Dil.Dosti.Discussion #1 (Aug 16 )

Posted: 2011-08-16T09:09:35Z

Hello mere fellow D3ians   kya haal hai guys? 
Welcome to Dil, Dosti, Discussion !

Wondering what is it ?

Okay so, in order to make this forum more interesting, a few members on IF thought it would be interesting to have discussions about each episode and we mean the WHOLE episode. It could be anything from a 20 second scene to a 10 minute scene. Every day, a discussion will be led by one of us. We will start up by posting our take and reviews. Wondering who the 'us' are? Well, wait a few more minutes and you'll get to know  !
But anyway, in this way we hope to talk about random scenes, the symbolism in them, what we think will happen next and so on.   
Kinda get the idea right? Yeah..well we hope so!   haha but we don't wanna give too much away, now do we? 

Anyways, the members that are going to run these discussions are: Awantika, Farah, Supriya and Sneha. 
So, for each of the four days that D3 is on, we'll do discussions and during the weekends...hmm now we'll leave that as a surprise  .

So For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common destination..so pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..

Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing. 
2. No derogatory terms to be used. 
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum. 
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.

My Review on Today's Epi  :

A War it is. A war between Dazzlers and Weaklings, more than a election between Kriya and Rey. Strategies and Plans, All Set ! Set, so that their member wins it all ! So, that they show the other one, they're the best ! And yeah, no matter what it tales, how unfair it seems, they will do anything to prove it. After all, EVERYTHING IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR !

No one is going to back off, Neither the weaklings nor the Dazzlers. So, why leave any stone unturned to make the campaign wonderful, even if the candidates themselves seem uncomfortable right ?

Yeah, that's what today's epi was about. The weaklings and dazzlers seem to be totally taking this as a Do-Or-Die Game. It may all seem unfair of the way they are promoting their candidate, but there's no way out now. Backing out is not something they want to do, and Losing is something they can't afford to.
They are never going to take this fact that the other one can be better. Weaklings made it clear by playing those pranks on them! Throwing eggs, tomatos, may all seem weird. But the dazzlers are not suppose to do something better than the Weaklings !

And the same with Dazzlers ! Weaklings can't be better than them ! It was clearly visible that they didn't like it when the weaklings came up with the idea with the personified on-the-spot poem and gift stuff. So, here they go to the Weaklings to taunt them.
But, instead they get impressed. As much as they'd like to deny, Swayam, a weakling's poetry did compel them to join their hands and bow down. Even though, they accuse him of being a cheat and copying stuffs they actually got dazed by his on-the-spot poem he wrote right before him.
Somewhere near was a cool guy, Reyansh, who had to remind himself time and again that : "Get a grip of yourself. You gotta give a tashan !"

Sharon,  a arrogant bitch, is what see seems ! But Swayam never fails to take out the best of her. The soft, calm Sharon. It is his words that get her mesmerized. It is his look that she can't escape and stare with dreamy eyes. And, today it was her who was off to the Swaron dreamy land ! Yeah, guys it was HER Today !
What was the dazzler, Vicky at the Weaklings stall for ? To taunt him right ? But, at the end it was him, who ended up demanding a poem for himself for that 'ONE' girl who's hot, who's cute, who always makes him feel as if he's about to fall on the swimming pool ! And that statement got into the nerves of a girl nearby. Did she know that she was actually jealous ? Did she understand that she was actually getting angry at him ??

And that cool guy, who was here to give a 'tashan', started doing so by making remarks at her strategy and plans. Like always, it ended up with another eye lock and a challenge to Kriya to explain about 'LOVE" !


Okay so as a whole the epi was nice. It was cool and fun. Swayam stealed the show today ! Awww'He was just so cute man ! And, Was I the only one who missed Rey today ? I want more of them. SwaRon Were just so adorable ! And ViHa : Did I mention, how much I love them ? Gosh, they rock ! I just loved it when Vicky mentioned about that one Girl and Neha was like : Yeah yeah Tongue .
So, this is it for today ! Join in and share your views !

And Use the 'LIKE' Button !

