BBAT Chronicles: The Fire, Interviews & 200

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Posted: 10 years ago

Salaam & Namaste

So guess what day is it today?
Come on guess...
I'll give you a clue...
It's in the title

It's Bhagonwali 200 Episode Day

Okay I know this isn't news for some...since there's already a post regarding that...but but there's more...

Before you have any misunderstandings...I'm not attempting to follow in C.S. Lewis' footsteps and write out any chronicles BBAT style...

But in honor of the 200th Episode we have made special preparations for you...starting with...

*Rani clears throat in the back*

Jeez Rani, must you always interrupt me when I'm about to give the members such awesome news...

I have something to tell you. It's urgent.

Can it wait till I'm done?

Well depends on whether you want to look like an idiot later or not.


*Rani whispers in Wafah's ears*

Okay so um...well...hmm...
Okay let's see how I can deliver this news...
Well apparently we had made special preparations for this episode...I'd purchased

*Rani clears throat in the back*

Oh fine! Rani and I had purchased some great goodies, fireworks, confetti, all sorts of cool things for the 200th Episode, including personal interviews with the stars,
Himmanshoo Malhotra & Nivedita Tiwari
and well there seems to be a problem with the preparations.
You see Rani decided to hide the items in anticipation of today, in the
Guddu & Runjhun Shukla Nivaas
aka Guddu & Runjhun's Home
aka as the Burnt Palace
(after the ME incident)
Considering that our materials including the interview information was all in the house that burnt down...we have nothing to present today...thanks to Rani

It wasn't my idea to hide it there. You were the one who thought it would be cool to hide it there.

Well it's not important whose fault it is, even though I think it was mainly Vishnu, Rajju and Buntu's fault. So since we don't have interviews or any other goodies, Rani has decided to entertain us by wearing this pretty ballerina costume (custom designed by me)

There is no way I'm wearing that

But it's so's all sparkly too. Not as fun as my clown costume

That is fun in a scary way, and your nose is sparkly too.

Stop mocking my nose. It's sensitive. So you'll wear the costume then.


Well then we still have to come up with something to entertain the members...
Any ideas?

*whispers in the back with Rani*

Okay so since we don't Himmanshoo and Nivedita's interviews we've decided to provide you with interviews from none other than
Guddu Shukla & Runjhun Shukla

*holds for applause*

Seriously, you need to stop being so over-dramatic. Tell them the rest of it. They might not want to applaud after they hear it.

Stop being Pessimistic Polly. They'll love it, right?


Come on members, where is my support?


I told you this was a bad idea.

It's not. We will be presenting interviews with
Guddu Shukla and Runjhun Shukla,
how is that not awesome?
The only problem is that well...uh...
You see thanks to the fire (curses of the lovely Mamas) Guddu is very busy also distraught so he won't really be able to make it, so Rani will be standing in for Guddu Shukla.

*holds for applause*


Also, since Guddu is very possessive about his wife and considering the fire incident (again curses to the lovely Mamas) he likes to keep her even closer to him, so he refused to let us borrow Runjhun, so I will be standing in for
Runjhun Shukla

*holds for applause*


I told you this was a bad idea.

They're just busy holding on to their breaths in so much excitement that they are stunned.

In other words not interested.

Whatever. Stop spreading negativity in my corner.
So thanks for your patient silence...

Soon to follow is Guddu Shukla's Interview
Composed, Compiled, & Answered by Rani

*dun dun dun*

That just makes it worse.


So please give it up for the Dabbang Mr. Guddu Shukla

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Posted: 10 years ago

Chai with Guddu Shukla (He exclusively states he doesn't like Coffee)

Reporter: What were your first impressions of Runjhun & her being Bhagonwali? How have they changed?

Guddu: Hmm'first impression of Runjhun. I didn't like her, though I think she liked me. She kept staring at me. Even when I used to give her the Guddu Gunda Glare she would just look at me.

Runjhun: You wish. I didn't like you. I loathed you. Always troubling me and my family'

Guddu: This is my interview, can you kindly please not interrupt. *whispers* I think she secretly liked me.  *winks* As for the Bhagonwali thing, I still don't believe in it, but then again she has such a loving husband as me who rescued her from her evil aunts and uncles, she is a bhagonwali to have me.

Runjhun: *rolls her eyes*

Reporter: How would you best describe Guddu Shukla?

Runjhun: Ooh can I answer this one?

Reporter: Uh'

Guddu: She doesn't get to answer. *pouts* This is my interview. I would describe Guddu Shukla as fearless, big hearted, tough, strong, also very loving, basically an all rounder just great guy.

