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Here's today's update as follows:
  • Ram and Priya in the car where she was looking at him then gazes out her window at that very moment Ram turn to look at her and then down at the flowery garland and he sneezes.
  • Priya says God bless you and Ram hesitantly asks Priya if she can take off the garland as he's doens't has his allergy pills but he told Vikram, Priya says ok and says sorry as she didn't know and takes it off.  Ram sneezes again and Priya says sorry and then says she'll put it on the side.
  • Poor Ram his eyes are watery.  After some time Ram says he should say sorry and Priya asks why and he says instead of going home they are going to the hotel he tried talking to Vikram but its becuase of the grahpravesh mohurat. Priya is telling him it's fine and she has no problem. He says there is a problem why don't you have a problem? You don't even believe in a mohurat then why did you accept this.  Priya replies that she accepted such a big wedding that this is a small mohurat. Ram gets quiet and then Priya clarifies that she doesn't believe in mohurats but the families do and it means a lot to them. Ram sneezes again and after Priya blesses him continues saying that with tomorrow morning's grahpravesh if it makes their family happy then it's not a bad thing to go with as it's worth it for the family.
  • Ram very frankly says he's not that big of a person.  He says he has a problem with all of this, he has a problem with a hotel room. However good the room is it's not like home. He further says you konw how he is he's particular about keeping his things in the right place like in his house, his room. He doesn't like any type of change at all as he hates it.
  • Hearing this Priya tell him then you'll have the biggest problem because of her. He says why? Priya says that at this time the biggest change in his life is because of her.  Ram feels bad and tries to clear the air saying that wasn't what he was trying to say.   Priya says its ok she'll try so that because of her there's no change in his life, she'll try not to disturb his life.
  • Ram starts off saying I didn't mean but then trails off helplessly.  Priya offers him a tissue and he takes it to wipe his forehead then he hits his head with the clear expression of he wants to kick himself for his mistake that the can't believe he said that.  He's frustrated.
  • Priya to change the topic says that even she was having a problem with the garland and then thanks him.
  • Once again Ram is like I didn't mean and Priya interrupts him saying it's okay. Both are in an awkward silence.  Ram starts to have flashbacks about Priya and him with the song dil ki dharkhan bharti jaye samne jab voh ah eh playing. During the flasbacks we can see Ram that he's feeling bad. Priya smiles brushing this whole conversation aside.
  • Natz can't sleep and wakes up and wonders why she got that face pack and then wonders maybe like what Kartik said that cuz they hurt eveyone that is why this happend, she's starting to feel a bit guilty but then stops herself. She takes a tissue and takes the cream off and she's first surprised then thirlled that her old self is back. Kartik you see what she'll do now just wait and watch.
  • Back to Ram and Priya both quiet in the car when Priya starts to have flasbacks of Ram talking to her Dad telling him he wants him to feel satisfied like he was doing his chotis wedding for him to feel with his daughter's weddingg and then the song dheere dheere haule haule chupke se ab hoga.is playing and she's happy another flasback on them both on the road when then she turns to look at Ram and more flashbacks of them both.
  • They arrive at the hotel and in the lobby Vikram and Neha welcome them wondering they got there quick and Ram first says what are you doing there then asks Vikram where are his pills. Vikram gives it to him while Priya is yawning and Ram asks only one where are the rest and Vikram assures him that they are in his room.   Neha very funnily scolds Ram saying stop it you have become a walking parmacy, Ram wants to object but she turns to Priya and says she knows that after the wedding she'll bring changes but please the first thing is to get rid of his habit of pills where even Vikram agrees. Ram pats Vikram like what are you saying and then says enough and asks if the room is ready.
  • Vikram says yes and emphasizes that Neha did it and then Neha adds that even Vikram gave his input and Vikram is whining to Neha that when did he and Ram interrupts them asking what's happening between them and wants to know whats going on. Vikram denies that anyting is up and Ram says he believes there is something fishy and Vikram is saying no and Neha tells Ram that to relax.
  • Ram asks for the key but Neha tells them that they will be escorted and Ram totally feels that something is definitely fishy.
  • Leading them to the room Vikram and Neha tell them that they arranged everything keeping him in mind and if there's something lacking then to manage on their own and not to disturb. them. They arrive and Neha comments that they won't be going in and if they feel scared then to hold hands and Ram is getting mad. Vikram changes the topic by advising the time of the grahpravesh to be between 9 and 10 and Neha says that if they are late since it's a special night then no problem as they'll handle the family and Ram is still mad. Vikram says that until then no one will disturb them. Priya looks awkward but Ram is fuming inside and he can't believe his friends and in front of Priya feels a bit embarrased.
  • Finally Vikram gives the key saying enjoy your wedding night and Neha (love her) can't help but to say that really enjoy your wedding night. Priya invites them for coffee and they complain of being tired and promptly leave.  Ram is saying obviously profanitly under his breath as he's so mad at them. He asks permission from Priya to open the door and he's opening it
  • Apeksha is listening to a media report about the wedding and is mad and says that as long as she's aroudn she'll never let them lead a happy married life. She's venting at Ram for throwing her out of the wedding not knowing that he had nothing to do with it.  She vows she'll get to Priya and this wedding was his final victory and after this she'll be the one winning.
  • Vikram gets to the office and learns people from the licensing department are here and have been seated in the conference room.
  • He meets them and offers them some to have something to drink but they politely decline.  They get serious and tell Vikram that the license for their new manufacturing factory is fake and not real it's a duplicate that was bought.  Vikram is flabbergasted and defends that this can't be but the licensing guy says he has all the proofs and they can seal the company but because of good relations with Mr. Kapoor they have come with a warning.  He tells him to pay the fines and everything will be ok and if he really doesn't know about this then to inqurie about it.  Before leaving the files are left for him. He's viewing it and figures out that it's all Sid but can't believe how Sid could deceive his older brother.
  • Ram and Priya enter the room and Priya's closing the door and Ram asks why so Priya innocently asks that if they are to sleep with the door open. Ram closes his eyes and Priya says that she'll open the door. Ram says no and then says that wasn't what he meant to say then says that why dd she close the door so forcefully that he got a bit scared.
  • Both are awkward and Priya smiles and then says sorry and Ram says let's go and Priya once agian yawns.
  • Kartik enter his room and Natz has romantically decorated it and is dancing.  I skipped their part as it hardly really matter lets get back to Ram and Priya.
  • Ram and Priya enter their room and are blown away seeing the room and there's close zoom of a towel shaped in a heart at the foot of the bed. They look at one another then back to the bed and are really awkward. Title track plays as Ram picks up one rose petal and smells it looking disspointed.  Both Ram and Priya are shown scratching their foreheads then look at each other a bit lost.

