BALH 4th August 2011 Written & Video update

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Dheere Dheere Haule Haule Chupke se ab hoga

Kehtey hai yeh pyaar jisey hum na janey Kab hoga

Bade aache Lagte Hai 
Yeh mausam ye baatein or


Video Update
(By Nipun)

          BALH 04 August 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with ayesha and shurti coming. Priya ask from where you both coming. Shurti say we all friends have arrange lunch for you so i was coming to invite you so i met ayesha and she told me that you both are going for shopping so i thought i will also go with you will help you in selecting dress. Shipra say no no need of that as ayesha is here and she is super model and have really good dressing scene so she will select. Priya say yes mom but let shurti go with us as she has experienced so she will help usEmbarrassed Then priya ask shurti what was need of lunch? Shurti say so that before marriage you can get tips from  your married friends 

Scene shift to Neha shopping. Ram and Vikram comes Neha show her shervani for Ram. Ram say how you do all this. Neha say we know that you will not awake till last moment  so i give your kurta for size and now this shervani is ready. Ram say i don't like the colour. Neha say ok we will change it you just go and try. Ram goes for try while neha decising kurta for Vikram. Ram comes and say what have you done this shervani is really tightLOL Neha say how can it b tight. she then call the tailor and ask him. Tailor say the kurta you give me this is of same size. Ram say to Neha which kurta you give? Neha say the one you wear in your engagement. Ram say only 10 days has gone. Tailor say maybe he has gain weightLOL Ram say what's nonsense is this how can someone gain weight in  10 days and ask Neha to handle this and leaveLOL Vikram say to tailor don't worry defo he had gain weight. Neha say you have to make this again and change the color also. Vikram say now make 2 inch bigger then his size. Vikram then say to Neha what to do about his weight? Neha say we have to make him to do dieting(bechara mera motu) Ram comes and say why are you taking it so long? Vikram say yes we have explain him and even we have said him that make 2 inch less then your size. Ram say why? Neha say cuz you are going for dieting. Ram say no  i am not. Vikram say you are on dieting from nowLOL

Then they show priya shopping. Ayesha and shurti helping her. Priya say can't i marry in jeans and kurti this all dress are really heavy Then she saw a simple saree and say this good i will wear this. Ayesha say this is so simple you can't wear this. Priya get irritate and sit and say i am really tired nowEmbarrassed Shipra comes and give water to priya and say priya wedding dress is ready from kapoor familyEmbarrassed Priya then saw that dress and say it's too heavy and this is in red color how will i wear this? Shipra say now make your habit to wear heavy dresses and  from now everything in your life is heavy. Then she ask shurti am i right? Shurti say yes just like his husbandLOL

In evening priya comes in shurti home. Aashvind and Priya saw each other. Priya remember Aashvind words. Flashback is shown. Priya all friends meet her and ask her about Ram. Then we will give you tips of after marriage. Shurti say i will start and for my tip priya you have to go in kitchen with me. Shurti and Priya in kitchen. Shurti say i will teach you how to make chicken Embarrassed Priya say nooo i will not make all this. Shurti say don't forget you are getting marrying in Punjabi family and to go to men hurt way in from his stomach. LOL Priya say we are sharma's we don't even eat egg. but shurti force her and she pick the peace of chicken and say poor to make someone happy he loose his life. His family will b missing him LOL Shurti say now you have to do this daily. Priya say No and leaves

Ram thinking about Apeksha. Mamoo and Neharika comes and ask him what happen. Ram tell them that apeksha come here yesterday. Mamoo say i will do strict security Neharika say we have to call police. Ram say i need your support. Neharika say we are always with you

In sharma house Ayesha inviting her friends in for priya Mehandi. Sudhir call priya and say check this budget. Priya in phone also telling about dresses and budget is wrong less this budget. Sudhir say now there is 2 functions so this will happen. What ever we will do we will do it good. Priya say why are you using all your saving. Sudhir say i have saved all this for your marriage. Priya say but when Ayesha will get marry from where you will bring money at that time. Sudhir say everything will happen.Embarrassedcalculating also. She say to sudhir its right but budget is wrong less this budget. Sudhir say now there is 2 functions so this will happen. What ever we will do we will do it good. Priya say why are you using all your saving. Sudhir say i have saved all this for your marriage. Priya say but when Ayesha will get marry from where you will bring money at that time. Sudhir say everything will happen. Then he say i am thinking for my daughter whom i am doing all this is she happy? Priya say i am very happy. I am enjoying every moment. My brother is getting married if i will not prepare then who will. I will manage all this you just take care of yourself. Sudhir say one day more then you will go then who will teach me all this. Priya start crying and Hug her father.(Love that scene) 

Episode Ends

Neha Vikram and Ram on dinning table. Neha say ram why are you not eating anything?Ram say wow i guess they have forget that they ask me for dieting or they were just joking. Then he say who care Ram kapoor chicken is in front of you just eat

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Posted: 2011-08-04T11:55:21Z
thanks a lot for the update dear..Hug
will wait for it... take ur time hun... :)
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Posted: 2011-08-04T13:36:42Z
thanks for nice update natasha.Smile
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Posted: 2011-08-04T13:38:25Z
thanks a bunch Natasha..
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Posted: 2011-08-04T13:55:19Z
Waow! Ram on dieting? Kya baat hai? LOL
And in the preview did he really say, "Chicken tere saamne hai toh tu kha?" ... ShockedLOL ... yaar iss bande ka kuch nahi ho sakta! LOL
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Posted: 2011-08-04T14:18:38Z
Thanks Natasha for the updateThumbs Up
Except the shopping part,rest episode seems like filler.
 Neha wants to put Ram on diet,par  dadi ke rehte ye  misssion impossible haiLOL
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Posted: 2011-08-04T14:58:13Z
thanks for update.dear..hvnt seen it still..will watch tomorrow
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Posted: 2011-08-04T15:22:05Z
Thanks for the great update. Seemed like a filler episode.
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