only you A-k unite 4ever

Posted: 2006-01-26T22:44:20Z

i am starting this fic from the point where angad decides 2 unite k-p & 2 take the blame of josh's murder

i want 2 unite them in a true ekta kapoor style. i may not b able 2 post continiously but any one who can continue is welcome to post

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wow that is good please continue I will be wating  Edited by pink sky - 2006-01-26T23:04:49Z
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Angad goes 2 Shabir's place and talks to him.
A: i have decided that i will not let kripa loose her happiness again.
S: what do u mean angad?
A: i have made up my decision. i will unite k-p. i will not stand in her path of happiness.
S: A do u know what u r saying? she will not be happy with Prithvi becoz she doesnt love him. she loves u only. r u forgetting what prithvi did 2 u? he seperated u & kripa. he took ur best friend away from u and framed u for ur best friend's murder. u spent 1 whole year in jail becoz of him. how can u forget all this angad. u hav 2 fight against him. u hav 2 show the world what kind of guy prithvi is. come on angad.
A: i know this shabir. but kripa is with him. i can no longer fight against her. she is the only girl i hav ever loved truely. only person i hav ever cared. i can no longer fight against her. i cant deny the fact that i still love her. plz shabir try 2 understand me. plz
S: i cant understand ur love angad. i just cant.

then shabir leaves from there. he directly goes to the party where kripa's success is being celebrated. he calls her on her cell.
K: hello
S: hello kripa. this is shabir. i want to talk 2 u. it is very urgent.
K: sorry shabir if it is about angad i dont want to talk about it. i never want 2 c his face again. that chapter in my life is closed.
S: so b it. i am standing outside the hall. if u dont meet me in 5 min i will come inside 2 create a sceen. just see that.
K: ok i am comming.
just then prithvi comes 2 her

P: who was it?

K: just a fan. and she starts to leave.

P: where r  u going?

K: just 2 the washroom. i will b back soon

P: ok. and get busy in some guests.

kripa meets shabir outside.

S: kripa what do u think of urself. u can just destory angad becoz he loves u more that his life.

K:what r u saying shabir? he doesnt love me. he loves only himself. he just cant love any girl. he just uses them and throws them. he never loved me. he never cared 4 me. he loves only himself. he is the mostwrong thing that ever happened to me.

S: if that is true theny is he sacrificing his life 4 u. he could have easily stopped u from singing in prithvi's show. y is he taking the blame4 josh's murder.
K: becoz he had killed josh. he can use any1 same way he is using u now. he cares only about himself no1 else.

S: he is not using me. infact u r the one who is being used by prithvi. he is using u as a shield against angad.

K: u r misataken shabir. y will prithvi use me. he loves me. and use me against angad y? that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard.

S: so r u ready 2 know the real prithvi?

K: what ????i know hiom very well. he has never hid anything from me till now.


at this point kripa is about to slap shabir but tanaya(Josh's friend) stops her.

K: u r lying. u r just trying to deframe prithvi. u r trying to seperate us just for angad. this cant b true.

T: but it is true. josh had all the proofs against prithvi and he had also prooved it to angad. he had told me to contact u and angad and tell about this confrontation with prithvi. but i was unable to do so as i had to leave india to visit my dying father. then after the case was over i came to know what prithvi had done u guys. i was helpless & totally broken. i just didnt knew what to do?

K:(totaly shocked)this cant be true. these r all just lies. u r just trying to save angad.

S: so u dont trust us na. will u trust simone?

K: simone?????

S: ya she is in mumbai right now to save angad and to punish prithvi.will u come with us right now to find the truth.

K: i will come with u guys but to proove u all wrong.

T: v shall see.

then the 3 of them leave to taj hotel to visit simone.

Preview: simone tell the truth to kripa and also that prithvi aborted kripa's child


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do tell me if i should cointinue or not Smile
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Posted: 2006-01-27T03:01:03Z
wow lovely plz con soon plzzzzzzzzz
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Posted: 2006-01-27T04:04:41Z
nice yaar
do continue Smile
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Posted: 2006-01-28T07:03:29Z
amazing start
cont soon
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Posted: 2006-01-28T07:35:31Z
that is so gud plz continue Smile
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