SS: Mera Jeevan Saathi part 2 8/23

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Posted: 2011-08-20T16:36:21Z

Mere Jeevan Saathi


Priya is seen leaving her house with her family, after having a good look at her house for the last, the same place where she has spent her whole life till now. Priya feels like she is losing everything which she would call her own in just few seconds, minutes, or even hours for someone who she barely knows.  Her so called Jeevan Saathi.

On the other hand, Ram is looking at all godhis  that are in front of him.

Ram: Vikram yeh sab kya hai?

Vikram: Kya I told you before that tujhe godhi pe chadna he hoga.

Ram: Vikram at least think of the poor godhis, I don't want to put them through hell. I don't think they can carry me honestly.

Vikram: then what are going to do?

Ram: I am going to go in my car, yeah I think that would be wise. Don't you wish to see me married?

Vikram: Haan? *confused*

Ram: toh phir let the godhi live, and I certainly don't wish to be in the hospital either.

Vikram: theek hai ja

Ram walking towards his beemer, with a grin on his face. Thinking to himself finally Vikram agreed to see my point and actually agree to me kya baath hai Ram you definitely deserve a pat on your back.

Both the bride side and the groom side have arrived at the venue.

Niharika: Bhaiya, eww look at this place.

Mama: Behana theek hai na, we don't have to worry about losing Ram right? That's all that matters.

Niharika just gives her brother this wicked smile, like she is very proud of herself.

Shipra and Rakesh (Priya's dad, sorry guys I totally forgot what is his name in the show) come to welcome everyone. Shipra welcomes her pyaar damad with the arti and the rituals that happen before the groom enters go to the mandap. After the rituals are done, Shipra takes Ram's hand and brings him in.

Nani is inviting everyone inside, and telling the guest/groom side to be comfortable. Just then Dadi comes in.

Dadi: Namsate

Nani: Namsate

Dadi: hmmm, dadi looks very awkward like not knowing what to do.

On the other hand Nani is giving Dadi a look accusing that her granddaughter doesn't understand or respect elders.

Dadi: sorry, mujhe maaf kardijiye meri poti.

Nani: koi baat nai, I guess we have to change with the generation. Come in please. Nani invited Dadi in genuinely without giving each other murdering looks.

Ayesha is shown bringing Priya for jai mala. And Ram is brought near the mandap by Vikram, Neha, and Rishabh

Vikram: Ram bend down, let Priya put the Jai mala. From today on wards get the habit of obeying your wife. Making everyone laugh, while Priya just blushed and looked down.

Just when Priya was putting the mala, Vikram and Rishabh pulled Ram away, as they couldn't carry him lolzz.. They keep doing this for good few minutes, until Ram just stops them and let Priya put the mala on. Ayesha and Priya's cousins started cheering yay di.

Vikram: kya baath hai Ram, abhi see

Niharika and Mama who was looking from far away just looked as if they have seen a ghost at the way Ram was acting.

Neha: chalo Ram, now its your turn.

Before Ram could put the Jai Mala on Priya, her cousins carried her hoping that Ram wouldn't reach Priya, but too bad too sad he did.

After the jai mala, Ram and Priya were asked to sit in the mandap. All the rituals are being done, and Ram is shown sitting very uncomfortably on the floor. (ROFL) But he still sits without complaining, just cause when he saw Priya in her bridal outfit she looked mindblowing.

Ram thinking : ram what are you talking about, I thought you didn't like the way she dressed? Shaking the thoughts from his mind and pay attention to what this pundit is talking about before making a  fool out of yourself. He laughed to himself.

Pundit calls the brides parents to do the kanyadian. Shipra and Rakesh come forward to do her kanyadian. While doing kanyadian, Shipra had tears in her eyes so did Priya. Ram show both the mother daughter duo. When Priya is seen without that strong and brave, Ram noticed that she looks way too vulnerable.  Someone who also needs caring and loving, not that she didn't get that from her family,  but different kind of love maybe something that only one person can give.

That's when it hit Ram, that O-M-G I am the one she is marrying, I am the one who has to take care of her, I am the one who has to give all the happiness . He started getting scared but too late he is already in the mandap he can't do anything not that he really wanted to do anything he was happy to be with someone like her. Who will understand him even when he doesn't say anything.

After all that was done, it was time to tie the knot, Niharika just looked confused like who is going to do that. Ishika had left for Greece with her Adi. And Ram and others in the family has not been informed yet.

Dadi: Choti where is Ishika?

Niharika: Mama, Ishika couldn't come something came up in her family.

Dadi just gave a very angry look, while on the other hand Priya kept looking at Ram and he looked hurt.

Ayesha: koi baat nai. Neha didi and I will tie the knot.

Ayesha: right Neha didi?

