New FF: Till the End of Time(Book1 DONE)note pg149(Page 142)

Posted: 2011-12-10T09:28:29Z
Originally posted by peehu24

tanzie...why did you stop...i hate it when things are left on cliffhanger...arrgghh...sorry Peehu LOL
but the update was awesome..amby is a raichand!! wow...i kind of guessed it..but wasnt sure... her attitude shows she is raichand LOL
jeh is getting on ma nerves somewhere...what is with him..glad to know that alina is becoming confident..but aryan was hardly there in this update... Jeh is kinda neg here.. Alina is diff n sweet like the show... your husband will be thr in the next update Tongue LOL
abhiya meet finally..dhink chika...aww...aate hee...abhay embraced piya..and piya again unconscious!! amby was shocked...waiting for read piya's reactions...and aryan too...aryan would be helpful to piya here..or may be amby..i guess...  Aryan wud be very helpful and Amby as well but she needs some time to digest it..Abhay will be recking their nerves... LOL
update..soon...cant wait...thanks for pm..
Originally posted by snitchseeker

Why Did U stop??????????
Pagal hoye jabo erokom korte thakle.

Tanzie ki bariya update tao aito tara tari sesh korli. Cholbe na

Want update soonish

Sorry...suspense is my virture Wink update aro bariye dibo baba LOL
Originally posted by madhuri16

Tanzie.HugHug.that was awesome...i luvd d update.Star... thanks dear Hug guess is right.!!..
amby raichand is really tough 2 handle.!!..
i luvd d way arman is feeling 4 her.Smile..
TLOL..god she can never thing anything else.. other than stealingLOL.LOL.. Amby is Lady Abhay Raichand so T betetr stay away from her and she will give a tough time to Arman but he is a sweetheart.. he will win her over Wink
where ever my sweet heart is there will be fun...aryan was choo chweet.HugHug
i adore him...he is such a cutie pie.Hug..i luvd his expression.Embarrassed.
how could u plan my honey with alina.!!!...chalo no problem..since all i care is only my sweet heart Tongue your swtheart will be in a triangle Wink
but my honey was hardly on this update...
.tanzie i was waiting 4 this ff 4 a long time..!!!..this is ma fav..
happy piya refused jeh's offer...m sure that m gonna hate gaurav Approve...
so abhiya finally met...aww.Day Dreaming.he embraced her..Day Dreaming..ur right... i will make u all hate Gaurav more then Deepu Big smile 
.n tanzie...u ended d very moment she recognized him.Angry...i hate u 4 ending thereAngry...i just they met...n was eager 2 read d next line..but u ended..Ouch...i was on my way 2 my dream land when u stopped!!!!
continue soon tanzie..m waiting eagerly...luv u lot n take care.Hug... sorry Ouch will update soonish Hug

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Posted: 2011-12-10T09:31:34Z
tanzie when wil u update..m waiting..missing my husband aryan LOLEdited by peehu24 - 2011-12-10T09:32:02Z
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Posted: 2011-12-11T04:19:32Z
Originally posted by peehu24

tanzie when wil u update..m waiting..missing my husband aryan LOL

Aryan abhi Alina ke saathe busy hoga darling ROFL when he will start falling for Alina... u can come back with your heels and boots to throw at Alina and get back to your husband ROFL Wink Waise tumhari husband acche bacche hai Tongue he wont fall for any girl soon but Alina will be stubborn Wink
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Posted: 2011-12-11T04:29:05Z
Originally posted by pkyekfanclub

Originally posted by princess_xeelan

Originally posted by pkyekfanclub

most welcome dear 1st time mere ko khud bhi yaad nahin LOL pehle comment kiya ho ya nahin but i m a regular reader of ur ff even before i joined IF i have been reading ur ff as a silent readerSmile anyways lovely update dear Amby is a Raichand i m not surprised i guessed it even before u introduced her Wink 1 thing is she a vampire or witch n she is a real sister of Aryan saved by  Abhay i guess n finally abhiya met again yayyy Big smile so right now Dobriyals dont know about Pia n vise versa right Question anyways update soon 

PS my name is ankita n u can call me whatever u want Smile

Gosh, I have many silent readers I guess and I came to know I made my posts membersonly and shifted to book 2 in the other 1 LOL Im glad u guesses Ankita bcoz I wanted tosee who cud guess it and lots of people did Wink Smile No she is not real Aryan because she is not a witch.. I will tell her story soon and nope Arnab doesn't know about Piya and neither does she Confused

Originally posted by Akshi0019

awsum tanazie!!!!
loved it but  y u stoped at really exiting part!!!! 
agar thoda aur likh dete to kuch chala jata tere!!!!
amby is abhays sis!!! cool n she is emotionally attached 2 pia!!!
i hope dat will help abhay n pia!!!
cont soon n thanks 4 d pm!!!!

