Dil Dosti Discussion #14 (7th Sep)

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Posted: 2011-09-07T08:06:08Z
Hello mere fellow D3ians   kya haal hai guys? 
Welcome to Dil, Dosti, Discussion !

Wondering what is it ?

Okay so, in order to make this forum more interesting, a few members on IF thought it would be interesting to have discussions about each episode and we mean the WHOLE episode. It could be anything from a 20 second scene to a 10 minute scene. Every day, a discussion will be led by one of us. We will start up by posting our take and reviews. Wondering who the 'us' are? Well, wait a few more minutes and you'll get to know  !
But anyway, in this way we hope to talk about random scenes, the symbolism in them, what we think will happen next and so on.   
Kinda get the idea right? Yeah..well we hope so!   haha but we don't wanna give too much away, now do we? 

Anyways, the members that are going to run these discussions are: Awantika, Farah, Supriya and Sneha. 
So, for each of the four days that D3 is on, we'll do discussions and during the weekends...hmm now we'll leave that as a surprise  .

So For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common destination..so pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..

Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing. 
2. No derogatory terms to be used. 
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum. 
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.

GUYS hey im back LOL well well today's episode was a nice one :) just because it had KSG in it ahhh guys isnt he just amazing ? <3 he is so perfect always haha <3 he made me happpyyy was not liking D3 from past quite few days but KSG made it up for everything LOLOL he is a cutie :* a majorrr one ! now to start from episode again the same thing Vishakha and NEha telling swayam not to practise with them and sharon over reacting on how swayam changes his mood hahah :D well i liked her expressions and rey saying maine tumhari baat poori 10 mintue tak suni ROFL <3 he is cutee!

then going to kriya calling swayam LOL she was sounding manly haha no offence guys but yes she was acting pretty good and was in the character :) but the time she calls rey i was hoping for a nice cute moment but ahh it didnt happened Ouch tch too much of thinking is bad at times :( im dying for KriYaanshEmbarrassed <3 i hope it'll happen sooon :D and then our bwoys omg they are like surely the BEST Big smile truly awesome.. love them adore them !!!

Night Out was prettty goood all of them in the moood to enjoy completely all of them were so cute acting while drunk <3 SO CUTE :D everyone was equalllyy goood :D REYYY yes he was on extent i love him haha :P he was so good at acting man uska gussa uska drunk acting everything he is doing so PERFECT <3 love vicky nilesh bharam amar swayam everyone.. adorable friendship !!

and then DANCE sequence haha cutee and mad INSANE dancing enjoyin every bit of it expressions were amazing enjoyed it

overall it was kinda filler one but yes enjoyed it

PPS KSG IS JUST AMAZING! <3 (L) Embarrassed
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Posted: 2011-09-07T08:40:56Z
ooohhh i love karan
muahzzz muaaahz
for him
then lots of hugs for the cute chipkolal
muahzzz for being the cutest n hottest of all
did u see how i danced on the table jacket upar karke
oohhh aarti likey
a gud episode after so many bad 1ns
my head was all choked with swaron scenes
but ksg he just kinda brought anew flavour in the show
n the famous salsa dance tune in the BG
brought back so amazing memories
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Posted: 2011-09-07T08:52:58Z
Riyaaa AWSUM reviewBig smile
me LUVD the epi 2dayEmbarrassed...d boys really were sooo adorably cuteeeBlushing
nd haila KSG ki entry it was a shock but a gud one thouLOLEmbarrassed...he's such a HOTTTIEEE cnt wait to c his entryBlushingDay Dreaming
hahaha i knw Kria really sounded lyk a guyROFL...me too was xpecting a cute convo btw d 2...but aaahhh atleast dey showed sumthing better den nothingLOLTongue...oh i hope Kria cums bak tmrwEmbarrassed
hehehe Rey was soo adorable saying Sharon he was listening 2 her wen he was busy listening 2 songsLOL
nd d DANCE hayyeee me going maadddSilly...as if dey r alredy not cute enuf...in deir drunken state dey r  jus SUPER CUTEBlushingBlushing
Luvd Rey/Amar's scene hahaha both d Amars dey were sooo cute nd d way Rey was talking aahhh kuchiiikoooBlushing
Aarti aaahhh wen Rey was dancing wid dat jacket up i was dead yaarBlushing he is jus SUPERB in watever he dus nd seriusly KILLS usBlushingDay Dreaming
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Posted: 2011-09-07T08:55:46Z

he is so freaking hawt man man i love KSG more now his expressions everything but REY <3 my love he is so AMAZING BlushingDay Dreaming

yeaah finally a better episode :D
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Posted: 2011-09-07T09:03:02Z
rey ne aj UP, Bihar lut liya
that dhumke hehehe
ok sbko btana chahti
aaj i spent my whole dAY WATCHING amar's did performances
n when i saw govinda n amar together hehehe
n i realized i have seen amar's dance before in sbs n sbb etc.
but never knew who he is
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