It was an awesome episode with so many sweet and cute moments.  As it was so good I couldn't help but write a really detailed update for the people that can't watch the videos.

Hope you enjoyed this read. Any comments?
Posted: 2011-08-31T16:07:57Z
thank you such a great recap!!!!
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Posted: 2011-08-31T16:45:58Z
Thank you so much for the lovely update..
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Posted: 2011-08-31T18:06:07Z
Thanks a lot. Must definitely catch it online!
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Posted: 2011-08-31T18:27:55Z
thank you very much for a nice update
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Posted: 2011-08-31T18:56:09Z
Hahaha I love that u skipped Natz n Karthik cos I cant even stand reading about them. Big thanku for such a detailed ud Big smile
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Posted: 2011-08-31T19:16:39Z
A much better episode though I wished that they had not focused too much on Ram and Priya staring at the bed and the rolled up decorations in the form of heart of swans kissing.  Yes there is awkwardness but not the confusion, embarassment of some couple of innocent teenagers.

Thanks for the written update...very well done.  I too fast forwarded the honeymoon debacle in Mauritius.  I mean she is supposed to be pregnant so she can't be that desperate to s$%^&...I mean its like been there done that...ROFL

The annoying part was the karthik/nuts seduction scene...please if you want to show Kats and nutz finally having a honeymoon then concentrate on showing that...not flit in and out of Ram and Priya scene.

Vikram's stint in the office should have been longer.  Would have liked him to go through the file slowly...his face changing colour...getting really angry and yelling for files to be brought in related to those licenses.

Once again Apeeksha is shown watching tv and ram wedding and her thoughts being broadcast to us...but still no clue as to what did happen to piss her off so much.
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Posted: 2011-08-31T20:01:07Z
thank you so much..
God bless u..
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