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Amjad Khan's son finishes his first film

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Posted: 18 years ago

Shadaab Khan
Shadaab Khan has quietly gone and completed his first directorial venture. Amjad Khan's son Shadaab made his debut as a leading man opposite Rani Mukhrji in Raja Ki Aayeagi Baraat. Later he was also seen in a villainous role in J.P. Dutta's Refugee.

Born to script

But Shadaab has left  his acting aspirations behind. "What keenly interests me is script writing.  I have twenty scripts ready. In fact one of them Sandhya was made with Jackie Shroff and Raveena Tandon in the lead.

The film never got released, though its director Sangeeth Sivan has become successful with Kya Kool Hain Hum. I wish him all the best," says Shadaab.

Shadaab has just completed a thriller called Highway 203. "Thrillers are my chosen genre. Sandhya which I wrote was one. And now I've directed one. My producer Prince Dendona and I were both keen on the title The Accident since Highway 203 is centred around an accident."

Tabu's vanishing act

The film, ready for release in February, stars KK Menon and Perizaad Zorabian. "It was originally meant to feature Naseeruddin Shah and Tabu. Tabu showed great interest… and then vanished without a trace! Mr Shah one fine day got his secretary to inform me  she isn't doing the film… But that's okay.

The goodwill that my father generated died with him. I don't expect anyone to be nice to me just because I'm my father's son. No one can say I've made Highhway 203 on my father's steam. I'm glad I got KK
and Perizaad. KK is an astonishing actor. And Perizaad who plays a very bad aspiring actress, was a surprise."
Casting friends

Arif Zakaria is also part of the cast. "It isn't a big film in terms of budget. But I wouldn't like to call it a small film. I believe  I've made a good film."

Next… a big-budgeted star-centric glossy. "Even my next film will be a thriller. I want to cast my  friends Nana Patekar, Jackie Shroff, Zayed Khan. They will all happily agree to be in my film. Zayed is a childhood friend. He can never say no to me."

Shall we bet on that?