Neha and Vikram too overwhelmed.

Neha: of course, come Ayesha

Neha and Ayesha both tie the knot really tight, wishing both of them the best for their life ahead.

Ram just looked at Ayesha and Neha showing how grateful he was.

Pundit after all this told the Ram to put sindoor in Priya's maang, followed by managalsutra. After the rituals were done, pundit told Ram and Priya to go and take blessings from all the elders. First Ram and Priya took blessings from the pundit, and then Ram's dadi.

Dadi: Sukhirho, hope to see my grandkids soon (sorry guys I wanted to write it in hindi but I jst couldn't L)

Ram and Priya hearing this blushed while looking down.

Ram and Priya took her nani's blessing: I totally agree with dadi, I want to see my grandkids soon too..

Priya: shocked and blushing NANI.

Then Ram and Priya went to took blessings from Niharika, but she stopped them and gave them both a hug. Followed by Mama , Rishabh, and Siddharth. Then went to Vikram and Neha and their kids they couldn't have been more happy then this. Vikram hugged Ram really tightly. Ram was glad that he had a friend/brother like Vikram.

Ram: thank you Vikram.

Vikram: chup kar, turning towards Priya: bhabhi congratulation while hugging her.

Priya: thank you bhaiya.

Ram just looked at Priya, when she called Vikram bhaiya.

Neha just hugged Priya and Ram and wishing them. Priya felt a tug on her duppatta, she looked down to see all three of Vikram and Neha's kids tugging on her dupatta. Priya kneeled down and asked kya hua?

Kids: Aap ki shaadi hogi, Ram uncle se?

Priya looked up at Ram, and then turning to the kids and said : haan

Kids: good, now Ram uncle wont' get angry at anyone. Laughing. Ram totally shocked, so are Vikram and Neha. Plus we will have someone else to play with.

Priya: why wouldn't your Ram uncle get mad now?

Kids: cause papa doesn't get mad when mom is there lol..

Vikram: just looked shocked out of his life'

When Ram and Neha: just laughed lolzz..

Vikram: Neha you sure these are my kids.

Neha: kya?

Vikram: kuch nai lolz.

Priya: hehe, don't worry I will surely play with you guys.

Kids: nahii, we didn't mean you.

Priya: toh phir?

Kids: we meant your kids, like we are our parents kids.

Everyone got shocked. While Priya blushed.

Priya: kya?

Kids: haan, papa said babys' come after getting married.

Ram, Priya, and Neha look at Vikram: kya yaar? They were asking me how babies to in this world.

They all just laughed.

Ram and Priya went to her parents to take their blessings. Priya hugged her dad tightly with tears in her eyes. .Shipra put a hand on Priya's shoulder and Priya went and hugged Shipra.

Shipra: chup, stop crying you just got married beta.

Ayesha while crying: di. 

Ayesha and Priya hugged each other. Ayesha looked at her jiju.

Ayesha: jiju, I hope you will keep my di happy. Because she deserves all the happiness in this world.

Ram just smiled and looked at Priya, and hugged Ayesha like his own little sister.

Ram: Ayesha don't worry, and now stop crying save some tears for bidaai. Because I don't think you will ha any left till then the way you are crying right now.

They all just laughed with teary eyes.

Everyone went to have dinner, Niharika, Mama, and Siddharth complained about the food not being up to their taste. While Ram with Vikram enjoyed the food.

Shipra came to see if her damad ate properly.

Shipra: Mr Kapoor, I hope you liked the food.

Ram: Ma, you can call me Ram now I am your damad.

Shipra: You sure?

Ram: of course.

Shipra: then I would rather call you damad ji J mere pyare damad ji

Ram: haha theek hai, and yes the food is lovely ma.

Shipra went to look after other guest.


That's it guys for now'. I hope you guys liked it I haven't wrote a story in the longest time. I am jst trying to distract myself so that I can wait patiently till Monday to see what actually happens.
Precap: Priya's Bidaai, with Priya's grah parvesh or not?




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Posted: 2011-08-20T23:40:05Z
loved it... plzzz continue
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Posted: 2011-08-21T05:21:46Z
Beautifully written ... i just hope some thing equally sweet happens  this week too... please update soon ...
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Posted: 2011-08-21T14:57:33Z
awesome  ... looking forward to the next update
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Posted: 2011-08-21T22:11:19Z
beautiful pls cont soon..
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Posted: 2011-08-23T18:18:28Z
Helloo guys, thank you for liking this ff. Even though i haven't wrote anything in ages. But I have been re-reading old ff's/ss's and love stories since I was off from uni. That i got insipired from all the lovely writers that we have from IF,RPR, and ALLiswell. That I would like to dedicate what I am writing to all of them. Even though my stories are not all of that, but i have soo many ideas going on in my head that i need to just write it down. :) Hope you like this part



It is time for bidaai, according to the muharat. We see Ram and Priya walking towards the door. With Ayesha holding a tray with rice in it, Shipra says to Priya beta with this rice say your last bye to your parents as now your sasural has more right then us especially your husband. Also saying thank you to your mayeke wales for all these years also hoping and praying that even after you leave your mayeke wales will be happy and prosperities will be with them.

