now i know why she slap him

Posted: 2011-08-22T07:55:27Z
damn guys now i know why kriya slap reyAngryOuch  and kriya do right to slap rey !!!because this shalon is to much she siad all the biggest badest thinkzz about kriya infort all student CryCryCry  and shalon siad ((only reyy is right GS for this colgg))) and  feeling  so sooo sorry for kriya CryCry damn i hate now shalon and before saying this shalon lock rey in one room!!!  and then she siad all this!! and kriya thinkzz shalon is saying all this because rey say her CryCry both poor Cryfeeling bad for kriaynshh Edited by ArHi4ever - 2011-08-22T07:56:18Z
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Posted: 2011-08-22T07:57:27Z
i hate sharon
what the hell man
how can 1 speak sumthing like this for sum1
u can't degrade sum1
she doesn't have any right on kria or her character
damn this
kria slapped rey for this f***ing speech
i don't blame kria
mai hoti to mai bhi yhi krti
i just hate sharon
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Posted: 2011-08-22T08:03:03Z
you are right
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Posted: 2011-08-22T08:04:14Z
Seriously, Sharon went off the limit todaya :@:@
And now evything makes sense, Swayam's dialogue too.

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Posted: 2011-08-22T08:09:18Z
Now i understand why she slaped him. IT was not bcs of the rose it was bcs of Sharon.

I hate her, how can she do this.She is so cheap. ITs nowhere Kriya or Rey's fault all fault is that Sharon.Angry

I havn't like her much but today she has really gone down in my eyes. That was really cheap for getting votes.

And this time if Swayam soports her. Even after what she did. I will really hate him too.

Thanks to her today Rey and Kriya's misunderstanding could be clear but i have dubt that that will happen know.

I so hate her. 

IF i have offended Sharon fans then i am sorry. But the thing she did today was really cheap.

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Posted: 2011-08-22T08:09:35Z
did all c wen c slaped rey?
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Posted: 2011-08-22T08:09:40Z
Seriously.. Her speech was bit too offensive.. Caling a girl cheap, behenji infront of whole collegeis really not done.. I mean c'mon yaar u are a girl too.. What wud u feel if someone abuse u in this way infront of whole college.. Dead
I'm not angry at kria for slapping rey now.. I know its not rey's fault.. But it was his friends who did this and kria is'nt wrong in thinking that rey is behind all the things that hapened today??? Anyone in kria's place wud have thougt the same..

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Posted: 2011-08-22T08:10:58Z
Originally posted by Tasha4ever

did all c wen c slaped rey?

she didn't slap him in todays epi i think she will do it tomorrow
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