kuch kahi unkahi-update, part 2, Pg 2!!

Posted: 2006-01-29T07:00:02Z
okay so this is my first fan-fic...but i've read many!!! um this one starts from where kyph is now, but with a few changes,
so kripa and angad are still married under the conditions they are in now, but prithvi and kripa are better friend then they are in kyph, but only friends. Angad nows that kripa hasnt done anything and kripa knows angad didnt do anything. Angads ready to go back to her, but she isnt, shes scared, scared of something, but shes not sure wut shes scared of...of angad breaking her trust again...of her losing angad again..or something else. [[btw dont ask why prithvi isnt in jail or w.e...i wanted him in the story! lol]]

so the charecters will be the same, but naina is nice and ew manik isnt bad and yeah...

okay so should i continue??
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Posted: 2006-01-29T07:08:47Z
o yeah and kripa has a lot more friends..who will come later in the story..if i continue that is
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Posted: 2006-01-29T07:12:52Z
oh plz do so i like the preview
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Posted: 2006-01-29T08:43:57Z
sound interesting plzzzzzzzzz con soon Clap Clap Clap
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Posted: 2006-01-30T04:59:37Z
guys i'll start it tomorow...srry i dont have time today Embarrassed Confused

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Posted: 2006-01-31T08:22:21Z
looks amazing
start soon
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Posted: 2006-01-31T15:32:42Z
okay im gunna post it in like a minute!!
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Posted: 2006-01-31T15:36:59Z
                              Kuch Kahi…Unkahi
                                    Part 1

     It was 8:00 Pm on a Friday night. Angad and kripa we're sitting in the car, on the way back from the airport. They had just dropped naina, Dilip, Anitah, Manik and alliyah at the airport. They were all going to America for two months. They would be back March 26th. The car ringed with silence. There was soft music in the background. Kripa was getting annoyed by the song, because it was just another one of those love songs. She put the radio on, and the song "Stick wit you" was on. She left it on. After another half hour, they were home. Kripa and Angad both got out of the car, and headed into the house. "Kripa" angad hollered. Kripa was already sitting in her room, changed into her night suit, with her hair tied up in a hair-tie. "Yes angad??" she called out, questioningly. "Prithvi left a message for you, on the phone" angad said, for angad, hating Prithvi was very easy! "What did he say?" she asked. "Go listen to it." Angad said in an annoyed tone. "Fine" kripa said, annoyed. The message was just asking kripa about her new show with Prithvi which was in 15 days. Angads show was in 13 days as well. Kripa left to go upstairs and went to sleep. Angad came 20 minutes later and also went to his room, got his pillow, threw it on the pillow and went to sleep to.

************************************************************ ********************************

Next morning, when kripa woke up it was already 9:15. She got out of bed and took a shower. When she got downstairs, she found angad trying to cook breakfast for his self. Then she noticed where Angads hand was. She ran to him, but she was too late. He had already burned his hand. "STUPID, IDIOT…who said to make yourself breakfast??? Why didn't you just wake me up?" Kripa continued yelling at him. Angad had tears in her eyes…seeing how much kripa cared for him, and how much she denied it. Kripa was walking upstairs, holding Angads hand towards her room to get an ointment. "Kripa really, its okay!!" angad whined. "I'm getting late!" "I don't care! But seriously, who told you to make your own breakfast when you can't even keep track of where your hand is!" about a minute of silence, kripa spoke up again, "here your done." Angad let out a sigh of relief, "THANK GOD!!" he said sarcastically. Both of them left in Angads car, because they both were working in the same building.

************************************************************ ********************************

Kripa went inside and gave Prithvi a quick hug, and then saw how hurt angad was; she could see it through his eyes. Then suddenly a girl came from the back and covered Angads eyes with her hands. "Who is it??" angad asked questioningly. "budhu guess!!" She said. He felt her hands and then the ring! "ALLIYAH!" he said loud enough for everyone else to hear. He forced a smile on his hurt face. "Aw how'd you guess?" she asked. "Of course your ring I gave you on your birthday." He said in an obvious way. They both walked to Angads rehearsal room. Meanwhile kripa was practicing when………….

[COLOR=RED]Okay so this is my first part to my first Fan Fic, sorry if it was boring [I tried], I'll continue as soon as I can. Which might be tomorrow or day after. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to give them. And post comments : ]!
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