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Posted: 2011-08-11T12:53:53Z
WARNING: [READ IT FIRST]There is a HIGH CHANCE of people getting OFFENDED by this post - so, please be careful when you read this - I was really mad when I started writing this - but now, I have calmed down. The first part of this conversation might not appeal to everyone either - so, I apologize for that! Secondly, the second part of the convo - if not a SwaRon fan or someone who appreciates SwaRon is a waste of your time. :) Not trying to be rude - just saying that I don't want people to waste their time on something they don't particularly care about, you know? Well, that's it, for now at least. 

I don't believe this!

There was SUCH A CUTEE AND AWESOMEEE scene between Swayam and Sharon yesterday and nobody even mentioned it - ANYWHERE! Cry I mean I UNDERSTAND that KriYansh are the main couple and all, but give some credit to the rest of the couples too! Right guys? I feel it's a little unfair to just talk talk talk about one couple, and when another couple has equally good scene, I think both should be appreciated!! THAT is the only way we can get scenes of ALL the couples we want. I mean, we complain that we don't get any like ViHa scenes and all, but when we do, it's like Oh ViHa, Vicky falling in the pool ..there is SOME hype, but it dies down soon! Cry So you know..I think we should appreciate ALL the couples in D3 equally - I know for some it might be hard because they're ONLY watching this show for ArSha, and to an extent I am with you guys! BUT I feel bad for the actors - because they are trying their best too!! In that way, we will get scenes of alll the couples we want!! Right guys??

Anyways, sorry for sounding so annoyed and shit, but I still feel it's unfair that not all couples are recognized properly. 

Now - I have ANOTHER question - Are there ANY SwaRon fans here? I know Rafi is a huge fan of them, and I KNOW I AM! Is there anyone else?


Moving away from that, I'm coming back to SwaRon! Day Dreaming HOW AWESOME AND CUTE were they?! 
I think this was their FIRST conversation where they ACTUALLY talked to each other, which was sooo incredibly adorable. I've already seen that scene like 5 times and it's playing again as I am typing this. Embarrassed I loveeed it so muchhh!!! I totally wasn't expecting this, because I thought the whole episode was about the election thing - so I didn't bother watching it yesterday, I wanted to watch yesterday's and today's episodes together! BUT shit. I start watching yesterday's episode and in the beginning itself - main attak gayi! haaayeee that scene lasted about 5 minutes and they were the best 5 minutes of the episode FOR ME. Embarrassed 

I LOVED the way that Swayam answered back to EVERY SINGLE TAUNT of hers. I love love adore this side of Swayam - he's just such an amazing guy! <3 HAAAYEE! <3 

I LOVED that he reminded her of college trip time on the boat and their "moment" together at RDX's party. Everything from the beginning to end was perfect.

AND the cherry on top - when Swayam said that their (Dazzlers's) dance was mind blowing - SHARON MATA SMILED! She ACTUALLLYYY smiled. OMFG. I was like, partying by that time because it was such a good scene !!! <3 I love the way that Sharon just walks away in the end LOL she of course doesn't have anything to come back with, cuz she's so spell bound! ;) AHHH YESS <3 She's fallen for him but doesn't want to acknowledge it. Love that phase. 

I also loved the fact that they had a normal conversation - yes, normal - unlike all their other ones, which were either deceptive, contained "hatred" from Sharon while Swayam was just staring her - this was an ACTUAL scene wherein they talk and although they're taunting each other - their conversation was TRUTHFUL. Smile

I hope there are many many many more of these conversations to come, because I ENJOYED IT SO MUCH! =D 

ALL in ALLL I LOVED their scene, evidently. It was AWESOME! SwaRon fans, don't you agreee?! :D

Snehaa :)
Posted: 2011-08-11T12:55:07Z

I'm SORRY if I sound very rude. I apologize. But I think it was time that I brought it up as it has been bothering me. 