Runjhun: You forgot stubborn, pig-headed, short-tempered'

Guddu: You're the one who is more stubborn than I am.

Reporter: If you could change one thing about Guddu Shukla, what would it be and why?

Guddu: Didn't I just say I was perfect, why would I change anything. Such a crazy reporter.

Runjhun: *shakes her head*

Reporter: Which has been your most memorable moment from Bhagonwali to date?

Guddu: This is a tough question. I like it whenever it rains in Bhagonwali, it's when me and Runjhun are the most closest. The first time it rained I think was when she fainted in my arms. Then there's the time she danced with me in the rain'also there was the fire and rain'

Runjhun: *blushes and grabs Guddu's arm* This is a public interview.

Guddu: *smiles*

Reporter: Guddu and Runjhun are one example of opposites coming together and forging a true and binding love.  What do you think is the most important aspect in maintaining any relationship?

Guddu: This reporter asks all weird questions

Runjhun: It's a sensible question.

Guddu: I think it's important to trust your husband. Runjhun can tell you all about that. It's also about not doubting your husband, and giving more importance to him , and always being loving to him, and not trying to force him to do things he doesn't want to do, like chasing curly haired, ashy looking Babas.

Runjhun: I didn't ask you to come. You were the one who followed me. If I always did what you want this relationship would be so one sided.

Guddu: That's my point. How come we have to do everything you say?

Runjhun: Because you love me. *smiles*

Reporter: She has a point.

Guddu: Shut up. Just ask the questions.

Reporter: *clears throat* Name one song that you think describes Guddu & Runjhun's relationship.

Guddu: Ooh this is easy. Tere Mast Mast Do Nain. *sings*

Runjhun: If you sing so loud, Leela Chachi will appear.

Guddu: *stops suddenly* Next question

Reporter: What career or profession would you have chosen if you had a choice?

Guddu: What's wrong with the profession I am in now? I'm a businessman, successful too. Though if I did have to choose, being a thug was more fun, at least I didn't have to get up so early.

Reporter: Who are your reel life and real life role models?

Guddu: That is such an obvious question. Reel life I'd say Chulbul Pandey. People often say I remind them of him. Not many people know this but actually Chulbul Pandey was fashioned from my character and not the other way round. I'm the real Chulbul Pandey.

Runjhun: So in other words you're your own role model.

Guddu: No my real role model is Raja Harshvardhan of Kannauj.

Reporter: Describe an ideal day for Guddu.

Guddu: Hmm ideal day would be to sleep in till late, with Runjhun by my side 24/7

Runjhun: Guddu Ji!

Guddu: What? It's true. Besides if you keep running away from me where will Jhunjhun and Laddoo come from.

Runjhun: *takes a pillow and hits Guddu* (In case you're wondering, pillow was provided conveniently by the reporter)

Reporter: If we can come back to the interview?

Guddu: How many questions are there? This interview thing is entirely too long.

Reporter: Only a few more questions. What is one all-time favorite Indian dish?

Guddu: Palak Paneer. That way I like anything Runjhun cooks, even the extra spicy, extra salty foods.

Runjhun: I wasn't responsible for all of that.

Guddu: There was that one time that you were angry with me'

Runjhun: Oh quiet'you're never going to let that go are you?

Guddu: Never. Whenever you're mad at me I'm going to bring that up.

Reporter: What were you like as a child?

Guddu: I was a very quiet child actually. Very obedient, calm and well mannered.

Runjhun: *laughs loudly*

Guddu: What? Why are you laughing?

Runjhun: I'm sorry'It's just'*laughs loudly again*

Guddu: Just ignore her. I was a great kid.

Reporter: What has been the proudest or the most memorable moment for you so far?

Guddu: Memorable was when my wife confessed "I love You!" She screamed in front of the whole world, but now for the life of me I can't get her to do it again.

Runjhun: *blushes* Stop trying to make me say that again.

Reporter: If you could do anything for this world, and had the power to do so, what would you do?

Guddu: Annihilate Runjhun's Uncles and Aunts

Runjhun: Guddu Ji be nice.

Guddu: See, she's crazy.

Reporter: What is the hardest lesson you've had to learn or the hardest obstacle you've had to face? Do you have any fears you've had to overcome or wish to overcome?

Guddu; *serious* The hardest obstacle was loving Runjhun and leaving her. I will always fear losing her. She means too much to me. It's not a fear I think I can overcome.

Runjhun: *looks touched and holds Guddu's hand*

Reporter: Our final question. Have you had any kind of interactions in real life with fans? How would you react to meeting with your fans?

