New FF: Till the End of Time(Book1 DONE)note pg149(Page 6)

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cherecterscetch was awsum...
i loved it...
cont soon
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Originally posted by princess_xeelan

Originally posted by 1301Princess

Wow Tanzie...Smile
That is so nice concept... Thumbs UpAnother treat as your new FF is on the way after your last amazing FF.. Good...PartyThanks a lot Sweta Embarrassed
You said Jeh and Piya marriage announcement...Ouch Yaar unki shaadi to nahi hogi na??Confused wait and watch... kya yaar Jeh aur Piya ki engagement kya kerwa di... sab mere upar tut pade hai ROFLTanzy... Yaar tumne engagement to kara di Jeh and Piya ki... Lekin Shaadi mat karana haan... ROFL
Well I know It's Abhiya's love story so I know very well you won't separate them at any cost...Smile Bingo Wink I knew it...Smile If you're saying that we will love Jeh in the coming updates... Then I'm quite sure he's gonna play cupid between Abhiya... Wink
So waiting for your amazing FF... Smile thanks a lot dear... you'r 1 of my loyal readers...luv u for that HugAww... So Sweet... Thank you..Embarrassed
Update soon...Big smile friday Big smilePakka na??LOL
Lots of loveHeart
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amazing character sketch...
let see wht's new abt  this story...
all the best dear...

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Originally posted by peehu24

ausum and beautiful...loved it...will be waiting for ur ff...

Thanks Peehu... will start soon Embarrassed
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hey the character sketch sounds very interesting
do update soon

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1. Suicide Mission


AR Villa:

A black Jaguar XFR stopped in front of the palace resembling AR Villa. The man who stepped out from the jaguar has such an aura that anyone would recognize him as the perfect owner of the car. He threw the key to the guard to park the car and walked into the house. He entered the house like a king enters his palace, having a 360 degree look around and walk away without even bothering about anything. He went straight to his room and opened his black Armaani suit to put it on the coat hanger when his Samsung Galaxy SII started to flash a name. He received the call,


The female voice (content):  "Abhay"

"How are you?

The female voice: "As usual. thanks a lot for the gift."

"Anytime. I saw it on internet and thought you would like it so ordered it."

The female voice: "Off course I do. It's from the latest collection of Carolina-Herrera's handbags, how wouldn't I like it? That's my only funda of living normal life. You know me soo well Abhay (pause)"

"Hmm...100 years is a long time ha?"

Female voice: "Sounds stupid I know but it really means a lot to me"

"You don't need to say anything. You should visit us."

Female voice: "I will soon. I miss you guys a lot."

"Ok. Bye and be safe."

Female voice: "Same to you."


(Call ends)


Abhay Raichand looked outside his window after putting down the phone. As far his eyes can take him, beyond his beautiful garden or gate...the beautiful valleies of Manali are looking heavenly as the last sunrays of the day are resting on them right now. AR villa is named on the owners who live here as all have A and R as initials. It was Aryan's idea; Abhay doesn't bother to put his mind on this type of tiny issue. They have settled here for more then 1 year now. It's at the end of the city and near to the jungle and the river, where people hardly comes. Best place for them, far from everyone's eyesight. The villa is almost on top of the mountain and behind the villa there's dead end. People are afraid to even visit this place and that's exactly why he has chosen to live here. The weather and entire atmosphere of Manali is perfect for them. Abhay like to stay away from humans, they talk too much and he hates their emotional dramas. The day is about to end, time for hunting. He's dead hungry. Suddenly a knock interrupted his thoughts. He can smell him and recognize him from his scent.

"Come in Aryan. He said aloud."

Another owner of this beautiful palace entered the room. His silky black hair beautifully brushed and reached near his neck. There's a twinkling of naughtiness in his deep brown eyes. He was wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and cream colored leather jacket on his perfectly toned body. He smiled to see Abhay. He is Aryan Raichand: Abhay's younger brother.

Aryan: "Good evening bhai."

Abhay: "Evening Aryan"

Aryan: "Are you sure bhai, you won't go to the party?"

Abhay (very patiently): "Aryan, do you have any idea, how many times in your life you have asked me this question and I have refused it?"

Aryan (apologetically): "I know bhai, taking my chances."

Abhay: "too bad for you. I hate parties.. you enjoy"

Aryan: "anyways, kya kare...I'm leaving now."

Abhay: "isn't it soon for the party?"

Aryan: "The house is at least 1.5 hours from here, since we almost live in jungle. And besides, I gotta give these papers to someone. Office work left. So have to leave now."

Abhay: "alright. I will be late. Hunting time."

Aryan: "Gotcha.. Bye bhai. Happy hunting"

Abhay (stern smile): "BYE Aryan"


Jaiswal House:

Prabeen Jaiswal was busy checking if the foods, drinks and music for the party are ready or not. The entire house is beautifully decorated. The wedding is within two weeks and today they are going to announce it. He was excited indeed for his only niece's wedding but the reason for his excitement was something else.

Upstairs Piya Jaiswal was getting ready for the party. She was wearing the beautiful teal and red colored saree Jeh has gifted her. It has stone and bead works all over the saree and it looked even more gorgeous on her porcelain skin. She wore it like a lehenga and looked at herself on the mirror. Even the mirror sighed that it can't give complement to the beautiful angel staring at it right now. Piya started to comb her black, shiny and silky straight hair flowing down the waist. Shurbhi Jaiswal came and gave a quick look about what's going on here, "get ready quickly. Guests will be arriving soon."

Piya nodded quickly, "yes mami."

Shurbhi wasn't interested in this drama. She missed two kitty parties for this stupid girl's wedding. An irritated Shurbhi hurried to see if all the cutleries were in place silently and verbally battering her husband . She wondered what is her husband upto!!

