26th-29th WU, Analysis, Comments - ALL HERE !!!!!

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Hey guys its heartbreaking that serial is ending and i just couldn't believe it that they can just end it like this anyways gotta move on since it's life so first i will do update shortly and then will just to comments and analysis.. it's last post on this forum :( will miss you guys :(

~ 26th September Written Update~
episode starts with devki calling charu telling her that dadaji has met with accident and tells dadaji that nothing will happen and other side ba calls jyotsna saying that have you recieved a call from boy's side and then charu comes running saying that bapuji has met with an accident they both run to hospital everyone is worried at hospital imv comes and asks devki how did this happen and devki tells everyone about bank manager's wife that's why bapuji was bit upset imv has flashes about bank manager and pavla saying and how he got him to kill... police comes there and polic takes statement from dadaji and at home rajvi goes to devki's room saying that viraj has come and then devki consoles her about not to worry and devki goes to front door all angry and asks viraj what you doing here i already explained u in the morning viraj explains her calmly i am repenting about whatever i have done and asks forgiveness from rajvi sidharth comes there and tells her that he already knows about viraj and rajvi since rajvi's dad already told and i love you rajvi they both hug at the end...

~27th September Written Update~
episode starts with imv talking on the phone with the hospital people saying that i wanna talk to my father alone... then nurse comes and gives him instructions and tells him that imv is going to come and meet you and dadaji tells her please turn off the light i wanna sleep... then dadaji remembers about pavlakaka's thing about manager's death and then door opens not knowing that it's devki he starts saying i don't know how much am i going to live so let me say he starts saying about manager's death and starts counting his mistakes about imv's mistakes past and then he says wherever i had to punish you i didn't so then tells him about manager's death and his family devki all shocked wherever i had to speak and give you punishment i didn't how can i repent you tell me devki tells him that you already have done repent so don't worry and then devki has flashback about dadaji's talk about manager's death while she is walking at mandir pavla kaka comes there and asks her why are you crying then she asks him till when are you going to keep forgiving imv tells him about all imv's mistakes... when imv is leaving the house he talks to nirali about her marriage decision she insists saying no i want some time and she says i don't wanna marry kunal i wanna marry the person i love and she tells him it's jimmy everybody shocked ...
~28th September Written Update~
episode starts with nirali telling imv i don't want things to happen just like vaibhavbhai and once he lost his love he lost even his life and imv about to slap her and charu stops him, imv tells charu make her understand how can she even think like this nirali tells him he doesn't even know that i love her and tells her to call him here pavla comes there and tells him that how many murders are you planning to do you are scared look at in your eyes then ba tells him do you know what you saying pavla tells them about why bapuji  has met with an accident charu tells him please stop it and what he has always considered you as brother how can you think like and he tells him that don't you think this should have come out from imv's mouth ... 
cause he knows nothing is coming out of my mouth except truth everybody is shocked ... tells him you going to kill jimmy ? vaibhav? sabina? nirali ? how many sins are you going to do devki comes to manhar's house to apologize and manhar tells i already knew that ... at vaibhav villa's house ba charu and pavla are talking in the room devki comes there and what are you guys talking about ? charu tells her imv loved your mom and then tells her how her mom is alive and charu goes to get the diary of maa parimita and pavlakaka and devki asks ba is it true please tell me truth and ... devki and everybody shocked...
~29th September Written Update~
Devki comes to Bhavanjibha's house and asks him where her mom is asks him to say the truth she keeps asking him where her mom is and bhavanji bha tells her about his daughter is parimita ma and his mistakes about imv's personality and his success he didn't know that his daughter will just give up everything and tells her i don't know where she is right now but it's no point right now since she is saint parimita now devki is like no if there was no relationship she wouldn't leave just like that then bhavanjibha tells her he will find out about her and and her mother has to call her daughter and then tells her to calm down and focus on her life and then she tells him about her and vaibhav's divorce ... vaibhav calls her saying that can you come to mumbai's slums she tells him yup and tells bhavanji bha that i will make sabina virani family's daughter in law... and she just wanna know about her mom... at vaibhavvilla imv tells jimmy take the money and leave and jimmy tells him he is one honest police officer's son if he wanted to run away with nirali and just leave he could have ... since he knew that she loves him and whoever sells their daughter won't even understand and even if i will even marry her we won't even touch your money and our happiness would be in our world... so just keep your money i won't marry your daughter now cause my mom has taught me you shouldn't marry a girl lower cast... and tells nirali i haven't loved anybody else besides you but i can't marry you whether your dad understands you or not it's your responsibility to understand him... he leaves... imv calls sidharth saying get bapuji from hospital since everyone is busy being emotional and calls everyone emotional fools... devki and vaibhav reaches to slums and vaibhav goes to meet sabina he finds sabina and all the kids are so happy to see him... he opens her burqa  and tells her about love stuff like how you feels happy when you see smile on someone else's face... so will you tell me how can i get her second time ...devki convinces her saying that they have divorced now and sabina tells vaibhav that devki loved you and vaibhav is like to devki why didn't you tell me before devki is like who wouldn't love you ? vaibhav propose to sabina for marraige she said yes and they both hug he brings her home and imv comes saying that if you cross this limit then get this thing straight if you go with her then you will see me dead decide now what you want father or love ?devki tells them to stay at door you will become daughter in law today... devki goes to imv room to confront him and tells him i came here to ask as cp's daughter since you have kept everything about my mom and i know everything that what you been through i even know she is alive and and asks him how can this love be so cruel and how come you killed your love over your ego? how can you lower your love ? you can't even put your daughter and son in this so don't you wanna vaibhav to be happy? and she requests him please is bandhan ko mukti de dijiye? we will wait for you downstairs to see whether you will be imv or ishwer motilal virani and imv has flashes of his own past and his conscious saying what have you become ? ...
Then they show bapuji doing prayer in his room and imv comes there and they both do prayer together and bapuji is so happy they both put flower in ba and charu 's head and charu gets shy and everybody is eating at table all happy... then one of the servant brings luggage... devki tells everyone that she is leaving and charu asks how can you leave and bhavanji bha comes and tells her please let her go she has got big family and please let her stay with me and imv tells her i know i have said yes on one condition that devki's marriage imv and charu will do...devki meets everyone imv tells her that probably in life you have learned stuff from me but you have taught us how to live life imv goes and change to desi indian cloths and tells everyone that he wants to go to mangrol now and manhar and his family comes i lived alone so many years now i want to live with you all.. now we going to live in mangrol  he gives paintbrush to sidharth ... and tells nirali i have talked to jimmy's mom about your marriage .. and everybody leaves at the end they show everyone at the door imv gives the coin he brought to mumbai to devki and tells her all the best!!!!!!!!!

~Comments~ : Anyways guys share your thoughts about last episode or anything that you want to say at last.. 

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Posted: 8 years ago
Thanks for your effort in putting together the update. Really helped me to not watch the meaningless ending of the serialOuch
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Posted: 8 years ago
Thank you for your hard work.
It was a beautiful befitting finish to the story Thumbs Up StarStarStarStarStarStarStar
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Posted: 8 years ago
thank you so much for the updates... i though dont like the ending so much.. i like devki. i wan her to stay with vaibhav :(
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Posted: 8 years ago
thanks buddy
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Posted: 8 years ago
Thanks for providing updates all together...
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Posted: 8 years ago
thanks a lot for giving the end week episodes updates...Hug
will miss this serial a lot..CryOuch
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Posted: 8 years ago
will miss MB a lotCry
@ TM thanks for the upd
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