Guddu: I have fans?

Runjhun: I hear you have a lot of girl fans.

Reporter: *nods* You do have a lot of girl fans, and some guy fans too.

Guddu: I've never met any fans. Are there any beautiful girl fans?

Runjhun: What is that supposed to mean?

Guddu: Nothing I was just asking.

Runjhun: One minute you can be so romantic and touching and the next you can be such a jerk. Fine you can go to your Neelu, or that other reporter you were flirting with the other day. *walks away*

Reporter: You were flirting with a reporter?

Guddu: Shut Up! This is all your fault. If you say another word I'm going to give you a sound one right under your ears. *chases after Runjhun*

Reporter: *sighs* That's it folks'till we get Runjhun back you'll have to make do with Guddu Shukla's interview...


Till next time...



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Chai with Runjhun Shukla (Though by the time we managed to convince her, the chai was cold)

Reporter: What were your first impressions of Guddu? Why and how did they change?

Guddu: I think this reporter doesn't watch our show.

Runjhun: Guddu Ji, this is my interview.

Guddu: I don't think you should do the interview. The reporter made us fight the last time.

Runjhun: *ignoring Guddu* I thought Guddu was a thug in all the true sense. Someone who didn't care what he did, or who he did it too. Someone who was good for nothing, and loved troubling people, and harassing them, for no reason.

Guddu: What do you mean for no reason? You put me in jail. Might I remind you twice?

Runjhun: *shakes her head and ignores Guddu* After I married him, or rather after he tricked me into marrying him I realized that there was more to him. Then slowly I realized how caring and gentle he can be. Like the time he ran with the kid all the way to the hospital.

Guddu: *smiles*

Reporter: How would you best describe Runjhun?

Runjhun: I think Runjhun is best described as a simple person, who prefers simple things in life, like a loving family, a loving husband, a nice place to call home, nothing else much.

Guddu: See you forgot stubborn too. Also she can be annoying with her demands and not to mention always believing in her aunts and uncles.

Runjhun: I have to be stubborn because you're stubborn. So it's your fault. Besides I don't always believe them. You believed in them once too.

Guddu: Can we not bring up the calendar issue? Next question.

Reporter: *coughs* Well, uh if you could change one thing about Runjhun what would it be?

Guddu: She's too gullible...and not to mention stubborn.

Runjhun: *hitting Guddu on his arm* Am I doing this interview or do you plan on answering my questions for me as well?

Guddu: It's true.

Runjhun: Fine. I'm not saying anything. You can do all the talking. *crosses her arms in front of her*

Guddu: Okay answer the question.

Runjhun: *hands still crossed in front of her*

Guddu: I'm sorry. You can talk. *sighs then whispers* Stubborn!

Reporter: How about we move to the next question? What is your most memorable moment in Bhagonwali till today?

Guddu: *grins and looks at Runjhun*

Runjhun: *blushes* Um...Well...let me think...I was very happy when I Gudduji to agree to open his mobile center and we worked together to get the center ready in time.

Guddu: Excuse me, dharampatni? Guddu Shukla was not tricked.  I agreed to that mobile center on my own. I won that challenge.  *mutters to himself * Tricked! Guddu Shukla doesn't fall for anybody's tricks.

Runjhun: *smiles* You are right, Gudduji.  You decided that on your own. You never even gave up when the owner of India Mobile told you to open the shop within 24 hrs.

Guddu: *narrows eyes at Runjhun then turns to the reporter* That reminds me I had another favorite moment I didn't add. One where it wasn't raining, it was when I wooed Runjhun with my favorite song Tere Mast Mast Do Nain.

Runjhun: When did you woo me with that song?

Guddu: Don't you remember?  You had that purple sari on. I bought flowers...there...

Reporter: *has a coughing fit*

Guddu: What is wrong with you?

Reporter: *coughs* Uh I was just... I mean it would be a dream come true for the viewers to see you guys dancing on the song Tere Mast Mast Do Nain. I think that would truly be a favorite moment if it did happen.

Guddu: *laughs nervously* Yeah *bites his tongue* Good catch reporter.

Runjhun: *confused look*

Guddu: I was just making sure the reporter really watches our show.

Reporter: *Ahem* What's the craziest thing you've done?

Guddu: How come I didn't get asked that question?

Runjhun: Because you're always doing crazy things. It's normal for you. Right? *looks at reporter*

Reporter: *looks at Guddu and swallows nervously* I'll stick to asking the questions.

Runjhun: Well I think the craziest thing I did would be to run after a train and yell "I love you" in front of the world like that. I mean that whole day was crazy with the chasing and running and I almost felt like I should be in my own stunt movie. But I think the screaming was the craziest part.

