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Hi so I'm writing my third fan fic since my other two have gotten great response, just want to say thanks for that and big hug for everybody that read them and if you don't here are the links





So unlike my other two fan fics this one is going to be completely different










Dilip-successful businessman


Nania-loving mother and wife


Kartick-oldest son of the khannas works at the family business loves his family


ANGAD-middle child, angad is a baby rockstar who is in love with his best friend but never said anything, every girl loves him and every man wishes they were him, angad is very down to earth and fun loving 


Butter- (yes our very own butter from IF)

          Married to kartick and has twin boys that are one year old and their names are Tarun and Varun. She is the oldest daughter of the Sharma's


Pooja-(played by our very own angel eyes 2)

           The youngest khanna the baby of the family, kartick and angad are overprotected over her. She has a boyfriend Pritvi who she is has been dating little over a year.


Bose Family


Vishal-successful businessman loves his wife and family


Damni- success full business women organizes the shows and concerts for angad


Josh-oldest son of damin and vishal helps in organizing shows is married to his childhood love


Shailee- (played by our shaileeshah22 on If)

               Married to Josh whom she loved all her life, the middle child of the Sharma's


Pritvi-the youngest bose member best friends with angad and kripa, has been dating his girlfriend pooja for over two years, he loves her very much




Survan-also a successful businessman


Gyarti-loving mother and wife can do anything for her children


Kripa-the youngest Sharma is best friends with ANGAD (read his character outline you'll understand Wink). Has a secret that she has been hiding for over 9 months, no body knows about she has never told anybody but is waiting for the right time to announce it)




 Story Description


 The KHANNAS, SHARMAS, and, BOSE families are all best friends, they have know each other all there lives since childhood to know, and are very happy that their children get along and are either married to each other or are dating each other. But one wish that they have ids that ANGAD and KRIPA, would marry one another.

Little do they know ANGAD has loved kripa all his life but is afraid of telling her and being rejected.


Kripa has a secret that she is hiding for the past nine months a secret that she wants to tell her family. It's not a bad secret in fact for her it's the greatest thing that has happened to her.


Everybody could tell that something's up because she is always smiling, giddy and in a fun mood, but they never thought much of it as kripa always acted like this.


But one night will change everything for kripa, in one second her whole world will be turned upside down and that is when everything is reviled and comes out. JUST



This is the story of SAMJHOTA





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Promo one


We see a person on stage he, extends his hand out to the audience and grabs a hold of a girls hand and brings her on stage. We see that the guy is none other then angad who is singing and dancing with the girl, he turns the girl around and we see that it's his best friend kripa. She is laughing and enjoying her self, she gives angad a hug and goes back to her seat. While walking away angad is smiling an thinking "I love you kripa I love you, gosh main janta ka tum bhi mujse pyar karte ho". He smiles an d continues with his next song
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Posted: 2006-01-29T14:27:14Z
continue soon it sounds interesting
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Posted: 2006-01-29T14:27:52Z
nice preview plz do write soon
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Posted: 2006-01-29T14:29:01Z
Promo two

"I'm so happy I can't believe this is happening to me, this can't be real" said angad thinking s he pinches himself "ouch this is real" he smiles to himself. "angad tum pagal ho gye pagal, but it's worth it" he shakes his head while smiling, to himself

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Posted: 2006-01-29T14:29:41Z

"ab waqt agya, mujhe mama,aur papa ka sach batna jaye" kripa then walks out of her room and runs to the living room

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Promo four


"I hate this I can't believe this is happening to me, I hate this" kripa says crying her heart out while looking at a picture that she is hugging tightly.
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Posted: 2006-01-29T14:45:47Z
yes its a great start, but please continue soon
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