Majnus and Gajnus

Posted: 2011-07-27T10:02:39Z
I love this show to the core, but it cracks me up when all the majnus turn to gajnus oops Gajini suddenly. Let me elaborate, Kria is #1 Gajnu, how could she forget Reyaansh Singhania almost kissed her in the pool scene. She never thought about it and never felt awakward when around Rey. #2 Vicky: How can he forget he goes into his dreamland and "Jab se tere Naina" effect when he sees Neha. #3 Rey: How can he forget ,his Dazzlers are the biggest pranksters in the college. Last but not the least, Top of the list are the weaklings. I remember when everybody were settled down in the bus for the tour, principal had introduced RDX as Ravi Dixit. And today when Peon said Ravi Dixit, how could they forget RDX is Ravi Dixit. I guess as somebody stated earlier in other posts, Script wale bhaisaab has Gajini Effect.
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Posted: 2011-07-27T10:08:49Z
paka wala agreed
script wale bhaiya gajni k sabse bde fan h
haha gajnus nice name
n baki ka pta ni bt hmare vicky g pakke gajni ho gye h neha ko dek kuch hota hi ni n are yar thode bahut blooper to jhelme pdte h
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Posted: 2011-07-27T10:16:16Z

Scriptwaale bhaisaab makes our D3 boys loose focus whenever they see the girls. I wonder what makes this bhaisaab loose focus and make bloopers like those.

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Posted: 2011-07-27T10:21:37Z
oye i hav a feeling ki scpritwala bhai saab ki yeh gajini effect ka toh yeh bas suruwad hai...lets wait n watch scriptwala bhaisaab ki jalwa
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Posted: 2011-07-27T10:36:30Z
All that Bhaisaab needs to do is FOCUS. (famous line from D3).
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Posted: 2011-07-27T10:39:40Z
ur ryt...yeah sab kuch hua just because woh bhaisaab focus nahi kar paraha hoon...hehehe...  ;)
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Posted: 2011-07-27T10:51:49Z
For scriptwale bhaiya
in armaan's style
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Posted: 2011-07-27T11:04:11Z
well, I don't know about Armaan coz never watched DMG. But, Vicky's style (with two hands on the head) FOCUS Bhaiya FOCUS...
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