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            hey everyone...  i m new to this forum and this is my first work on kriyansh though i ve wrote a couple of FFs in other forum plzzz tell me how did u like it...plzzz comment ...this is my POV about the rose day ...its only abt Rey and Kriya ...hope u like it
                                                Rey was never as tensed as he was then . He has rehersed  almost the whole night that how he is gonna talk with kriya and how he is gonna give her rose on the rose day . He finally found her near stair case but as usual surrounded by her gang. " oh... god why can't she be alone at least today...i have to clear her frds before reaching her       " rey complained to himself...then the only name struck his mind was swayam the only good soul who could help him in his love.Rey called him ...
"hey ...rey wats up? "
" swayam yaar i want to talk with kriya but your whole gang is around her do something dude" rey asked pleadingly
" i ll try my best dude ... nowadays everyone started questioning me and soon they are gonna find out that i m helping u" swayam said wooridely
" come on yaar " 
" ok rey ...i ll send her to basket ball court somehow ... but don't involve me in this further " 
" thank u sooo much " rey said happily...

                                          Rey was waiting for his very own baat cutter ... his heart almost skipped a couple of beats seeing her walking towards the court in a white top and blue skiny jeans ... he personally likes her in white as it always reminds him their first meeting ...Technically rey was hiding in behind a tree with fear of what if she runs seeing him...Kriya sat on the bench watching the empty court...she saw her watch
" oh god...its 2:30 and no one has come yet ... but why swayam has arranged the meeting hear ...we usually meet only at canteen " kriya was talking to herself as usual and rey was lost admiring her as usual was more than 15 min now Kriya was irritated and she was about to leave when she heard someone calling her...she recognised his voice even before turning...
" did u call me ? " she asked 
" ... i mean i ..." he stammered 
She looked at him with confusion...
" kriya this is for u " he said while taking a rose from his behind...
" what ? rose ? " she asked in anger and confusion
" what ? ..." it was then he noticed that he picked the red instead of white was not that he didn't want to give red rose its just he wanted to make peace first...
" woh ... Kriya ... there is a mistake...i wanted white " he managed  to explain but she was her own typical baat cutter...
" i know u want to give me rose so that i ll make friendship with u and withdraw from elections ...but don't expect me to be so stupid" she said fumingly
" when did i say anything about elections ?" he was confused...
" u didn't say but i know...u..." before she could complete he placed his finger on her lips and moved close to her that both could feel each others breath on their skin...
" so u know me very well that u can read my mind " he asked huskily...
" i ...know... " she managed to talk but they were mere whisper...
" then tell me now what is my intentions ...? " he asked looking deep into her eyes...
 They both were lost in each others eyes ...
They were brought back from their magical world by Vicky's voice in distance...
Before kriya could react rey pulled her to the near by locker room ...
" leave me " she said trying to free herself but he was strong that he managed to make her sit and knelt before her...
" Kriya i wanted to give u a white rose for peace but i don't regret giving a red rose coz i believe that u r the only girl in  this world to whom i would give a red rose/...u know why ? " he asked looking deep into her eyes...she nodded no
" coz i ... i m crazy about u since the day i saw u...i know its hard for u to believe but the truth is i m madly in love with my baat cutter..." he poured his heart out 
Kriya was shocked beyond words " u r a dazz..." before she could complete he started " oh plzzz screw this dazzler weekling stuff yaar...its just about u and me not about anyone " 
" i ... i ve to go " that was the only thing she could think of...He stood up and said " u can go but remember i want an answer today itself ...TODAY u better get it right " soon as he finished she ran away...


                                      Rey was nervous he didn't know if he was correct in saying about his feelings to kriya but then he convinced himself that she deserves to know his feelings...he was eagerly waiting for her in the party ...Kriya came wearing a black party gown she was absolutely stunning ...but she didn't look at rey ... he was disappointed and angry ...the hall was made dark for romantic couple dance Rey used this opportunity to drag Kriya to dance floor without anyone noticing ...He spoke to her while dancing to the rhytum 
" i asked u something in the morning "
" and i already given u the answer "
" how? " he asked angrily
" its not my mistake if u didn't notice"
Rey was confused " kriya i want an answer not ur clues or whatever "
" u still didn't understand ? " she said pointing to the red rose given by him pinned in her dress
Rey was out of the world with happiness " does that means an yes "
" of course my stupid " she said laughing...and he was lost in her laughter...

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Welcome to D3 forum..Hug

Your OS is freaking awesome... You write well..Clap
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Posted: 2011-08-21T03:20:56Z
i must say its just wow! kaass yesa hota... Day Dreaming

   quit dreamy sequence Day Dreaming

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Posted: 2011-08-21T03:30:38Z
OMG soo cute <3 plz write more!!!
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Posted: 2011-08-21T04:43:20Z
This is a beautiful OS loved it and nice interpretation
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Posted: 2011-08-21T05:54:28Z
Originally posted by --shama--

Welcome to D3 forum..Hug

Your OS is freaking awesome... You write well..Clap

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Posted: 2011-08-21T05:55:44Z
Originally posted by rayrose

i must say its just wow! kaass yesa hota... Day Dreaming

   quit dreamy sequence Day Dreaming


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Posted: 2011-08-21T05:56:44Z
Originally posted by 100littledevils

OMG soo cute <3 plz write more!!!


sure i ll write more in this forum when i get free time
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