Thanks Akshi Smile Sorry...waise bhi kitna bada update tha LOL Amby will be confused now but she likes Piya a lot so will accept her Embarrassed

Originally posted by Viviliciousgirl

Hey Tanzie...sorry for late reply re. I have missed out a few chapters of your FF..will update myself soon and will comment also. are an awesome writer!!! Hug

Thanks Chand.. Hug I hope you enjoy reading it and thanks a lot for the complement ...means a lot to me Embarrassed 

Originally posted by pratiksha2009

awsome tanzie, pia remember abhay name, that good, ab firse wahi hoga, pia abhay ko apne aap se dur rehne nahi degi, cant wait for next update, i love this ff very much tanzie

Thanks Prati.. Im glad u love it Embarrassed I wont makes things go in marry go round theory like Cvs.. Piya will fall for Abhay again n its gonna be very romantic Embarrassed

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Posted: 2011-12-11T04:33:01Z
Originally posted by princess_xeelan

Originally posted by peehu24

tanzie when wil u update..m waiting..missing my husband aryan LOL

Aryan abhi Alina ke saathe busy hoga darling ROFL when he will start falling for Alina... u can come back with your heels and boots to throw at Alina and get back to your husband ROFL Wink Waise tumhari husband acche bacche hai Tongue he wont fall for any girl soon but Alina will be stubborn Wink
but at the end he will be back to peehu na...LOL..btw..when r u updating...
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Posted: 2011-12-11T05:10:36Z
tanzie when r u gonna update???...m waiting 2 read abt my sweet heart!!!
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Posted: 2011-12-11T05:24:07Z
Originally posted by lost_in_love

lovely update tanzie Clap 
sorry i missed commenting on the past told u was bit busy...Ouch though i have read  all..Smile thanks Indu and no prb... u told me na u were busy Embarrassed
now coming to the update...
so alina has a soft corner for aryan..! but will aryan fall for alina too..!?
though i hope not bt i think jay will find it out in no time..Dead Aryan will feel for Alina..not fall for her LOL Jeh will be neg here I suppose Confused

so piya heard abhay's voice at last..
hummm so  arman is in love with amby...! and amby too loves him...only she isnt accepting it...! 
aww m loving amby more and more...loved her attitude and the  way she talked to T...this reminds me of abhay. specially that dialogue 'style? woh mujhe apni family se virasat main mili hai..' so true one can adopt is raichand's signature style..!! CoolDay Dreaming and the moment you introduced amby i knew she was a vampire and abhay and aryan's sister as well...! coz humans cant b so deadly attractive...!! Silly  Amby is not in love wid ny1 bcoz her past is too painful but yes.. she likes arman. n i knw..Amby is my Lady Abhay Raichand Cool  LOL
piya sensing abhay everytime is so beautifully written...Thumbs Up

ohh  this jay is so irritating..Angry who is he to tell what to do and what nt to do to piya..! piya's reply was apt..Approve glad u liked it hun Embarrassed

awww... amby-aryan bond was beauuutiful...and abhay -amby convo was simple yet signify deep bonding...Embarrassed
the raichands rock...Cool yeap n i love my trio here Big smile amby wants to throw a party...! well it's destined to happen ...akhir abhay aur piya ko milna hai how can abhay nt agree..! Wink true LOL

abhay smelling piya instantly as soon as she entered was so expected and inevitable...that's y we call abhiya an epic couple...Heart Day Dreaming
piya at the very moment remembered abhay & his name...that's y she is piya...!!!abhay's piyaaa...!!! Heart
and abhay is surprised..that piya cn still remember his name...! well he shudnot b..! dosnt he know it yet ...that piya is totally insane when it comes to him..!?   he actually underestimated piya's feeling bcoz she is a human but no worries...piya will get him back soon Wink 

everytime you keep us in suspence...Confusedwell cant blame you...yeh to writers ki purani aadat hai...kaise chutegi...! hai na..!? Wink i love suspense Wink
once was an awesumuummm update...Clap Thumbs Up
and  plzz update asap...cant wait ...!
p.s. the new characters u introduced in this ff..m loving all of them...specially aryan,pihu and amby...Heart glad u loved them bcoz i was worried if ppl will like so many new characters Embarrassed

and once again sorry for nt being able to comment  in earlier updates..Cry 
key..t.c. love you...Hug are itne badi comment ke liye me very happy.. thankuu Big smile n will update soon Hug


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Posted: 2011-12-11T05:27:58Z
Originally posted by Sivaranjani

Lovely cute update Tanzie!
It was shocking to know about Amby's truth!! But she's too sweet adapted with humans as well as Abhay..!
She's a doctor.. Hope her profession will be of use in near futureSmile.There's a reason behind why she wants to be a doctor and I will reveal it soon... n thanks for liking Embarrassed

But why did you stop there with Abhay being shocked.. 
And moreover what was that precap?? Either you should have continue or not give the precap..!
You know at times you are not playing fair!Evil Smile  hahaha..keeping suspense is fine Wink will update soon

Thanks for the PM dear!! Update soon!

Originally posted by Alicia2001

wow great story plz update soon
I'm really looking forward to your next part of your story
thanks for the pm

Thanks for liking Embarrassed 

Originally posted by Miracle_leo

wow awesomeClap update tanzie but why u ended it here AngryAngry yar abhiya come face to face plz update soon now i cant wait its becoming soo interesting,loved it to the core.

Thnaks Rehma Smile awww..everyone is soo angry at me for stopping here... LOL im glad u liked it n will update soon Embarrassed
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