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Here's another detailed update:
    starts off with both Ram and Priya entering their bedroom and see the bed fully decorated the towel shaped heart is zoomed and both look awkward. Piya looks off to another side and as Ram is bending the song kitna madhur hai yeh milan is playing and he picks up a petal and smells it disapprovingly. They look at each other and first Priya is scratching her forehead and then Ram joins in. Ram "Who's going to clean all of this?" Priya out of her daze says "Huh".  Ram "Nothing" Priya "All these balloons, these rose petals, the room decorated so nicely and towels" she pulls the towel apart undoing the heart shape "they left these like this on the bed, no one leaves them like this? I mean this is no way..." Ram interupts "It's ok, there are more towels inside." Priya stand up again and embarrasingly agrees "oh yeah" She then walks a few steps away from the room "this whole hotel seems filmy, these baloons, these rose petals and this glass of milk. All this is done for the wedding night in a film who does it in real life?" Ram "No, this is for me as I have an acidity problem and Vikram left it for him" Priya nods understandingly "Oh ok." then it dawns on her "but this is warm for acidity reasons you drink it cold na? If I am not wrong this is warm". Ram "No of course not it's not warm". Priya "it is wam". Ram "Oh yes.  Why has Vikram left me warm milk" Priya "Oh actually" stops and the song rukmani plays Ram 'So what if it is wam he'll have it later when its cold for his acidity" Awkward moments and Ram "Would it be alright if we sit outside.  I'll feel safer outside as it's really messy/dirty in here?" Priya "Yes, you have an allergy to the rose petals". Ram turns to go out and is the first one to see the cake is so excited the same excitement you would see in a small boy and says "there's cake there".  Priya follows him out. Ram "How nice" sits down unknowingly on a heart shaped balloon and immediately stand up startled and Priya shrieks a bit. Ram "Sit down, I'm ok" and moves the baloons away from him.  Priya is still standing as she's seen the writing slab. Ram is really excited about the cake and is about to cut it when Priya "on minute there's some writing" Ram "welcome to lo-..." The slab reads welcome to love land.  Title track plays as he takes out the slab then Priya sits down on the sofa. He finally gets to cut the cake and he takes the first slice to his mouth to eat when he stops "Sorry, you" Priya "No thanks" Ram "it's eggless" Priya "How do you know?". Ram is a bit taken aback "Woh Vikram and Neha know you're vegetarian." Priya "Stll no thanks you eat" Ram eagerly says "thank you" and immediately take a bite.  "MMm, tastes very good".  Priya is smiling politely.  "Actually I'm really hungry during the shaadi he was fasting, you did too so you must be hungry" Priya "I don't get that hungry" Ram to himself "wow, they are going to get along well". Priya "Did you say something" Ram "I said I'm really hungry".  Priya "I do get hungry, I do eat, breakfast, lunch and all. For lunch only a salad is enough" Ram "khas phoosh".  Priya annoyed "not khas phoosh, I said salad" Ram "Hhh, khas phoosh". Priya "And sometimes fruit", look to the side Priya "We have fruits there". Priya walks over to the fruits and Ram is busy eating the cake, Priay "Will you have an apple?" Ram  laughingly "Apple, I'm a Punjabi - Kapoor, remember? Apple doesn't suit me. Take your time". Priya's back to the sofa and Ram "I'm telling you the last time have some it's really good" Priya "No thanks, for me apple is fine." Ram is still having cake and Priya is a bit disguted.  Priya is about to have her first slice and she notices that slice after slice the cake is almost gone and Ram is licking his fingers.  Priya notices all the cake is gone and she tells Ram threre's a napkin. Ram "You haven't even finished your 1 apple? You eat so less but you eat slow too?" Priya "No I"m full now" then Ram comments "that's strange"  Priya is making a face as Ram just finished eating all of the big cake. Priya is looknig at a magazine and Ram is doing nothing and he's looking at her. About to ask her something but when she looks at him he stops. Ram after some time "Can I say something" Priya "Yeah" Ram "If you want to read then go ahead." Priya "No I was just reading about the hotel., there's a lot to do here" Ram is amused. Priya "You want to read?" Ram is really amused "No, thank you". Later he says "I can't understand how to explain that our wedding is done but what are we to do now, I don't get it" Priya is a bit uneasy so Ram "What I mean to say let me explain far as I know to make a marriage successful there are 3 things that are important: love, trust, and compatibility" Priya's agreeing. Ram "And in our relationship I don't even see one. Meaning before the wedding we met 2-4 times for about 20 min each so it's hard to trust one another. Compatibility I dont' see that even if I look far there are just differences and differnces. Dont' get me wrong but in this age he's doubtful about love. Priya "So what do you think, what should we do to make our marriage a success?" Ram dumbfounded "Huh? Why are you asking me? I dont' have a PHD in weddings. Priya "No you just gave a long lecture so I thought you did" Ram "Sorry" After an awkward silence Priya is smiling Ram "You were reading and it was quiet so" Ram is a bit frustrated but happily as a diversion says "Shall we watch TV" Priya "there are so many channels" Ram finally figures out which remote and turn out to what else but a trailer for Dirty Picture in the begining Ram was happy at the end his mouth is open but when Priya see's him he immediately closes it. Priya "I like Vidya Balan." Ram "Really?" Priya is "Yes, good actress" Ram then says "He actually likes Emraan Hashmi more." Priya "Yeah, he's famous for ..." Ram "yes but he's 1-2 good films too. I dont' watch but I saw one douring one of his flights" Priya "Yeah but more of the films are" Ram "Lets change the channel" Changes it to the song Tu mere paas hai, so right" from Roadside Romeo when both of them go to get the remote their hands touch. Priya "you change it" Changes to kal main dukhaya tha dil tumhara with Anil and Madhuri same thing happens again to chagne the channel so Priya says "my turn" and changes to tumne pukara aur hum chale aaye and righ away Ram changes channel to Ranbir's Saawariya. Both are awkard throughout this fiasco. Finally Ram changes it to a Pandit talking and is really happy and so is Priya both are so releaved while the Pandit is talking about love.  Priya "In this situation this is the perfect choice." Ram "What do you mean?" Priya doesn't say anything and he gets it.  Ram "I think the acididity is getting worse so I"ll have the milk" Priya "yeah it must have cooled off by now" He drinks it and says he can only drink after having his milk. Priya tells him to wipe off some milk and then tells him that her mom watches all this. Priya's maayka the milkman has come and her mom goes to get it and he complains it took forever for someone to come to the door today. He inquires about Priya and when learns that she's married feels left out for not getting invited, he's a bit hurt and leaves. Priya's mom remembers her daughter and her husband comes and consoles her.
  • Ram wakes up first and then tries to wake up and when he wakes her up with a loud voice he startles Priya they both fell asleep on the sofa.  Ram tells her it's 8 and if she sleeps in like this and Priya tells him she wakes up early but she only slept at 6. Ram asks why and she blames it on the new room and surrounding when it fact it was Ram's snoring.  Priya very sweetly tells Ram that some noises didn't let her sleep and Ram is like I didn't hear anything then Priya says how can the noise hear the noise but he still doesn't get it so he tells Priya she's weird. Priya says for their wedding they need one similarity so let it be being strange.