Posted: 2011-08-11T13:09:26Z
Me too is a big fan of sharon and swayam. I like them more than other couples in the show.
Posted: 2011-08-11T13:16:02Z

Snehuuu AWSUM topic yaarClap….actually mei bhi yehi soch rahi thi kal aftr watching d epi dat y no special topic on SwaronErmm wen dey had such a AWSUM ROCKIN sceneBig smileEmbarrassed…I wanted 2 post abt Swaron but den dere was alredy a post on yestrday's epi sooo din post anoderTongue

Count me in as a Swaron fan toooBig smile as much as I luv Kriyansh nd Viha I luv Swaron a lot toooHug(actually cnt decide btw any of dem who is d best...LUB dem allHug)…but yeah u rite we hardly get 2 discuss abt Swaron or oder couplesConfused…..seriusly yesterday was a shocker coz it was d first tym Swaron literally spoke 2 each oderLOL  instead of Sharon arguing or screaming at Swaym Tongueespecially wen Sharon told Swaym why she wasn't standing 4 elections heheheLOL….it was an AWSUM scene nd wen dey played d pehla nasha song EmbarrassedOMG d girls lyrics perfectly blended wid Swaron 'usne baat ki kuch aise dhangse sapne degaya who hazaron rang ke, reh jao jaise mein haar ke' Day Dreamingdis whole lyn I felt Sharon was singing(even I was lolz it wasn't going out of my head d whole tym yesterdayLOL) coz 4 d first tym Swaym's words affected herBlushing…lyk she was looost in himBlushing awww she's sooo damn falling for himDancing….nd I jus luvd Swaym he was tho full onThumbs Up ….hehehe d way he ans bak BRAVOLOL…he was supeeerrr cooolCool….nd luvd d way he reminded her abt deir past convo 'Predictable is soo Boring,but boring is fun'Embarrassed awww luv dat dialogue of his nd luvin Swaym tooo he's becumin sooo awsumlicious Blushingnd den d part where Sharon already told him he was AWSUM dancerEmbarrassed….hayyyee Swaron stole my heart in dat 5 minsEmbarrassed…it was a very well written nd well played sceneBig smile

Actually dis scriptawala bhaisahab is becumin AWSUM i mean d epi of dis week were lyk SUPER COOOLBig smile…i mean dey werent much hyped but was fun nd mastiEmbarrassed...luvd all d epiHug

Me 2 hoping 2 c lots nd lots of dese type of converstion scenes on Swaron nd also oder couplesDay Dreaming

Nd dun worry u were not rude at all u jus spoke out ur heartEmbarrassed….we seriously did miss such an EPIC scene of Swaron 2 discussTongue….but YAYY thnx 2 ur topic we can discussBig smile

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Posted: 2011-08-11T13:23:01Z
dude sneha, now i feel really bad for not updating about swaron...
n yeah, loved the scene...when he said that her dance was not good and then that her performance was mindblowing...loved the change in exprssion on sharon's face...she was just too adorable...
and swayam, he is such a cutie swaron...

Posted: 2011-08-11T13:40:19Z
Aww Aich! I will admit everyone has their favorites and Kriyaansh are mine - I'm conventional like that LOL
But SwaRon were totally cute , and a surprise yesterday, because i didn't see them coming when they did! I do hope the election showdown will give us more SwaRon, cause there is always scope! More than ViHa tbh! Besides what I love most about this show is A) Kriyaansh B) Rey-Vicky C) Swayam... so anything in the episode about these three is always a good day's worth for me! 

Thanks for the post - and ofc, you were not rude! Like i said, everyone has favorites, and as long as someone is recognizing their favorites, it's all good. the one lead couple will get max attention, and that's inevitable, lets not even try to fight the equality case - but every couple deserves recognition, and its share of fans - settle for that?! Smile
Posted: 2011-08-11T13:42:41Z

They are adorable Heart
I simply love the way Swayam looks at Sharon with those dreamy hopeful eyes and Sharon for a moment gets lost in them.
I love it how she tries to be all rude and a bitch with him, but he just handles her beautifully. He always replies her peacefully and calmy !

Tehy are so cute Heart

i love Kriyansh and them equally Big smile
Posted: 2011-08-11T14:42:14Z
i know i loved that was amazing...
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