FF Abhiya: In ur Arms Forever Chap15-Pg-120

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I had one concept in my mind since so many days I thought of writing this as FF so here I m
Now this is FF.Haye wohi karna padha jo nahi karna chahti thi
Chalo Koi nahi.Ab main pachta rahi hoonLOL.Kisi aur concept mai OS likhti toh better hota kam se kam FF mai nahi convert karna padtaCryWinkLOL
Ok guys I m changing name of dis FF.Previously it was Plz come back but now whn I writing it as FF.I wnt 2 change its name as well so now name is'In ur arms forever'
Character sketch
Pia Raichand: She married Abhay but Abhay died & after tht Raichand shifted 2 Spain. She still has faith tht her love will come back.Now after 19 years she agn came back 2 Dehradun & will meet love of her life agn.Her life will b a rollercoaster ride.
Abhi Khanna aka Abhay: He was born 2 a rich Khanna family completely his studies in London.Fun loving,naughty,attitudebazz & casanova.He is common man yet special.There r many secrets abt his life & I'll reveal thm slowly.He came 2 India(Dehradun) 4 the 1st time & his arrival will change everything.His life will change after his 18th b'day thts wht astrologer predicted 
Misha Dobriyal: She is a vampire.She had an accident 17 years ago & was very serious so unwillingly Pia had 2 bite her 2 save her life.She was angry at Pia 1st but thn she accepted her fate.So she is still Pia's frnd cum sis & is of same age as of Pia.
Tashi Khanna: Bindass sis of Abhi.She is fun loving & prankster jst lke Misha thts y she & Misha became gud frnd.
Mr Chand Raichand: After his son death they shifted in spain & now he is one of the member of superior council
Mrs Haseena Raichand: She was completely torn after his son death.She is great supporter of Pia.Luk after her lke caring mother & is still waiting 4 her son
Mrs Gaytri Khanna(Granny):She is Abhi-Tashi's granny.She love Abhi way 2 much & she only spoiled him.
Mr Vikram Khanna:He is one of the richest man of Dehradun.Khanna used 2 live in London but shifted 2 Dehradun 2 years ago on granny's request but their son had 2 stay at London 4 his studies.He is frnd wid Dobriyals & will become frnds wid Raichands too
Mrs Radhika Khanna: A very caring mother.She love her children too much but is worried abt Astrologers prediction.She love Abhi too much & tht prediction is killing her.
Mr Arnab Dobriyal: He is aged now.But still a gud business man.Misha lives wid thm.He still not lke Raichand 4 wht they did wid his daughters.He is frnd wid Khanna's.Misha help him in his business
Mrs Madhu Dobriyal: She too is old now. She is Misha & Panchi's mother.
Panchi & darnish: they r married & live far away.I wont bring thm back.Kitni mushkil se panchi ko bhagaya haiLOL
Karan: Abhi's bst frnd & will fall 4 Misha
 Pickle:Is sexy gal who is behind Abhi.Jst lke T
There r more characters but I wont introduced thm so soon coz I wnt 2 keep it a secret.
So wht will happen whn every1 will meet Abhi?
My other work(I wrote many OS but kaun dhoonde unhe so here is only SS link:P)
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ok shrish nw its my turn...this timw i m warning u i want nxt update by tomorrow n if possible , y nt after sometimeWinkWink

omg shrish dat was superb...written beautifully n haseena my god...d way u av defined her character...truely amazing ..d way she said pia bacha "i was like woww"...
n d suspense of d story...shirsh i cn;t hold this...y abhay left...i wanna knw this nw...pia in such bad conditionCry...i m feeling reli bad for herCry..yaar wapas le aa abhay ko...kuon itna jhulam kar rahi hai hai dono pe indirectly mujh pe..i cn't wait...loved itSmile
a big hug to u for this fantastic osHug
continue sooon

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Posted: 2011-07-24T12:47:41Z
Awesome... please continue soon... I cant wait to read what happened
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Posted: 2011-07-24T12:49:26Z
Awww Shrish...another OS...thank you...It was really emotional... Loved Haseena...she was soo sweet with Piya... now will read part 2... sorry i was updating my FF so late hogayi Embarrassed Edited by princess_xeelan - 2011-07-24T14:40:39Z
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Originally posted by heena_mehta

ok shrish nw its my turn...this timw i m warning u i want nxt update by tomorrow n if possible , y nt after sometimeWinkWink

omg shrish dat was superb...written beautifully n haseena my god...d way u av defined her character...truely amazing ..d way she said pia bacha "i was like woww"...
n d suspense of d story...shirsh i cn;t hold this...y abhay left...i wanna knw this nw...pia in such bad conditionCry...i m feeling reli bad for herCry..yaar wapas le aa abhay ko...kuon itna jhulam kar rahi hai hai dono pe indirectly mujh pe..i cn't wait...loved itSmile
a big hug to u for this fantastic osHug
continue sooon

