him to have a seat...neha just adjusts sofa and she is about to leave from the hall .Ram stops her and says i want to talk with both of u..neha says just leave about wat happened.I will bring snacks for you guys.Ram holds neha's hand asks for forgiveness.Neha says to Ram ...the mistake u did and priya has to bear all the scoldings from me..I said somany things to her becoz of u..(must watch this ..neha says 'bechari biwi LOL ).Also she says if u want to say sorry then go and tell priya.And also say thanks to her for all this.Ram says I will say sorry to priya but u accept my sorry.Finally neha forgives him and as vikram. They have a hug...
And neha goes from there asking Ram to bring priya for dinenr tomorrow.

Ram and vikram watching cricket and vikram says forget about all happened and move on.Also vikram says that the ditance will always bring s prople more closer.Vikram thanks priya and says if priya was not there I can never be proved myself. ram was please to hear and says I need to do an inquiry on priya ...wonder she my wife or a CID ...  LOL ... Vikram says all the wives vl be CID's ..Infact more than that..Ram says why u always make me scared by saying u got married..and ram says to vikram watch the match not make him fear...

Scene shifts to Ram kapoor's bed room where our lovely priya coming out of bathroom taking bath wiping her wet hair..And she goes to dressing table.. (CV's please give priya some mice outifts which proves she ram kapoor's wife ...y r they giving such outfits to priya ...Angry..cant they give some thing which makes her look more beautiful).Ram is hesitantly looking at priya how to speak with her and priya doesn't give any attention to ram and she is busy in getting ready.Ram finally speaks to her saying he wants to talk to her.priya still busy in getting ready and asks him to say it.Ram thanks her and priya says its ok and now she pays attention to Ram .WinkLOL .. Ram asks her how did she manages to do that.Priya says i know our marriage is compromise ..but still i am qual partner for ur mistakes and all. I know its just 15 days i came to ur house.but i know u both are friends for 15 yrs. how can a friend steal the necklace and ruin his frndship which is made of i listened to my heart and followed it.she says Iits all happened becoz of u..if u didnt snour i didnt go out ..i didnt find the truth this credit goes to u..


Ram have little smile and wonders asks priya how she knows...whether she is a CID !!!
Clap ..priya says i watched CID just few episodes ...means just 500 .. Tongue ..Ram pleased to hear and reuqests priya to solve another case too..priya  has a cute smile on her face and says sure..he tolds her about the missing tie. priya brings it in and ram was surprised to see it in priya's hands and asks her how she knows whr it is..she says two days before u were taking things out it fell down.i purposefully hide it as we have a u r searching for it and i am enjoying it..ram has a ''aaa' expression ..LOL.. Priya spices up the situation saying i cant keep this in ur shelf whr u have ur big big  ..private ...n ram stops her  says ok ok .. ram request priya to leave his things as it is n dont keep it in the shelf's.Priya asks ram whether she can go to her house.he syas no need to ask u ccan go n come by the evening.
Ram was coming downstairs and niharika starts her drama scolding siddarth saying u should be jailed blah blah ... Ram comes n convinces her ...n leaves ...friends ...siddarth says he vl take revenge ...i dont want to go in detail..this niharika clan is really irritating..


Priya goes to her parents place ...and all have a hearty welcome for priya ..she talks to her father and told him about her CID work ram's house niharika and trio have a chat about wat hapnd ...priya and all r  happy talking and ayesha and priya shares  centi moments..seriously i dont want to go in details about priya's maternal people..this shipra really annoying.though she didnt do any bad today...she is all excited about priya coming to their home..still i feel she is overacting...

Episode ends on priya and ayesha holding hands with loads of affection.

PRECAP : Ram was asking priya to get ready ASAP. we r getting late. Priya asks whr are we going.Ram says to vikram's hosue for dinner.Priya says when did u say this ..u didnt tell me. Ram told priya tha this morning i told u when i said sorry to u..Again priya says when did u say sorry..Ram is like aaah ...leave all those and get ready..Priya asks Ram to stop having all tablets and take one tablet that cures ur memory loss and makes u remember things ...

Hope u all like my update..this is my first update on BALH forum ...Enjoy friends..

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Thumbs UpClapThanks for the update! U did a great job on your first update...Way to go !
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Posted: 2011-10-04T22:01:33Z

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Posted: 2011-10-04T22:44:33Z
congrats on your first update..well done.
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Posted: 2011-10-05T00:52:10Z
I loved Raya yest...esp her CID partROFL too now Priya is ACP PradyumanROFL
Thx fr the update
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Posted: 2011-10-05T01:14:15Z
thanks for the update
good episode
neha also forgives ram, so it was nice
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Posted: 2011-10-05T02:04:25Z

Thanks for the updateSmile

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Posted: 2011-10-05T03:14:12Z
thanks for the update
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