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Posted: 2011-08-16T09:37:10Z
Awantika! Love this :D great doggie dude, I love it ;)
I'm res-ing for now, going to get back to it very soon :) aka when I watch the episode :P
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Posted: 2011-08-16T09:42:20Z
Awiii well well was waiting for this post haha seriously well well truly well said :P

LOVED THE POST and omg u know waaat ? I LOVE SWAYAM TOO *blush* <3 he is so so so majorlyy cute like in heaps :D THE WAY HE WAS LIKE ON THE SPOT LOOKING AT SHARON OMGSH :/ he has truly grown as an actorrr LOLOL! <3

BUT I AGREEE WANT MORE OF MY HOTTIE REY NAA :( how much we looovee him right!? :D

and oh oh i loved the siggie at the beggining great work awi <3

PS BEST PORTION OF TODAYS EPISODE WAS SURELY VICKY DESCRIBING NEHAAA that was HELL LOT CUTE ! <3 you must've looked at his expressions while he was saying she is hot and cute <33 heheh amazing LOVE HIM!

*<3 D3*
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Posted: 2011-08-16T09:43:35Z
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Posted: 2011-08-16T09:54:49Z
dude...awsome idea man...
n comming to today's episode...swayam totally rocked the show...
he was awsome...n sharon going off into dreamland...that was too good...for the first time it was not swayam who was lost in her and imagining stuff...it was sharon...that lil scene madde my day...that lil scene was so good that i can watch it again and agian...n what made that scene so special was the way swayam said the poem...the feelings that poured out of him while saying that poem...thats what every girl dreams of...and the promo...hmmm i hav a feeling that he is not gonna give sharon the flower...instead he may just walk upto her as if he was going to her n then give it to some1 else to taunt her...(hope he does that, maybe that'll make sharon realize her feelings atleast)
and then ViHa...oh man they r so cute...the way vicky says sirf ek ladki keliye is so cute...n the way he described her ...ohhh...n neha...man she was so damn jealous..."deewanna hua parwana  kissi aur keliye poem writting, hating neha this is"   awww...man does she even know ki woh jealouse hai...n the pranks...well i thought they were not supposed to play pranks ryt...
...weaklings ne todi pact... very bad
...par i guess, alls fair in... love n war
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Posted: 2011-08-16T10:52:09Z

Awiii FAB post yaarClap….SUPER LIKEBig smile

By d way d siggie is AWSUMBig smile…luv itEmbarrassed

Sooo rite it's a war btw d dazzlers nd weaklingsLOL…nd Rey nd Kria r sooo out of itTongue….lolz d way d weaklings were throwing stuff at ppl 2 stop dem hahaha dey r jus tooo muchROFLROFL

But WOW I'm impressed d way weaklings set up d stall nd were giving goody hampers nd on-d-spot poemBig smile

nd Swaym oh god dis guy is seriously getting AUSUMLICIOUS day by dayDay DreamingDay Dreaming

OMG I cnt believe it 2day Sharon was looostShockedShocked…wait a sec she was actually dreamingDay DreamingShocked….aaahhh I was doing balle balleDancinglolz it was sooo AWSUMBig smile….finally I c a shining lite of luv in btw d darkness of d fights of weaklings nd d dazzlersWink

not just a shining lite thou…I c anoder one oh yeah its non oder den ViHaBlushing….anoder awww part….anoder shocker Vicky actually askd Swaym 4 a poem Shockednd d way he described NehaEmbarrassed….i was laughing my head off wen he said I feel lyk falling in d waterROFL

nd cherry on d top Neha felt jealous wohooo I SUPER LIKEDancing

Awww I missed Rey tooo 2dayDisapprove….but his tashan hahahaha I LIKELOLWink….he was lukin SUPER cute 2dayEmbarrassed

Oh cnt wait 2 c wat Kria ans bak tmrwBig smile

OMG tmrws d rose dayShocked….BEEP BEEP BEEPOuch….be warned D3ians tmrw is d chapak TAPAD dayDead…but I hope dey show gud scenes on d oder couples mayb dat mite comfort our hearts a littl for d slapUnhappy

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Posted: 2011-08-16T10:53:58Z
To be frank
i didn't like 2day's epi
i mean rey was hardly there in the epi
i m really confused who are the real candidater rey kria
or swayam sharon
i m getting damn irritated by their stupid fights n eye locks n the precap
i mean the elections were supposed to show kriyansh
wasn't swayam the one who didn't like the election idea
i wanna request cv's 2 show kriyansh in elections atleast
m sure they have forgotten who r the leads of the show
i don't know why bt these days all this swaron thingy seems absurd 2 me
n ya 1 more thing even i write poems n it takes any writer atleast 10 min. To think of a few lines which rhymes n has the desired meaning
n kria i always thought she was a strong girl bt nowadays why ain't she reacting n replying back
luv Viha as they are more on the realistic side
kriyansh i guess needs to be shown more
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Posted: 2011-08-16T11:06:46Z
The epi was good only coz I got to taste a ViHa scene. They come for a very short time but they do make  mark.
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