HAHA Thnx Heena I'll try 2 update soon.Hhahha Sure I'll give u update.Oh evn i m feeling bad 4 Abhiya jst wait 2 c kya hota haiLOLLOL
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Posted: 2011-07-24T12:57:17Z
 Part 1
A girl wid tears in her eyes was standing near window thinking abt someone she loved wid her dead heart.Someone she crave 4 & someone she is still craving 4.
Pia(reciting her poetry):
I m standing here all alone & apart,
wid a love & desire in my heart.
I m so tired no hope in life
Plz come back so tht I can rest in ur arms.
Thn Haseena enter her room
Haseena:Pia beta where r u sweety?
Pia:Mom I m jst standing
Haseena:Don't tell me tum phir wohi soch rahi ho.Y u r hurting urself so much?U know he can nevr c u in pain not 4 me but 4 him plz Pia forget everything & smile
Pia:How can I forget everything mom.I love him.Mujhe pta hai he'll come.But I cant wait anymore
Haseena:Pia my bacha if he has 2 return he would have written but I have faith in ur faith but dont cry
Pia:Ok mumma I'll try
Haseena leaves & Pia agn lost in her thoughts
19 years ago
It was a romantic day.Everything seems perfect.Abhay & Pia were sitting near a lake holding each other hands probably thinking abt their future but who knows wht future hold 4 us?Few days back only they got married.Mr & Mrs Dobriyal knows nothing abt Raichand's identity but Mr.Arnab was ready 4 dis marriage 4 Pia's sake.He knew Abhay love Pia way 2 much.The lake seems calm,the whole atmosphere was at peace only birds chirpping could be heard.But was this peace a gud sign or  an indication of upcoming disastor who know?
Pia was resting at Abhay's chest & Abhay was caressing her hair.They both were so happy.Finally they were where they belong to, in each other arms.Abhay was continuously kissing her showing his extreme love 2 Pia & Pia in return was giving him same passionate kisses 2 show her emotions.Abhay had already turned Pia into a vampire.She was new blood vampire so she preferred 2 stay away frm her own family.Raichands had already decided 2 leave dehradun so tht no dobriyals could suspect anything.Pia was upset abt leaving her family but who said tht loving some1 will b easy.She had 2 choose b/w Abhay & family & she chose Abhay so now it was on her 2 dealt wid her decision.
Abhay:Pia I m so happy.I never thought not evn in my wild imagination tht u would b all mine
Pia:Abhay but I always knew tht u'll b there 4 me
Abhay:If I m dreaming let me dream
Pia:No Mr.Abhay Raichand everything is true
Abhay:Oh really Mrs.Abhay Raichand tht means now ur my officially wife so I can do whtever I wnt
Pia:Oh shut Abhay stop behaving lke a cheesy majnu.Pehle toh stay away me ka naara laga k tumne mujhe tang kiya ab suddenly u r saying chessy dialog
Abhay:Oh but I wnt 2 c u happy & I thought I was a monster
Pia:Abhay I told u always tht u not a monster now evn I m lke u so do u think me 2 monster?
Abhay:No,Pia u r my angel.My gorgeous angel
Pia:And u r my knight armour my loser knight armour
Abhay:Oh evn loser sound sexy frm ur voice.Acha promise me u'll never leave me,u'll always love me evn I m far away u'll wait 4 me
Pia:I promise u I'll nevr leave u,will luv u & will wait 4 u till eternity but evn u have 2 promise the same
Abhay:I promise sweetheart
Thn he kissed her soft rosy lips which was crackling & had spark enough 2 lighten up the forest
Pia:U promised me Abhay but u broke ur promise.I m still standing here & U left me 4 this miserable life.Tht was our last night together.I m here standing all alone whn I really need u.I loved u & u ..(Tears in her eyes)But I m not lke u i'll keep my promise.C Abhay ur Pia is still waiting 4 u.Come back I need u.I really need u.I m all broken.I m craving 4 u.Every day seems dark without u,every night tease me.I nned ur arms,I need ur shoulder upon which I can rest.Now I m actually dead.U always wnt 2 c me happy but c today ur Pia is not happy.Come back 4 me.4 our love.4 ur promise.Oh how I wish uss raat aisa na hota jo hua tht was horrible.Worst thn nightmare which blew away my happiness.V were so happy & jst one incident changed our life
Pia:I heard something Abhay...
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Part 2

