"His Baatcutter" - [Confession] A KriYansh OS - Please Read

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Hey guys ! Im here with a one shot of KriYansh . I dont have impressive writing skills , but i hope you guys like it .

-Just a 1 part OS ; i didnt plan more parts to it .
*italics= the thoughts of characters.*

++ my hindi is horrible ! please excuse my mistakes, i don't speak hindi, but i tried to write some dialogues here and there in hindi :$$

His Baatcutter

        It was as if his world had come crashing down . It was so sudden, he definitely didn't expect that. He held his cheek for a split second and let go . He felt the burn in his cheeks, but what burned more were his eyes. He looked at her, no, he glared at her. What the hell just happened ? he thought.
        Her eyes became moist. She looked at him in shock. She became so perplexed . Why did i do that ? she thought to herself . The atmosphere had a sudden change. Rose Day was supposed to be warm and so joyous, yet something had gone wrong. She left from the situation , turning away as quickly as she could, covering her mouth. He watched as she left, his face hardening.
        She ran to the fire escape, closed the doors and sat down on the stairs, trying to recall everything that just happened. Swayam immediatley came into the firescape seeing his friend run so quick. "Kria ? " there was no response. Swayam moved down the steps and leaned over Kria, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Kria, are you okay ? Kria ..." She wouldn't answer. She was still digesting the fact that she had slapped him. "Uff ho Kria, tell me what happened ! Why are you sitting here like those bahus on television ? Kya hua kya ?!" Swayam was becoming impatient . He didn't like seeing his bestfriend in tension. Kria turned herself a bit to face Swayam. Her eyes were even more moist. "Swayam... woh.. Meine... I... i slapped..." she said. Swayam saw Kria's tension and got the sudden feeling it was Rey , infact he knew it. "Kisko," he replied, playing along. Now Kria broke out. "What does he think of himself huh ? He wants variety in life , so he's trying to get to me now ? College ka sabse hot and popular hai, so whatt ?!? What's his problem . Im not like those girls yaar ! It's so... Its so cheapp !" Kria shouted . Swayam didn't bother to make Kria understand. He knew Rey wasn't like that, but it was pointless to make Kria understand, at least right now. Swayam sighed, " Yaar Kria, jo bhi ho, tumne yeh toh maan liya ke Rey is hot." With that Swayam got up and left. Kria's eyes widened at Swayam's words.
        Swayam left Kria and went out to look for Rey. Yess, Rehearsal hall mein hoga ! Inside, Rey was in all black , he changed to black sweats and a black tank. He had just finished a whole improvised, aggressive dance. That was his way to let it all out. He looked at himself in the mirror. His eyes were still burning. He was hurt. Swayam came running in and rushed to Rey. He put his arm around Rey and sat down. *gasping for air* " Yaar , kya hua kya , meine abhi abhi suna ke -" "Yeh ladkiyaan bhi na. Im going mad . Uske peeche pagalo ki tara dor thi hoon, lekin mujhe kya mila ? Ek zor ka thappar! " Rey turned , showing his now slightly pink cheek. Swayam just stared and waited for Rey to say more. "I mean yaar , what did i do ? Meine pehle ek white rose diya, so hamare beech peace ho jaye, lekin yahaan pe toh WW3 shuru hora hai. Meine ek yellow rose diya new friendship ke liye, lekin woh bhi fail. Ab iss red rose se tho mujhe thappar mila. Kya yaar, i don't understand... I love her dammit, im not wrong am i ?" Rey sat down on the floor, looking down, hands on his head. Swayam replied, "You're definitely not wrong . Lekin problem ye hai ki... Kria ko tere pyaar nahi dikhai detha. She thinks you're a typical dude who wants variety, iss liye ye haal, " Swayam moved Rey's face to show his cheek, signaling the slap. Rey got up, " I give up. Yeh baat cutter bhi naa :/" Swayam smiled as Rey walked up to the mirrors again. Ab jo bhi karna mein karunga . Aaj raat Rose Queen Sharon nahi, Kria hoga aur Rose King Rey. Kabhi Kabhi dusro ke khushi ke liye apna pyaar thohra sacrifice karna hota.Swayam went up to Rey and whispered his recent thoughts into his ears. "Ab ye jealousy hi Ms Dehradun ko mere paas keech jar laiga" Rey and Swayam smirked at each other; high fiving.