That's it. Sorry I had to rush the end as I got to go now.

Hope you enjoyed this all.
Edited to correct the last line as in my hurry I wrote Ram instead of Priya re the one similarity they have.
This was a highly entertaining and hilarious episode.
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Thanks for the write up.  Hilarious episode to watch. The milkman bit did not make sense because someone in the building would have commented about Priya getting married or if Priya always opened the door to collect milk, I am sure it the man had said he would see the next door she would have hinted about not being at home anymore.

So Ram loves cake and stuffs the whole cake himself...Please tell me why he did not stomach ache?  Priya eating salad became ghas phoos which Ram does not eat.  Anyway we know how incompatible they are but its their little quirks and habits which will drive them closer so Ramji do not worry how a man like you can fall in love...because we are hoping you fall line, hook and sinker for Priyaji and love her because she eats ghas phoos and apples.

By the way the way Ekta's new movie's trailer incorporated was very good...it just made the scene so hilarious...Vidya ki jawani sure had Ram ogling.LOL
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Posted: 2011-09-01T18:39:19Z
thanks for a nice update
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Thanks for the update.Clap Very detailed !!
At the end, when Ram tells Priya she's weird, it is Priya who responds and tells Ram "for their wedding they need one similarity so let it be being strange" And Ram gives a sheepish and slightly bemused look on hearing that. Heart
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Thanks for the update. Really nice episode. Love the way they are currently so uncomfortable with each other.
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my GOD!!! this guy ate the cake like it was biryani.. in one go!!! i mean who does that!!!???!! Wacko i can understand that you love cake.. but who eats the whole cake in one sitting... and entire cake!!! without sharing!!??!?!? i think they might be exaggerating a bit too much when it comes to Ram and his deadly habits..
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Originally posted by bmm1985

Thanks for the update.Clap Very detailed !!
At the end, when Ram tells Priya she's weird, it is Priya who responds and tells Ram "for their wedding they need one similarity so let it be being strange" And Ram gives a sheepish and slightly bemused look on hearing that. Heart
Thanks for pointing it out, I've just edited the update.
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Yay! The entire episode was just full of Raya! Really looking forward to seeing it :D
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