AbhIya FF:_enTw!nED_B2_[ended...new link @ pg 144]

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Hey guys! This is the thread for book 2. If anyone wants PMs, simply send me a buddy request.

Link to Book 1:Abhiya FF: Entwined.

Part 29.
Part 30.
Part 31.
Part 32.
Part 33.
Part 34.
Part 35.
Part 36.
Part 37.
Part 38.
Part 39.
Part 40.
Part 41.
Part 42.
Part 43.
Part 44.
Part 45.
Part 46.
Part 47.
Part 48
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so u posting next chappy here?
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29. The alarm rang up hitting Pia back to reality.She groped in darkness trying to find her cellphone.She finally found it beside the nightlamp. It was fifteen minutes to seven.She switched on the light and found herself neatly wrapped in a thick blue blanket. She knew she hadn't been sleeping alone. She could still feel his aura around her. But where was he? She folded the blanket and got ready to have a bath. While she had a nice time under the shower, Abhay entered his room. He sat on his desk writing an application to the dean to allow him and Pia in class after such a long leave. He was putting the blue envelope in his bag when Pia came out in a towel. She had expected that no one was there 'cause Abhay had not created a single sound. Abhay looked at her and controlling himself became too much difficult. He kept the bag on the bookshelf and advanced unknowingly towards her. His gaze on her eyes made Pia back away slowly. Water drops were dripping gently on her shoulders from her gorgeous silk hair. He swiftly came infront of her and held her face with his eyes closed. He slowly bent down making her heart beat faster than ever. He kissed her closed eyelids softly and then her cheeks gently. Then when he started to pull her lips to his, suddenly her frantic screams on seeing his vampire reality repeated in his mind. With a sudden shock, his eyes flew open. He saw her innocent baby face, her beautiful eyes closed. "No!",he screamed and shoved her away. Pia hit the wall hard and tears streamed down her cheeks. "Stay away from me! I can't control myself infront of you, I can't hate you",he shouted. Pia walked up to him and held his face. "Please Abhay, please. Please forgive me",she pleaded. Abhay shook his head, his eyes closed. Pia started crying hard. She hugged him and begged, "I can't live without you". Abhay held her shoulders and moved her away again. "Will you never forgive me?",she asked. "Never",he whispered. Abhay got up instantly and went out. Pia was still sitting on the bed. Her mind had gone completely blank. Abhay was never going to forgive her. "Then what's the reason of my life if Abhay doesn't love me?",she asked. Life had become such a torture. Perhaps death wasn't so bad. She quickly changed into a short blue dress with beautiful laces hanging from her waist. In half an hour, all were dressed up for college. Jeremy and Naina joined Abhay in his car. Pia sat at the back and Naina slid in beside Abhay. Jeremy tried so hard to cheer up Pia's glum face but to no avail. Abhay and Pia were not even meeting each others eyes. Abhay put on a CD to break his gloomy mood. After several songs, a familiar song started playing. Instantly Abhay's eyes met Pia's sad eyes in the rear view mirror. It was the same song which had lured them both to get lost in love and passion. Instantly that passionate night spent in that bungalow of Mt. Abu flashed before their eyes. Abhay continued staring sadly at her while Pia started crying silently. Abhay didn't bother to look at front, his mind was debating on what should he do. Should he believe Pia or not. Maybe he should believe. Or maybe not. Jeremy noticed the two staring at each other through the mirror. He smiled thinking, how hard it is to stay away from one's soulmate. By that time, the song had ended. Jeremy knew that if he talked with Pia now, Abhay can get irritated. So he texted Pia, Everythings okay? She dropped her eyes from the intense eyelock and saw the message. "Abhay's never gonna forgive me",she replied through text message. "No silly, he is melting rapidly",he replied. "What if he doesn't? I'll die",she replied. "He loves you. Didn't you see it in his eyes just now?",he asked. "I'm not sure",she replied. "That song reminded you both of something huh?",he asked. "Hmm. Something very intimate",she replied. "That means he misses you",he texted. "How do you know?",she asked. "He was sobbing. I heard him",he texted. This time Pia didn't reply.She was feeling weak, very weak. In the college,Abhay was with Pia only till the dean clarified their absence and allowed them to attend the classes.After that Pia didn't see Abhay anywhere near her. But whenever she looked around, she saw Sameer's bloodshot eyes piercing through her. Naina appeared unusually cold to her. Only Jeremy kept chattering on and on. With Jeremy, she felt safe. At lunch, the trio joined Abhay at the fifth table in the caf. Pia sat silently stealing glances at Abhay. After some minutes, Kabir came up to Pia. "Can we talk for a minute?",he asked politely. "Sure", Pia smiled and got up and sat with him at a lonely corner table. "I broke up with Misha",he whispered. "Why?",she asked. She saw Abhay keeping an eye on them. "I love someone else.I never loved Misha",he said."Who?",she asked."You",he said catching her hand."What nonsense! I'm with Abhay.",she asked."But Abhay told me that he has left you?",he asked. A wave of shock attacked her.
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oh no, abhay is so angry and he even said that to kabeer Cry
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Posted: 2011-09-12T01:26:16Z
omg...poor pia...bt i gs abhy s also rite n hs place...hope he cms around soon...wtng eagrly to c wt hpns nxt...do cont soon...Tongue
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Amazing nd superb part.
u rock swty.
plz plz add me in ur pm list.
luv u
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oh god what was that
abhay is so angry that he said this to kabir
i hope soon he will forgive pia
update soon a
and why r u not sending pm's i m in ur buddy list
please don't forget next time

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at last u update after so many daysTongue
very nice uupdate
Abhay is very angrymay pia do some drastic after learning from kabir that abhay had left her
continue soon
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