        The hall was beautifully decorated. Roses here, roses there. Everyone was dressed nicely. Rey was at the hall before hand, and sat on a chair. Suddenly he felt as if time stood still. He felt a breeze coming from the doors, and he turned his head just to see what melted his heart. Kria stood in the door way, half smiling, half frowning, looking around at the hall. She wore a pink dress, hair straight, and then her gaze fell upon Rey. She looked away immediately, remembering what she had done to him earlier, and tried to look for her weakling people. Rey just looked on, mesmerized. He gave himself a shake; Rey focus ! Remember what Swayam said ! Focus Focus ! Soon the hall became house-full. Dancing here, more roses there, hugs here, laughs there. Then RDX came on the mike, and everyone knew what was coming; the rose King & Queen. "Hey everyone ! So,I'm here to announce what all you guys have been waiting to hear. St. Louis' Rose King is... any guesses? ... Reyaansh Singhania ! And, and, hold your applauses, our Rose Queen is..." before RDX could even announce, Sharon had started to make her way to RDX, so confident the Rose Queen was her, but it wasn't. " Our Rose Queen is, Kria Ghai !!" The hall went quiet, even Rey looked at Kria, though he already knew, and Kria didn't even realize RDX said her name. Sharon looked in disbelieve, "Whattt !!? No ways ! What the hell !" Sharon crossed her arms infront of her chest. Swayam looked at her from the distance . He didn't like to see her so upset, but he had to do this. Mein Rose Queen?!? "Kria jao na. RDX sir announced Rose Queen Kria !" , Neha squealed. Kria stumbled to the front, making her way to where Rey stood. She looked away and folded her hands infront of her. RDX continued, "So, here's our St.Louis' Rose King and Queen, and upon this title, let's change up the music, shall we ?" The music changed and a slow beat came, Kria began to walk away when RDX stopped her, "Kria, where do you think your going? You're the Rose Queen, and Rey is your Rose King... go..dance" Kria looked back at Rey. He put out his hand, and Kria took it nervously. She was tempted to and she knew it. No matter how hard she tried to resist him, she couldn't. She had no control over it. The music had taken over Rey and Kria, and they danced like there was no tomorrow. Their bodies swayed in rhythm, but once the music stopped, Kria frowned. She wanted to dance even more with Rey. Infact, deep down, she knew she wanted to be in his arms. Rey sort of pushed Kria away from him, letting her go. Kria was startled, but she thought it was right, she did slap him... hard. Rey walked over to Sharon, but looked at Swayam before he could say anything. Swayam winked and gave him a thumbs up. Rey moved closer to Sharon and spoke in such a tone so what he said was heard by Kria as well. "Sharon... only you deserve to be the Rose Queen. No matter what RDX says, it's only you... Koi aur, chahe woh ek ...weakling hi ho... Rose Queen toh tum hi ho ." Rey looked at Kria from the corner of his eyes, and saw what can be described as a fuming and jealous Kria. Sharon smiled and gave Kria a taunting smile. Rey put his arms across Sharon's shoulders and smiled at Kria. He knew his & Swayam's plan was working. Swayam looked from the distance and tried to control his laughter. Kria, now raging with the sight of Rey and Sharon, stormed out of the hall and went outside. Rey let go of Sharon and looked at Swayam in confusion, sort of asking what he should do. Swayam signaled Rey to go after Kria, and Rey did.
        "It doesn't make a difference to me. It doesn't ! It doesn't it doesn't it doesn't." Kria stood by the railing, holding her head , face to the sky, eyes closed. "Bhagwanji , What is this . Im so confused . Bhagawanji, help karo na ! Woh , woh Reyaansh Singhania, kya samjhata apne aap ko ?!? Uff .Why did i slap him ?! No, that was right, teekh hi hai,,, lekin... Bhagwanjii, When other girls give him roses, why does it burn? Why do i get annoyed . When he's near Sharon, why does it bother me ? Whenever Im with him, why do i get so tempted . When i dance with him, when we just danced, why did I feel - NO, it doesn't make a difference to me ! No no no ! It makes... no difference to me .. no difference at all." Rey was watching and smiling at Kria's conversation with her Bhagwanjii. Even if i try, i cant be angry at her, she's.. She's so cute Rey took his hands out of his pockets and slowly tip toed behind Kria. Kria felt someone's presence, but still didnt turn around. She felt a hot breath near her ear and neck, but still kept her eyes closed. " Farak partha hai tumhe... baatcutter." Kria's eyes shot open. Rey "AAP?!?!!" Kria turned