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Hey guys Hug

how are you and hope you all are doing fine Embarrassed

As Natz is busy and not able to update today as her back up updater on wednesday i will be doing today's update Embarrassed

Episode Starts with Niharika giving welcome speech to guest also promised they will enjoy this night for rest of their life while everyone was listening to her with smile on their face then she introduced Seema Jha from X Factor then she sings Aa hi yeh meharban song while Shipra dancing filmy and Raya feeling bit dis comfortable then Priya started remembering their SR room and moment of their togetherness.

Mamaji,Karthik and Natasha,Neha,Ayesha and Aditya dances with Seema while Raya was still uncomfortable with each other and distanced them self after the song was end everyone praised Seema then Mamaji was standing beside Sid  who was busily ogling on Ayesha with his lusty eyes then his thoughts were interrupt when Mamaji asked waiter to get bottle of drink instead of glass and said Sid to concentrated on his work and Sid nodded then left from there.

Niharika asks Natasha about their married life and she says it's okay but she prefers her life here then there then she asks her mom about Ishika and Aditya staying with them and Niharika reply that it's was Ram who invited them to stay but if you think that you can come and stay  with your husband then forget they are your family then Natasha glance at Ishika and in - laws then leave from there.

Ayesha mobile was hanged then Sid came offered his phone which she declined then he ask about her shoot and she says okay then he says with lusty eyes if you're with me i can give more opournity and offer her a ciggerate then she says i don't smoke but he says you're smoking hot then he says i was joking then she leaves from there while Raya with Neha and Vikram was teasing Priya and asking her how did she felt as introducing to society as Ram's wife and she says i am not used to this types of party as i live in small happiness while here everything is big then Neha teases Ram and Vikram supports him and they enjoy their moments unknown to them Niharika evil scheme and she says this is your ladt laugh with your friend Ram.

Vikram was talking with someone then Sid came to him saying he needed his help and ask him to remove their Kandani Necklace from locker and he declines it but Sid doesn't allow to him to talk and said locker key then left while Niharka introduced Karthik and Natasha to dance floor and they dance on Pyar Ki Ek Kahani Suno after their performance ends Vikram goes and remove the Necklace from locker which was captured by camera then he comes down while security persons says Camera no 5 is not working then Sid mans says i will handle Niharka mam don't worry.

Later Niharika introduces Raya on dance floor while they declined but later accepted to due others sake and they dance with others on Dheere Dheere song while they were own world with looking in each others eyes then Priya takes his hand and keeps on her blouse hook while Ram is shocked then asks what are you doing then she says please don;t ask me any questions and take me to corner and Ram was bewildered with her request but accepts it then asked her whats wrong then she says her blouse hook is undone and says him to do it properly while he says no and i will call later and they argue for few minutes literally he gives in and do it properly and she says thanks and Ram says it's okay.


Niharika is shocked after seeing empty jewellary box and she says Necklace is missing and everyone is shocked.

thanks very much for your patience guys and sorry for delay Embarrassed

hope next time i won't delay Tongue

take care 


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 Thnks for doing  the update!
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Completed Embarrassed
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thank u very much for update 
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Looking forward to the Raya scenes :)
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Posted: 2011-09-21T18:03:57Z
i hope Niharika's plans fail!!
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Posted: 2011-09-21T18:18:22Z
thank you for a very nice update
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thanks for the update..
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