Guddu: You should do it again. I'll get a train and we'll pretend I'm leaving...

Runjhun: You know maybe it will be good if you leave...maybe now.

Guddu: *frowns* Fine. Besides that's not the craziest thing Runjhun has done.

Runjhun: It's not?

Guddu: Runjhun got drunk on Bhaang this one time. She doesn't even remember what all she did. I means she was dancing with this strange drunk man...

Runjhun: *interrupting* I was not! *looks scandalized* Was I really?

Guddu: *laughing* My lips are sealed...let's just say Runjhun was pretty crazy that day, and night.

Runjhun: Gudduji!

Guddu: Next Question!

Reporter: Right. Uh...*looking at her notes* What profession or career would you have chosen if you had a choice?

Runjhun: Hmm...I've never thought about it because I was so caught up in helping at the house, but...

Guddu: I think you could be a good cook. You make the best Palak Paneer.

Runjhun: You're saying that because you want me to cook for you 24/7.

Guddu: Well if you don't cook, how will I feed you?

Runjhun: *shakes her head* Well I think I would like to be in a profession where I can help people.  Sometimes people do not know how wrongly they are behaving, and I can help them correct their habits.

Guddu: *falls of his chair laughing*

Runjhun: *points to Guddu* See what I mean? Why are you laughing? You're the one who said I should open up an advice center. Have all the people in the world come see me. I think I can give the Aghori Baba a run for his money don't you think?

Guddu: *still laughing* Baba Runjhun ki Jai!

*Runjhun whacks Guddu*

Reporter: Okay then... next question. Who are your reel life and real life role models?

Runjhun: My real life role model is my Amma.  *smiles* Some say that I am like her shadow. She's always given me direction in my life.  I don't really have a reel life role model though I do like Radha's character in Mother India.

Guddu: You forgot Sati Savitri. Also what about me? I thought I would be your role model, too.

Runjhun: *silence*

Guddu:  What?  I'm awesome!  Just ask Kukkan.

Runjhun: *laughs*

Reporter: So what is an ideal day for Runjhun?

Runjhun: A day without spending time with Guddu would be nice.

Guddu: What? *nearly falls off his chair*

Runjhun: Did I say that out loud? I'm just teasing Guddu Ji.

Guddu: Yeah, whatever. *grumpily* I'm sure your ideal day is working from sun up to sun down, bottling perfumes in bottle, cooking meals for three families, putting linings on saris and polishing shoes and vessels.

Runjhun: Don't be grumpy. I was really teasing. My ideal day is getting up in the morning and seeing Gudduji's sleeping face, then cooking breakfast for Gudduji and waiting at the doorstep seeing him off while he teases me. Then waiting all day for him to return and see his smiling face when he greets me. To quote my husband's favorite song *sings* Tujhse shuru huyi, tujhpe hi khatam ho...Duniya meri, duniya duniya meri ( My world starts and ends with you)

Guddu: *hugs Runjhun* Dharampatni, that's so sweet. *looks into Runjhun's eyes*

*Reporter clears throat*

Guddu: Why are you still here?

Runjhun: Gudduji! *Pushes Guddu away*

Reporter:  I still have a few more questions.

Guddu: *Sighs* fine fine...I still think you ask too many questions. You know if you just watched the show properly you'd know the answers.

Reporter: What has been the proudest or the most memorable moment for you so far?

Runjhun:  When Gudduji was given the IM center dealership rights, was my most proud moment. My most memorable was when Gudduji first confessed his love for me.

Guddu: Aww...yeah that was a proud moment for me too. You're so sweet. I did pretty well with the confession too. I was pretty romantic.

Runjhun: Well...

Guddu: What? You just said it was your most memorable moment...

Runjhun: Well it is also hard to forget the fact that I was kind of leaning backward the whole time. It was an uncomfortable position. You could have held me upright.

Guddu: You're heavy.

Runjhun: I'm not heavy. Stop saying that.

Reporter: Okay the next question. What is the hardest lesson you've had to learn or the hardest obstacle you've had to face? Do you have any fears you've had to overcome or wish to overcome?

Runjhun: Hardest obstacle I had to overcome was the doubt my aunts planted for my Gudduji.  I almost lost Gudduji forever because I doubted him. My greatest fear is to lose Gudduji or my Amma. If either of them are hurt, I don't know what I will do. *gets emotional*

Guddu:  Oye, Dharampatni! Did you forget about Dabangg Guddu Shukla and his awesomeness?  I won't let anyone or anything hurt Amma. As for me, you're bhagonwali, remember. Besides we did that whole Shiv thing during the eclipse, I had to carry you then too, with that added water pail.

