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:::One Shot:::Destiny's Child:::

3 Years In The Future

Pia kissed the doll in the pram. Her daughter she'd lost. Her baby was taken from her and like every day she always came back to the solitude of her bedroom staring into the empty cot she'd placed a doll in there. Abhay had promised her he'd bring her baby back to her but he'd come back empty handed. The past three years had been nothing but torture trying to imagine how her daughter would be like? How she was doing? If she was safe? If she was loved? If she was... Pia shed more tears and nobody would know how much she was grieving for the baby girl nobody knew existed. Abhay and Pia had kept it a secret from the world. Her own sisters had no idea about her. Abhay came back to Pia to settle her down. It was his usual routine to make sure she slept on time. He was going to erase their baby from Pia's life but as difficult as it was to Pia it wouldn't be fair on her to take away her precious little baby from her.

Pia cradled by Abhay in his tender arms-I miss my baby Abhay. I never even got to hold her. I never got to see her. To smell her. 
Abhay kissed Pia's forehead-Pia for how long will U keep this up for? U have to let her go. We have to let her go.
Pia like a lioness screams-Never. I haven't given up on her Abhay. She'll be back. I know it. I feel it. Its a mothers intuition. 
Abhay sighed-Pia i know she's out there but we don't know where she is or who she's with?
Pia fumed angrily-Yeah right. The superiors took her as your punishment for not killing Alina and her family.
Abhay was filled with guilt-Pia i couldn't kill Alina. She's innocent.
Pia sobbed-So is my baby. I don't care i want her back. I want her back Abhay. 
Abhay was helpless. The superiors were long gone and he was now ostracised from his clan for siding with a human and for fathering a child with one was against all norms. At the time he was playing the field on his fathers orders then this would not have happened. He broke Alina's heart and Pias' trust and now he was a broken vampire who had no idea how to pick Pia up forget himself.

Abhay caressed Pia's face-I know honey. I want her back too.
Pia wept a little more-I can't even mourn for her openly Abhay. There must be something we could do.
Abhay was asked the same question everyday for the past 3 years-Pia. Our daughter is cloaked by the highest power. Even Mom and Dad can't get through.
Pia begged Abhay-I want us to try again for another baby.
Abhay shook his head violently-Pia i'd rather see U have a relationship with a human than put U through hell again. I am not risking your life again.
Pia was stubborn as hell-We are married now Abhay what difference does it make now? I told U i don't want to remain a human.
Abhay backed away from Pia-I have to go Pia. I have to find Mom and give her the news. 
Pia seethed-More like hide from me Abhay. U said to wait 3 years well 3 years are up. I am going to make U do good on your promise Abhay whether U like it or not.

Someone was returning back to where belonged. She was mean and she was ready to fulfil what she was born to do. Her family had raised her into a killing machine. Jannat may mean heaven to some people but she showed hell to all of her enemies. This night was the same as usual. Another job and this time she had her clan behind her. Jannat was going to reclaim their pride back. She was going to restore power back into the hands of vampires. 

Jannat stepped on to Dehradun's soil spitting on the ground. She rode on her bike in her black leather jacket smirking at what waited for her ahead-U ready for some action Dad?
Jeevan sniggred evilly-Lets finish these pups!
Jannat smirked full of herself-Oh i'll do more than just finish them. I'll annihilate them and get our names back on the food chain.
Jeevan whooped and flew his arm in the air-We'll have back up just make sure U steer clear of any emotional entanglements ok.
Jannat cursed-I don't have a humane bone in my body Dad.
Jeevan hoped she didn't. They'd raised her so she can do what her Father could not. Lead and Kill without a conscience. Jannat was their secret weapon.-Good lets keep it this way.

Over to the other side of the coin Alina Khurana with her hybrid son Pranay were making their own plans to win theirclan's trust again. They'd waned over the past 3 years thanks to Alina's tryst with Abhay. He was the biggest mistake of her life and she'd learnt it the hard way. The scheming, the plotting, just for a vampire who was never hers. He was always going to be Pia's If only she'd known this fact at that time. Her won Mother had led her astray giving her ideas on how to lure Abhay. Alina was royally p****d off when she'd found out exactly what her devious mother had done. She'd cast a love spell on both of them making them do something stupid all so she could have the last laugh. Unfortunately for Alina it was at her own peril. Now Alina had a son who was the spitting image of his father and was being trained to be a killing machine despite all of her best efforts. Her son was temperamentally unstable like his Uncle Jeh but in attitude he was his fathers son .