Piya looked at the mirror. She has no idea why she was so restless today. "This is perfect Piya. It couldn't have been any better. Jeh is a wonderful guy. He cares for you and he will be a great husband. His family loves you a lot. And even if they hate you at any point, it can't get any worse thn now, can it be? So why are you so nervous? Just relax Piya...chill.."

Piya keeps saying this to herself but alas, her heart wasn't ready to hear her mind today. Somewhere she felt something was wrong...very wrong and she has no idea what it was. Jeh is her ticket to make an exit from Jaiswal house. Any place couldn't be worse then this, she tried to console her mind but after all this house, the business everything is her's. Passed from his grandfather to her mother and now Piya's mama is looking after everything. Piya has no lure for money and it wasn't bothering her that she transferred all the assets to Prabeen mama yesterday from her authority but her concern was somewhere else. By some means she wasn't ready for this marriage, she's just 21 and she always wanted to explore the world. She's going to be a lawyer like her grandfather was then what's the hurry in wedding? Ever since her mother died, she did everything her mama told her to. Prabeen and Shurbhi with all the efforts made Piya's life hell all these years but she is still grateful to them for looking after her, having her in their house and Jeh is a wonderful person. Every girl dreams to get a life partner like Jeh and she's got one readily but now she's confused. She likes Jeh a lot but the only problem is she doesn't feel any pull or attraction towards him that she wanted to feel for the person she would spend her life with. 'ENOUGH PIYA", she scolded herself. "Life is giving you a wonderful opportunity, grab it. He's meant to be yours and that's you're standing here right now. Now, be quick because Jeh would be coming any minute."

Just at the moment, someone knocked the door and Piya shouts, "Open"

After several hours:  

Deep in the woods, a hunter was running for his prey. The deer was running for it's life but the hunter was as fast as the wind. He lurched at the deer with his super-sonic speed and bore his long fangs near the neck of the dear where he can feel it's blood flowing. "Ahh.. I was soo hungry." He said to himself as he drained the poor animal dry until the last drop of blood. His hunting was interrupted with a movement...a human movement... Abhay Raichand threw the dead deer from his hands and stood up to see who would come at this deadly place at night. If any normal human being got to see this sight they would probably be dead on spot. The handsome, greek-god like face has now turned to be the face of a predator. The icy-blue pupils has become purple with hunger and his beautiful mouth showing long fangs coming out, his perfect lips now covered with blood. Abhay tried to concentrate on the sound. Someone was near the river, very close to it. As he approaches towards the sound, he could feel the presence. The fragrance was mouth-watering, he could hear a sob, a weak voice, it must be a girl...sobbing, "mamma..mamma...take me with you...I don't want this life anymore... I'm so sorry mamma... It can't be true... it can't be..." and there's a sound of splash. Abhay ran like a gust of wind as he understood the person has jumped into the river. But it was too late, she was already gone. The river was flowing at least under 100 feet below and the current was too thick for any human to survive. And without thinking why he was doing it, he jumped into the water to save the girl. It was a piece of cake for him. With one jump, he went deep...deep down the water. he can see a figure drowning. He reached there as fast as he can. The dark water couldn't stop him to locate the figure that was now flowing in the water. "Was she already dead?" He wondered, but he could smell blood. Maybe she hit herself with a stone or something. He wrapped his arms around the figure and jumped out of the water. With a deep breathe he swam to get near the land with the unconscious human in his arms. His one arm was still around her waist, clutching her tightly to stop her flowing with the current of the river. Her head was on his shoulders. He could smell she was bleeding. "Good for her, I just fed,"

With a jump he came out of the water and carefully placed the human on the ground. Her face was covered with her long wet mane of hair. He checked her pulse though it was not needed, because he could hear her feeble heart still beating. As he took her wrist to check the pulse, he could easily notice even in the dark, that there are bruises around her hand like someone was holding her with all the effort to stop her blood circulation. He started to check her properly now. Near her arms, the saree was ripped which is now wrapped around her loosely. He could she it's ripped here and there. Abhay finally removed the wet hair from her face and even in the shadows he could say if angels would have existed maybe they would have looked like her. He has seen plenty of beauties on his long life but not all of them have sheer innocence like this. There's a deep cut on her forehead. It was still bleeding.

 "Maybe she cut herself when she jumped or look like someone attacked her"

He touched the wound but just when he smelled her blood his pupils involuntarily changed and his fang came out. Her blood smells like heaven and he couldn't stop himself to get a taste as he licked the blood from his fingers. It tasted like water for a traveler in a desert, like first taste of food for a child. Her blood was too flavorsome. He controlled himself with great effort and decided to take her home. She seems to be in danger and he has no idea.. why was he doing it...

Abhay unknowingly started an epic journey which would change both of their lives forever... 

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Chapter 1 Was Great. I Like Your FF The Most. (:
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Bhey tanzie...beautifl wrk ...asm i mst say...tho i m nw hr i av rd ur ff d beautiful strangr abhay savs pia??...its pia rite...??lvd d intro n lukng 4wrd as 2 hw d story of our epic jodi ur gftd writng skils...findng aryans char also pia gtng married 2 jai bt nt cnvncd...hmmm...lovng it thoroly...hope abhiya lv story starts soon...waitng eagrly 4 ur u plz pm me??...lov u loadsss...Big smilep.s.i hope shrish n heena di dnt kl me 4 cmntng b4 dm...hehehe...Big smilelolzzz...Winkmy name s nidhi...n ya u r rite...i m familiar wd d ws nt a member b4...SmileEdited by purple_shadoz - 2011-08-13T11:07:50Z
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