Priya does as her ma told her to do, while on the other hand Ram heard what his mother-in-law was saying. This hit him, just like chotti was his daughter like. Even Priya is someones daughter and sister; they all except him to give happeiness to their daughter. Just like he except from Karthik. Ram just said a small pray to himself hoping that he would be able to make Priya happy as well, even though this is a samjotha.

After the rice ceremony is over, Priya hugs her family and is stepping out of the hall but before she does she looks back one more time to say her last goodbye as just a daughter and sister.

Neha comes n holds her hand: Lets go Priya, you are lucky that your family is so close to where you are married. You can come and visit them whenever you want. Some girls don't even get that. Hearing that Priya smiles at Neha.

Priya and Ram are both sat in the car. With everyone else in other cars following them to their house.

Priya and Ram reach the main door, where Niharika and Dadi, with all their guest waiting for them to do garh pravesh.

Niharika: Bhaiya yeh sab, arghhh I cannot stand this many more.

Mama: Behana, you have too, have you seen mummyji. After what Nutz has done and with Ishika not being her she will rip you a part if you don't go along with this rituals and stuff.

 Dadi: chotti , what are you waiting for? Hurry they have been standing here for and hour now.

Mama: mummyji that's what I was saying as well.

Niharika giving mama a look.

Dadi: tu chup kar khote. Making Niharika smile.

Niharika smiles and does the arti, throwing flowers and rice on Ram and Priya.

Niharika: Priya, come in after knocking the kalash with your right foot, and stepping in the kumkum.

Priya did as she was told, after that they were sent to go to the mandir in the house. To pray that their marriage would be as sucessfull as Shankarji and Pravati, as they were both considered to be the perfect couple.

After finishing with praying, Dadi: Bahu put your stamp on this house.

Priya: ji dadi.

Dadi: Chotti, bring the tray with kumkum in it.

Niharika: ji mom.

Niharika brought the tray in front of Priya. Priya did as she was told.

After the mandir, they all came out to the living room.

Dadi: chalo, golu and bahu come here let's finish this wedding ceremonies for today with the ring game.

Ram: dadi? What is all this? Do we have too?

Dadi: chup golu.

Ram looked embarrassed as Dadi keeps calling him golu, in front of his new bride.

Ram: Dadi, pleaseā€¦

Priya looking at the scene just smiled while looking down.

They both were made to sit down with a big bowl in the middle, which was filled with milk, and rose petals.

Neha: ok, now I am going to put this ring in the bowl you have to find it. And whoever finds it the most time will rule the house. So Priya you better win.

Ram: Neha whose side are you?

Neha: awww fatty don't worry. You have Vikram on your side.

Vikram: who said that? I am always on my bhabhis' side. Ram you are alone in this.

Ram just smiled and nodded his head.

Ram and Priya were trying to find the ring, when their hand touched each others. They both just looked at each other. But then got distracted when people were cheering them.

Priya found the ring first time.

Ram just smiled, and so did Priya.

Neha: see Ram I was right.

They play this two more times; Ram won one time and Priya two times.

Niharika on the other hand with mama: Bhaiya what is going on here? I thought u said Priya will just be a maid of the house. But it doesn't seem like it.

Mama: Behana come on, this is just a stupid game, don't pay attention.

Niharika and Mama, both over looked what was going on.

Precap: Suhaag Raat or Not?
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Posted: 2011-08-23T18:28:13Z
Originally posted by piyushi

loved it... plzzz continue

Thank you Piyushi... I am glad you liked it :)

Niru :)


Beautifully written ... i just hope some thing equally sweet happens  this week too... please update soon ...

Hahaha, I hoped that too. But they are just strecthing things out way too much. It is ruining all the fun. Specially with all the double bodies and stuff it is just ruining things. But i guess coz of Ram's surgery and stuff we cn't really do anything about it..

Thank you, glad you liked it :)

Niru :)

Originally posted by JULIEL

awesome  ... looking forward to the next update

Hahaha thank you... 

Just posted the next part, hopefully you guys will like it 

Niru :)

Originally posted by amiee

beautiful pls cont soon..

Thank you Amiee :) Glad you liked it. 

Niru :)
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Posted: 2011-08-24T13:13:43Z
Thanks for the beautiful update... continue soon
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