Pia:Abhay I heard something
Abhay:Wht Pia?Y r u spoiling this romantic moment jaan
A howling sound tearing away forest chest.This time Abhay also heard it.He knew who were making this sound.So he got alarmed.He covered pia lke a sheild.He knew the war was abt 2 began & he dont wnt evn a scratch in her body.
Jeh was there wid his pack of wolves.Pia saw him & felt happy 2 c her frnd after so long but Jeh was bit different this time.He do care 4 Pia but his identity & responsibility towards his clan tied his hands.
Jeh was approaching Abhay wid his pack of wolves ready 2 attack him, tear him apart.Abhay converted into his vampy avtar & pounced at thm.Abhay was all alone & Pia was still at delima 2 evn think.Jeh this side was painful 2 her.He attacking his beloved husband was too much 4 her too hold.Somehow she recollected herself & converted herself into vampire 2 help her husband in dis battle.She pounced at wolves,attacked thm brutually.Abhay was agnst this idea.He wnted 2 keep Pia save so he evn asked her 2 go but she refused & fighted wid wolves.
Abhay was badly bleeding,Pia too got some scratches.All wolves main target was Abhay & they were not attacking Pia so much coz of Jeh's instruction.The war was still on.Abhay already killed 2 of the wolves & one was badly injured
8 wolves were still left & soon Abhay was his mom-dad.Raichands were all set 2 support his son.They killed 5 other wolves too.Now it was Raichand vs Khuranas.Pia injured herself badly so it was impossible 4 her 2 continue fight so Abhay  laid her under a tree.Abhay vs Neel.Abhay blew him away.Pounced him & thn one last bite & he was bathing in neel's blood & neel was dead.This made Jeh furious.He attacked Abhay while Haseena was keeping herself busy wid Deepinita.Chand was keeping watch at Pia.Wolves were not enough tht evn metz joined the war.She was still angry at Abhiya marriage.She was fuming.How could her Abhayendra marry Pia?She jst wnted 2 end Pia's life.This was her aim where as Jeh wnted 2 kill Abhay Both soulmates were sailing in same boat.
Jeh took the wooden weapon 2 cut through Abhay's heart but Pia attacked him & Jeh was dead thn & there.Abhay stood their still facing Pia there were tears in her eyes she never wnted 2 do this but had no option.While metz frm other side tried 2 stab at Pia's back but Abhay quickly took wooden block 4rm Pia's hand & turned Pia 2 other side & stabbed tht weapon in Metz dead heart.He was once shocked at his own action while Pia was shouting wid pain.Metz was dead whereas Abhay..B4 Metz died she already had stabbed Abhay's chest.She never wnted 2 kill Abhay.Pia was her aim but Abhay came in b/w.She killed him & she herself was dead 4 her deeds.
Pia was stunned at this whole incidence.She ran 2words Abhay.Made him lie on her lap.Touched his wounds,tried 2 heal him but all in vain.She kissed his lips 2 feel his last tender touch.Her eyes were mist.She had tears.Haseena was shocked 2 c her Abhay lke dis.4 the 1st time Chand showed his emotion.Abhay was lying cold & dead in Pia's arm
Abhay:Promise me u wont cry honey,U know I hate tears.I love u & will always love u.Move ahead in life.I wnt 2 c u happy
Pia:No Abhay u cant leave me.C u promised me.How can I b happy whn my happiness lies wid u.Plz dont go.
Abhay kissed her lips & died in Pia's arm
Pia shouted:U have 2 come back.4 me.4 our love.
Tht night sky cried 4 these soulmates.Pia painful shout teared clouds chest & they burst out.Rain droplets were washing away Pia's tears.Haseena performed some ritual wid Abhay's body 2 free his soul while Pia sat there continuously for 2 day.Chandeena had 2 forcefully took her away
Pia:Oh how I wish uss raat tum nahi main hoti.Cry..
It was raining.Same rain droplets were washing her tears away
Flashback(few day b4 their marriage)
Pia:Abhay its raining let me enjoy
Abhay:U'll catch cold
Pia:Shut up Abhay.Abhi kuch din baad v'll get married so b prepared 2 listen me
Abhay:Yes ma'am
Pia was dancing in rain while Abhay was admiring her beauty & simplicity.He comed 2 Pia pulled her closer & gaveher passionate kiss.She kissed him back.Their hearts were beating fast,fast enough 2 burst.They continued wid their kiss & romance
Abhay:U know it is said tht rains happen coz of 2 reason one god is so sad 2 c u in pain or whn God had planned something 4 u & he wnts 2 indicates tht ur destiny is near.
Pia:Agn God is in pain I guess 2 c me unhappy...
But was this an end Picture abhi baki hai mere dostLOLLOL(to b continue)
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Posted: 2011-07-24T12:58:59Z
Originally posted by pari_smart

Awesome... please continue soon... I cant wait to read what happened
Oh ab wait karo yeh suspense itni jaldi nahi khulegaLOLLOL
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