BALH 6th Sep 2011 Written Update-Done

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Dil k dharkhan bharti jae saamne jab wo aae
Pyaar isi ko kehtey hai kiya koi yeh samhjae
Bade aachey lagtey hai Yeh dharti yeh naadiya yeh rehna or TUM 
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BALH 6th September 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with Dadi getting angry that there's no one to welcome Ram and Priya.  Ram and Priya come and Daadi welcomes them. Ram gets scolded by Daadi when he tries to defend Niharika and the rest of the family not being there to welcome them. Neharika comes Dadi ask her to welcome Priya. She then do the rasam and welcome both of themEmbarrassed Dadi tell Priya to put her right foot first. RaYa enter the house.Niharika tells Ram to take Priya to his room.

RaYa enter room Priya was about to fallLOL Ram smile and say her to b comfortable Priya say you too.. Ram say this is my room did you forget? Priya say i know but you are behaving like this is my room and you come here firs timeLOL Ram then say do you want something? Priya nae no but i am thinking where i will put my stuffTongue Ram say oh sorry let me show you.. Then he take priya with him and show her new wardrobe and say that he bought this only for her so that she can get extra space.. The whole wardrobe was with Ram stuff Ram magnanimously gives Priya 2 shelves ROFL Priya say this is so much.. Ram say yes no big deal for me is that you be comfortable LOL Priya say how nice there is so much space. Thanks for this. Then she think to herself that the 2000 crore rich person is so kanjoos that he give only 2 shelves ROFL

Rishabh comes to call Ram and Priya down for some rasams and doesn't find them there. Both of them still in the wadrobe portion they hurry into the room when they hear RishabhWink Rishabh say i know i am disturbing you. Priya say no why disturb i was seeing wardrobe Rishabh smile and say dadi is calling you for some rasams but you will get your time for romanceBlushing but right now dadi is calling. Priya say ok we are coming

Scene shift to new york  there is a meeting where one of the guys decides to let Ram know about some fraud. RaYa ring rasam is going on Ram and Priya both put hand on the bowl which is filled with Rose petals. Ram giving confuse expression LOL suddenly both touch each other hands. Ram finds the ring but he give ring to priya without taking his hand out from waterDay Dreaming Baade aache lagtey hai music in background. Finally Priya take her hand out with ringBig smile

Ram get's a call & finds out that Siddhant has not attended a meeting he was supposed to attend in New York and this meeting was to buy a company for Natz. Ram tell about this to Vikram and he say this is not the first time he have many complains against siddhant. Ram call siddhant Vikram ask him that why he was not in new york? Siddhant lies that he had to attend his friend's problemAngry and so couldn't go to New York. Ram ask what was the problem. Siddhant say he has some personal problem and i can't tell his personal problem like this.. Ram say to vikram that this deal will b loose from our hand and to get this i will have to go US. Vikram say are you mad? You have just came home and you will go leaving priya like this? Ram say priya and i get married cuz of Natz and karthik happiness and this deal is also for Natz and karthik happiness.. Siddhant say sorry to ram.

Ram goes to Priya and tell her that he have to go US at evening. He then say i am not liking to leave you like this but i can't compromise my business.. i am sorryOuch Priya gets sad.

Episode Ends

Ram walking towards the stairs. Priya all sad looks at the ring and smiles.

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SmileThank you, Please update soon.

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Posted: 2011-09-06T16:27:47Z
when is the written update coming...
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Posted: 2011-09-06T17:20:07Z
update soon! :) 
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Updated.. Sorry for late!
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Posted: 2011-09-06T18:22:49Z
thanks for a nice update natasha
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Posted: 2011-09-06T18:42:23Z

Lol only 2 shelves??? I would have complained so much if I was her...

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Posted: 2011-09-06T18:46:50Z
thank u for a very nice update... :)) 
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