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10th August 2011 Written Update:The Battle Begins

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Posted: 2011-08-10T10:00:11Z
[MEMBERSONLY]10th August 2011 Written Update:The Battle Begins

Missed the start part. Swayum and Sharon have a conversation.

RDX asks Rey and Kria reasons for giving their name in elections. Kria says there are many reasons and she will prove to guys girls can also take part in elections. She leaves and Rey looks at RDX and says he never said anything. RDX says assuming things girls feel is their sixth sense. Rey asks RDX if name given for GS can be taken back later to which he says yes and if he is thinking to take his name back to which he says not him but Kria. RDX says that will be tough to which he says but he has to try as GS is big responsibility which according to him Kria won't be able to handle.

Kria comes out of RDX cabin heads towards locker room shouting what guys think of themself. Rey comes out asks Swayum where is Kria and he tells her she went in locker room. Rey follows Kria. Swayum stands outside locker room thinks he has to do something because of Rey is caught then it will be detention for him like he faced when he was caught. Swayum puts sign of out of order outside locker room door and waits outside.

Kria is in locker room when Rey comes there.  Kria reminds Rey he is breaking rules and asks him to leave. Rey asks her what is her problem and he is always tries to be nice to her and she to which Kria replies right he always tries he is not good. The two have conversation about this for a while and Rey says if she finds her good side so bad he wonders how will she find her bad side. Kria asks if he is scarring her to which he says no but only telling her GS is a big responsibility. Kria takes it as an offense and asks if he thinks she is scared of doing hard work to which he says not only hard work but there are many other things. The argument continues Rey calls girls complicated species and Kria calls him MCP. Rey loses his temper gives Kria piece of mind.  During their conversation in locker room there are moments when the two gets lost in each other eyes and wind blows.

At the end of their conversation, Kria tells Rey he will need best wishes and he asks her if she really thinks she can beat her. The episode ends on Rey and Kria in one frame.

What's Next:
Rey and Swayum dancing on Kya Kare Kya Na Kare.  [NOCOPY]
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quite excited Big smile  Smile  Heart
Posted: 2011-08-11T04:42:31Z
thanx 4 the update
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