Reporter: Yes we measured the weight of Runjhun and the utensil of water.

Runjhun; You did what?

Reporter: *clearing throat* I meant we counted the effort both of you put in. So...uh next question...what's your favorite dish?

Runjhun: I love it when Gudduji cooks for me. So anything he makes is good. I still remember when he made the tonic for me.

Guddu: Yes, I know how to take care of my wife.

Runjhun: Even though he leaves the kitchen in a mess afterwards.

Guddu: Cooking is hard.

Runjhun: I think so far I've eaten Puris, Curry, Malpua...with the orange juice... if you count he can cook a full course meal with dessert and then even tonic afterwards in case I get an upset stomach from his cooking.

Guddu: What?

Runjhun: *laughs* I'm case you've not realized my husband is also very sensitive. A character trait he forgot to mention in his interview.

Guddu: I'm not *crosses his arms and pouts*

Reporter: What were you like as a child?

Runjhun: Oh as a child I was very naughty. I was very outgoing, talked a mile a minute, and loved dancing.

Reporter: *shocked*

Guddu: *shocked* I know about the dancing but the rest...I think I married the wrong Runjhun...

Runjhun: Be also said that you were the best behaved kid...and look at you now...

Guddu: I'm still awesome.

Reporter: If you had the power to do anything in the world, what would you do?

Guddu: See I told you this reporter doesn't watch the show. Probably just catches five minute recaps. Did you not see the day Runjhun came to stop me at the station? She fought her three aunts, a grown up man, she ran all the way almost on foot, then she escaped from a hole in the wall...she has the power to do anything.

Runjhun: Don't listen to him. I think if I had the power I'd try to end suffering and greed from the world.

Guddu: I hope your first targets are your aunts and uncles, they are plenty greedy and cause a lot of suffering.

Reports: *ahem* Our final question. Have you had any kind of interactions in real life with fans? How would you react to meeting with your fans?

Runjhun: I have fans too? I thought only Gudduji had fans.

Guddu: *narrows eyes* Yeah, what do mean Runjhun has fans?  Who are they?  What is their address? *mutters angrily*

Reporter: Oh well there are many fans of Runjhun's... Let's see one is A...

Guddu: Abhigyaan Dixit!! That Teacher's Day!! I'll kill him!!  Who does he think he is?  Trying to meet with my Runjhun.

Reporter: Wait, what, no that's not what I was saying...

Runjhun: Gudduji! What are you saying, where did Abhigyaanji come from?

Guddu: Abhigyaan Ji? He became ji again? I thought we corrected this the last time...I'm going to go call Kukkan and see if he ever found Teacher's Day's address.

Reporter: Wait Gudduji before you go, one more question for both of you.

Guddu: I thought you said that was your last question.

Reporter: Well it's not really a question, but we've seen you dance with Runjhun. There was the episode where Runjhun was drunk and then the sangeet you both looked so nice together dancing.

Guddu: *calm now* Yes those were really fun.

Reporter: We would love to see you both dance on the show again, and were wondering when we'd get to see Guddu's crazy...I mean Guddu's great moves with Runjhun.

Guddu: We can show you right now. *grabs Runjhun* (In case you're wondering, this awesome reporter came prepared with a radio as well)

Runjhun: *protesting but joining in*

*Guddu and Runjhun dancing*

Reporter: *sigh* Signing off...time to enjoy watching Guddu and Runjhun (yes this reporter carried popcorn too)





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This spot reserved for Rani & Wafah to plot all sorts of mischief...(in other words they have no clue what this spot is for)
Edited by Wafah - 10 years ago
Posted: 10 years ago
Guddu's Interview has been off to find Runjhun and convince to do her interview...
Posted: 10 years ago
I literally fall of my chair...Embarrassed
What a interview...Guddu Shukla was a little short-tempered wasn't he...LOL
Thanks Wafah and Rani...Clap.Hug
Can't wait for Runjhun Shukla interview...Wink
I give you guys ...StarStarStarStarStar
Posted: 10 years ago

Awesome post Wafah and Rani. Too funny hehehe!!!!! LOLLOLLOLLoved Guddu's answers. And yes Guddu, we all agree you are perfect just the way you areLOLEmbarrassed

Posted: 10 years ago
thanks rani and wafah..great the clown

interview was exactly guddu style...great work..Clap

looking forward to next part..

does this mean that we will not be getting the answers from himmanshoo and nivedita??

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