Written Update - August 29

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Posted: 2011-08-30T10:00:26Z
I saw it yesterday and here's what I remember:
  • Ram and Priya are sitting in the mandap and the song Main Na Bhooloonga is playing where they are both remembering how they met, their fignts, their sweet tenders moments together eg, when Ram was in the hospital and Priya was making him relax and putting him to east to relieve his BP a bit  Both Ram and Priya look so cute.
  • The pandit says the wedding is complete.
  • Edited to add this as I forgot to write it: The pandit says the greh pravish won't happen until tomorrrow morning so the bride should not go to her in-laws tonight.  Ram's friend is telling Ram that he has room in a hotel so everythings good ] 
  • A doctor has just examined Natz and tells Kartik she'll be fine.  Natz and Kartik have a cute moment where Nats is sad she's ruined therei honeymoon and Kartik is lovingly telling her it's alright.
  • Priya's mom is talking to her samdan and is talking about the wedding and saying hope everything was fine.  They look at Dadi and Nani who are having a senti moment and Priya's mom get's happy seeing that.
  • The weather gets a bit windy (not sure but it may be raining as well) and the guests comment that they don't need AC as the weather is keeping them cool and that it's a special wedding (or something like that).  Ram remembers the time when Priya was saying that some people are cooled by the weather when they don't have ACs.
  • Ram is talking to Vikram (his buddy) when his father in law comes and says that he did everything that he could for this wedding and hope it was good enough.  Ram is so sweet where he says everything was great and that is he is proud to have him as his father-in-law since he spent everythign he had for this weddng and gave it his all. Priya's dad says he can't give him anything of great value as he already has anything but he does want to give him his most precious thing that he has.
  • On the other side Ram's mama and I think the other guy is Ram's step brother who both comment about the interaction between Ram and his father-in-law and talk trash about the gift that its not like Ram's going to get a monument like the lal quilla (can't remember what monument they referred to but I think it was the lal quilla).
  • Priya's dad unrolls the gift and its a poster of Priya showing her childhood to now.  Her dad tells Ram to keep her similing and happy.
  • Ram takes the gift and someone talks about the bidai and Priya's dad says he'll get his wife to have it started
  • He goes off to look for his wife and see's her crying and they have an emotional moment before the bidaii.  Everyone is Priya's family is sad and crying.
  • The bidaii is starting and Priya is getting a bit emotional wanting to cry but she controls herself and goes to meet her mom.  Her mom is crying and Pryia is trying to have her smile as she wants to remember her smiling and tells her that when she smiles she looks like a heroine like Sharmilla Tagore.  Her mom's crying and they hug but at the end her mom smiles a bit.  During this time they show Ram's expressions and he's smiling when he sees his wife trying to make her mom smile.  During the whole bidaai he's shown feeling proud.
  • Next Priya meets her sister and tells her to help her mom out.  She tells her that to call her anytime as she'll happliy go looking for pink sandals and a yellow bracelet anytime.  They hug. 
  • Next meets her Nani and tells her that during her sister's wedding everything will go as per her wishes.  Also mentions that she's the most rocking there.  They hug.
  • Next meets a guy and a girl (I haven't seen the video's before so have no clue as to who they are) I'm guessing they are Ashwin and Shruti.
  • Next meets her dad who's crying.  Priya tells her dad that he's made her strong and she can take care of herself and her family that she can find happiness even in sorrow.  Her father comments that she's lecturing and they hug.  After the hug her father gives his daugher a thumbs up and she does the same and both are laughing.

The whole bidaii was shown beautifully.

I normally read the written updates so I haven't seen the episodes.  This is the only one I saw so sorry as I couldn't remember everyone's names.
Hopefully the regular updaters can do today's as they are so much better at this than I. 
Hope you enjoyed this.
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Posted: 2011-08-30T10:14:46Z
Thanks for the update babloo
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Posted: 2011-08-30T10:29:07Z
No problem, saw it wasn't up so posted it.  When it's supposed to a good update then it gets really hard waiting thats why i opted to see the video's yesterday.
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Posted: 2011-08-30T11:37:36Z
I think they are doing the issue with Nuts face with a plan ..
Nuts is already preggy , remember! Maybe the fact that Karthik and Nuts didn't have any physical contact during their honeymoon will become an issue later , as she is already pregnant and Karthik is not aware ( as far as I understand)
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Posted: 2011-08-30T19:17:52Z
thanks for the update Hug I hope it was nicely shown.,...I will have to catch up in the weekend...on this week's episodes...due to work. but i hope it was not a drag.
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Posted: 2011-08-30T19:32:23Z
Thanks a lot, Babloo! I missed the episode as busy with some kids' work and been looking for the update since. Super job!
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Posted: 2011-08-31T01:28:22Z
thanks a lot for the update. . .
I m missing the epis from last 2 days. ,UnhappyEdited by frenz4u - 2011-08-31T01:32:50Z
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Posted: 2011-08-31T10:44:12Z
thanks for description
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