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*Chef Pankaj Ka Zayka*

Here You Will Find all the Recaps Of the Show Pankaj Ka Zayka

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Chef Pankaj's guest – Akshara
Episode : 1

Dishes prepared:
Gongura Paneer Laajawaab, Nariyal Ka Chaawal, Dil-e-Bahaar Gaajar Mousse Chef Pankaj's guest for the day is our very own Akshara. She starts to prepare Gongura Paneer Laajawaab. Pankaj also prepares Nariyal Ka Chaawal for Akshara. For desserts, Chef Pankaj prepares Dil-e-Bahaar Gaajar Mousse. Find out how delicious it turns out to be!
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Reunion episode with Radhicka Agarwal
Episode : 2

Dishes prepared: Achari Paneer Pie, Cheese Makkai Cake with Spicy Berry Chutney, Chocolate Coffee Cup Cakes.
In the reunion episode, Chef Pankaj invites the MasterChef contestant Radhicka Agarwal. They start preparing Achari Paneer Pie. Chef Pankaj prepares Cheese Makkai Cake. Radhicka prepares Spicy Berry Chutney to go with it. Also known as the baking queen, Radhicka prepares Chocolate Coffee Cup Cakes.

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Chef Pankaj invites friends
Episode : 3

Dishes prepared: Baingan Keema Kamaal and Laksa Ka Chaska
Chef Pankaj has invited two best friends on the show, Veena and Ritu. The dishes prepared for the day will not identify with the term 'boring food'! Chef Pankaj starts preparing Baingan Keema Kamaal. Later, she prepares another healthy dish called Laksa Ka Chaska.

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Chef Vineet Bhatia is the guest
Episode : 4

Dishes prepared: Baingan-e-Bahaar with Tomato Chutney, Patti Aalu, Indian Beetroot and Curry along with Coconut and Kokum Sauce
In the chef special episode, Chef Pankaj has invited Chef Vineet Bhatia. They start preparing Baingan-e-Bahaar with Tomato Chutney. Later, Chef Vineet starts cooking Patti Aalu. Chef Pankaj and Chef Vineet prepare South Indian Beetroot and Curry along with Coconut and Kokum Sauce.

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Chef Pankaj in Kashmir!
Episode : 5

Chef Pankaj takes us to Kashmir and will introduce us to some authentic Kashmiri dishes. Chef Shadaab prepares Nadir Yakhni with the help of Chef Pankaj. Chef Abbas along with Chef Pankaj teaches us how to cook Rista. Chef Pankaj prepares Phirni with Apple Sauce and Walnut Caramel Sauce.

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Chef Pankaj's guest – Ishaan!
Episode : 6

Dishes prepared: Suhana Shorbha, Chicken Tajine with Saffron Vegetable Couscous

Ishaan wants to impress Suhana and hence seeks help from Chef Pankaj. Chef Pankaj has just the right dish and names it Suhana Shorbha. Ishaan is having fun learning the kitchen tactics. The next dish in line is Chicken Tajine with Saffron Vegetable Couscous.
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Reunion episode with Zebi Zubair
Episode : 7

Dishes prepared: Khubaani Kebab with Teekhi Tez Chutney, Jaan-e-Mann with Zayaka-e Zafraan-Khaas, Saalan

Zebi Zubair, Chef Pankaj's friend from MasterChef India, comes in the reunion episode of Chef Pankaj ka Zayka. Zebi prepares Lucknow's Khubaani Kebab, a vegetarian dish with Teekhi Tez Chutney. Chef Pankaj along with Zebi Zubair cooks the dish Jaan-e-Mann with Zayaka-e Zafraan-Khaas. Zebi cooks Saalan to compliment Zayka-e-Zafraan-Khaas.

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