around, facing Rey, hoping he didn't hear anything she said. "Farak partha hai tumhe" Rey repeated . " Farak ? K-k-kisse... mujhe kya farak partha, im okay !" " ohh, miss Dehradun, i heard everything ok ! Tumhe farak partha hai !" Rey replied. " What ! You were listening, how, how dare you !" she pointed a finger at Rey , but Rey took hold of her hand and pulled her hard towards himself. " REY ! Leave me ! What are you doing ! Choriye mujhe, R-" Kria pleaded. "It does make a damn difference to you and you know it." Rey's voice was cold and strong. Kria became quiet, she could see the seriousness in his eyes. " It does make a difference to you when other girls are after me. It does make a difference to you when I'm with Sharon. It does make a difference to you when we're so close, when we danced. It makes a difference to you , accept it." "What nonsense. Why would anything you do make a difference to me? MCP ho na . Variety chaiye na ! You just want to add me to your variety list . Achi tarah se jaanti hoon aap jaise larke ko. You think you're so-" Rey pushed Kria away with a jolt. " CHUPP. CHUPP. Bilkul chup ! Ive had enough of this. You always misunderstand me. You've said enough, now Im going to speak, and you're only going to listen ! So listen . Im not like those other boys ! Why don't you understand that ! If i needed variety, i wouldn't be running after you and thinking about you all the time ! I'd run after a different girl now and then , but I don't Kria ! Why don't you see it! When you're scared and nervous, i feel it, and it makes me feel bad . I don't like to see you sad , or worried . You're smile is what I look for Kria . When you smile, it's like heaven . When i see you in problems, I feel like it's my 'farz' to help you out . I want to see you smiling, happy... You're so weird Kria ! Really weird , but you're so cute , do you know that ? I can't even be angry at you because of that. Damn it Kria , why don't YOU understand, I'm not like the other boys ! I care, i want to care..." Rey finally took a breathe . He hadn't realized he had walked so close to Kria when talking that now there was only an inch if space between them. But the only thing that Kria could say was his name. Rey inched forward ."Oh Miss Dehraduun, You're mine, only mine, MY baatcutter. ... I love you." Rey gazed at Kria. It was all he could do . He wanted to stare at her , all day , all night, forever . Kria's eyes became moist once more . In her mind, she remembered every single moment with Rey, from day one till now. She recalled all of what Rey had said. He wasn't lying , and Kria knew it . He does love me. She placed her hand softly on his cheeks, and inched forward to his lips, Rey leaned forward and their lips connected . Kria kissed him and Rey kissed back. Rey cupped her delicate face into his hands. Kria was going week in her knees. She couldn't stand and held on to Rey's neck for support. It was some sort of undescribable sensation, and they both liked it . They parted to catch air and smiled at each other. They leaned in and their foreheads touched . "You're not lying Rey ?" Kria whispered. Rey was a bit shocked, " Abhi bhi yakeen nahi hota ?" Kria chuckled and kissed his cheek, "I love you too." . Rey pulled her into a tight warm hug. There, in his arms was Kria, his girl, only his, his baatcutter.


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It's actually pretty long ! I didn't expect it to be that long, but guys, leave your thoughts and feedbacks ! Hope you guys like it ! :D
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Posted: 2011-08-21T04:20:06Z
wow esha.. OS is great.Clap. So romantic... I wish something like this happens in the show.. keep writing more..
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Posted: 2011-08-21T04:31:47Z
wow!!! soo awesome ...plz write more...loved it!!
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Posted: 2011-08-21T04:36:54Z
This is awesome and magical. Do write more of one shot plots and this 1 rocked
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Posted: 2011-08-21T05:07:13Z
dat was really cute!
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Posted: 2011-08-21T05:22:59Z
dude i seriously luv u for writing this
i really want sumthing like this 2 happen
haye how romantic
damn it man
why can't our kriyansh b like that
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Posted: 2011-08-21T06:19:20Z
Wow Big smile
Its awesome !!
I wish something like this happened FOR REAL !!
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