Deepanita alwaya encouraged bad behaviour in Pranay while Alina kept a balance-Mom please don't add more feul to the fire. He's not your puppet.
Deepanita shot angrily-He's my only hope of remaining in power and gaining our people back Alina. Both U and Jeh have turned out to be a bitter disappointment but my Grandson is the rightful heir in everyway. He is more powerful than a vampire and werewolf put together. Giving birth to him was the only best thing U ever did Alina.
Alina rolled her eys at her Mother-The only reason i let U near him is so U don't do what U did to me. If i wanted to i could kill U Mother.
Deepanita laughed in Alina's face-U don't have the stomach for it Alina. Its because of your son i don't do anything to U. U think you'd still be alive if it wasn't for him.
Pranay grilled Deepanita-Nani U leave my Mother alone. U want Abhay. You'll get him.
Alina cut in-He's your father. U can't...
Pranay spat angrily-He's an animal mother. I could give a f**k on who is my biological father. Makes no difference to me. All i know is he did the dirty on U. He tossed U away like tissue Paper and U don't want revenge for that. Don't worry i'll get him back good. Now i am stronger and older i can do anything now. Don't U want payback Mom?
Alina hated Abhay with her very being-Oh i do son. But only i love him too i can't...
Deepanita threw her chair at the wall of her mansion-See what i have to live with! She is weak because she let Love in. We don't love. We kill.
Jeh brushed passed willing his nephew to hop into the new sports car he'd bought for him-Pranay we are off to celebrate your first attack. Where do U want to go and create damage son?
Pranay smirked-Raichands house. Need to give Chand a taste of his own medicine. He messed with my mother he'll cop a feel of Khurana magic.
Jeh patted his nephew and hugged him-Good. That's what i wanted to hear.

Jeh reminisced a time where he'd discovered his sister had done the cardinal sin of breeding with the repulsive vampire only realising it was his Mothers doing to create an even better and stronger species. At the time he thought his mother had lost the plot but after a few years Jeh saw the potential in this wonderkid. He was stronger than him on one to one combat and had inherited Alina's powers one that none of the Khurana's had. Jeh was disapponied at seeing how week Alina was in her love for ABHAY. Then after he'd broken her he'd unleashed something inside of her that brought out her inner goddess. Alina poured all her energies into one being her son making sure it was physically, mentally and emotionally stronger than her. This is where they got the upper hand now.

What they hadn't anticipated on was these two hybrids Jannat and Pranay might have been born to two warring species fathered by the same man but Destiny had already had plans for them. The killers were not going to end any lives but cement the foundations already broken.  

At the Raichand Mansion Pia remained huddled in her bedroom struggling to even sleep. She was always filled with nightmares. The night her daughter was taken away from her she'd seen a dark shadow. He was cloaked up and Pia started to scream but he was gone with her baby. Those nightmares never faded away but for some reason this night had brought it all back to reality. Pia jumped out of her bed and ran bare footed outside. Her heart called out to her. She saw a girl on a bike with her a man. Pia ran after them until they came to a stop. The man whispered something to the girl but she'd stopped in her tracks as the tyres screech.

Jannat gets off striding towards the woman before her-U have a death wish? (Pia just stares back at the girl trying to touch her) What the f**k are U trying to do?
Pia touches the girl's cheek making Jannat jump at the connection thirsting for something she had no words for-I thought i knew U. U feel like U are my own.
Jannat thought this woman struck a cord in her dead heart but she didn't feel-U are making me very thirsty lady. If U want your life i suggest U back off.
Pia wasn't afraid-Then come in please. I have all the drinks U might want.
Jannay showed Pia her razor sharp fangs-I only drink special fluid lady and if you value your life you'd back off. I'm the daughter of satan.
Pia unafraid volunteerd-Do it!  I don't want to live anyway.
Jannat wasn't going to back away from a free drink-Whatever. (She started drinking from Pia and had an epiphany of Pia's most sacred prized possession of her daughter being taken away and then the image of Abhay causing her to flich away from Pia. What was that? What did she do to me?) I shouldn't have done that i'm sorry.
Abhay returned back as soon as he sensed Pia in trouble-What did U do to Pia? (He saw something in the girl change and then felt like he was mesmerised in this girls beauty. Something pulled at him on a deeper level. He grabbed the girl and bit her regretting his actions after finding what he saw had knocked him for six) Oh no!
Jannat gave a dark expression running away from the scene to her minder-U stole me from them? U did this to me? 
Jeevan only remained quiet until they passed away from the Raichand's property-They'd have made U weak my child. Now look at U. Abhay was assigned to kill a werewolf clan and he failed. We did this for the greater good. We are still hunted by the warm blooded ones.
Jannat wished she'd never stopped. Something in her head made her do it-Don't worry they are nothing to me. I am groomed to be your leader and this is what i will do. Fulfil my destiny.

While Pranay and Jeh stalked Haseena and Chand waiting for their turn to pounce on the vampires. It was Pranay's first attack to show how strong he was on his own while Jeh remained in the shadows offering to only step in if his nephew needed help.  

So how will these two offspring's fare when they meet each other? Will they bring their families together or will they kill the sanctity of BLOOD. Of PURE GOODNESS inside of them.
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 This OS i was planning on having on my FF A twisted LOVE but seeming as i am ending it i feel as an OS it would be perfect. Two secrets unleashed lets see if U guys like this.
:::Chapter 1:::Destiny's Child:::Pg 1
:::Chapter 2:::Destiny's Assault:::pg10

:::Chapter 3:::Destiny's COMPLETE:::pg19
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Continue soon
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wah wah is baar new pics use ki hain they all are just awesome n please pm me whenever u update

comment - amazing start dear well done bechara abhay stuck beteen jannat n pranay
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wow, really great start ayesha. so does Jannat now know that Pia is her mom and Abhay her father?Edited by abhayfan_dishu - 2011-09-26T22:02:34Z
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hey update..!!
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