BALH 20th July 2011 Written Update

Posted: 2011-07-20T13:43:43Z

Dheere Dheere Haule Haule Chupke se ab hoga

Kehtey hai yeh pyaar jisey hum na janey Kab hoga

Bade aache Lagte Hai 
Yeh mausam ye baatein or


Video Update
(By Nipun)

              BALH 19th July 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with everyone happy face Ram say to pandit that marriage date has been fixed now we can move on marriage time. One of the pandit says, according to natz and karthik's kundali morning 11 am is the best muhurat time. Everybody is happy then they ask other panditto tell what should be the marriage timings for pirya and my marriage.the pandit tell evening 7pm is the best muhurat time  Ram agrees the marriage time. Ram say everything will not go according to our wishes i have learnt that if life is all about sharing then we should learn to adjust. Ram sees towards priya, and priya smiles. Embarrassed Niharika congrats shipra.

Later in office vikram talks about a plan, asks if it is right we will start the meeting...ram says...what meeting yaar? i m only thinking about the after one functions it is not at all, even...they talk about something like tilak...i am tried...then ram asks vikram, did he call rishab...vikram replies that he had called rishab and he will be returning in 6 days...rishab said after two days, there are some exams are getting over, and later he will do shopping with his friends...and i said please be on time for ram's marriage, and rishab said he will be on time. Ram's very happy...ram asks vikram to call sid...vikram says he will be always roaming around, where will i find him...ram asks, what's the meaning for this...he will be UK, US, Europe, businesses is handled by sid, how can you talk about know he is very important to me. i have thought one two sisters are settled, and if two brothers get settled, my responsible will be over. and i will relax and will handle over the business to them. Vikram says what are you talking about...u are the only one type of person...u have work very hard and have built this empire...and now you want to give this to your brothers? thing...i agree these are your brothers and sisters...but they are not your own brothers and sisters...think about your future...

ram says we will not talk about this conversations...ram says to vikram to call sid and i want him to be at the three pillars should to be present with me..that is rishab, siddarth and you! now please call siddarth, vikram calls sid, ram wants to talk with you. Ram talks with sid, and says he is very angry with him...where are you..and what are you doing? you even did not attend my engagement. Sid says i am fine and says sorry for not attending the engagement...and tells he was busy with the work, he does not get a day time...and again says sorry...ram says, there is no need to say can i be angry with you...i was just joking..ram asks why he is working so hard? whether he is eating food regularly. Sids says he is busy 24/7 and handling 4 countries business, where is the time to eat...some lady talks between...ram hears and asks where is he and whose voice is that...sid says i am in office and i will be night long...i had to clear some files. Sid says he is not hearing ram's voice and cuts the phone. Ram says who will be the license to these mobile companies...everytime network problem...but he see...sid will build the company better than me. vikram says, i hope so.Sid calls mamaji...and says what is happening? i am chilling out here...and brother is calling and disturbing! what is the problem of all of them there...mamaji says that ram is marrying for the first not worry...what you will bring for me from there? sid says he will bring whatever his mamaji asks...and says he is in new york and enjoying..mamaji had gone to paris for business work, ram had sent you to paris...what are you doing in new york? ram is handling the business very well...what is the necessity of and me are the same type...for my sister, i do not work..and for ram, you do not work..and tells a line... :Confused: and asks about the girls...sid says he is busy and cuts the phone, and finally says when will these people will leave me alone...niharikaji talks with mehra on mobile...she says the marriage is on...tilak is happening at evening 7 pm and you should be excuse please...shipra calls a neelam beauty order bridal makeup...i will give the date later..

Natz calls her friend tony and asks him to attend the function...priya what are you doing...what will i do with this girl says is tilak function and you are cutting vegetables...for myself...please show some excitement...priya says I m so excited...and tells what is there to be get excited about...shipra asks ayesha to bring the face pack...and tells ayesha to apply face pack to priya...priya says i will not apply this artifical things...shipra says this is not artificial..this natural, just like you...priya sees the cucumber that she had cut for salad..priya takes the cutted cucumber and says do not spoil my salad. ayesha says this is to apply to eyes...and says to priya, you will never change...and priya does agrees that..and says i will not change and especially for mr.kapoor, i will never change. Ram is watching a cricket match...vikram asks ram to select kutra for the function...ram says there is two overs left,please you only select...ram, downstairs everybody is waiting and you are watching cricket...ram says to vikram to go and he will be there in 5 minutes...ram, for tilak function, everybody is waiting for you..i will go downstairs, but this is not my tilak function. Sharma's arrives at niharikaji house.

Mamaji calls shipra as shilpaji...neha tells priya that she is looking very cute...and looking at you, ram will be flat...priya says to neha that she is also looking good. Karthik goes on complimenting others in the hall...and goes near natz...and tells why he was complimenting others...becoz other will not get complexed seeing natasha. mamaji gives a orange drink to sudhir and says, it is especially brought from america  mamaji and sudhir talk for a while...niharikaji tells shipra that this wedding will be the biggest wedding ever! More than 1000 people will arrive to the wedding...for this wedding, ram's grandmother is coming from amritsar. shipra and niharika talks who ever are coming to the wedding...shipra says arrangements should be made...and niharika says that's right arrangements should be made. Neha asks where is her husband and i know him...tells may he will be with his friend ram...there my husband is with your husband..tells to priya..then says sorry and tells honewalla pati ke saath...Neha tells to priya that ram is looking very cute in kurta paijhama...neha tells ram, that he is looking very cute in kurta paijhama and says even priya was saying the same...they both look towards each other...vikram says neha is wearing saree..ram says who is this...neha says very funny and vikram says neha is looking very wife is looking very nice. Ram says to priya not to say cute...its very embarassing...priya says i won't say false comments...i do not like to lie.

Niharikaji calls ram and natasha and tells it is very important, for catering we should take the order from Taj. Taj is best! Sudhir feels somewhat awkward...ishika interferes and tells she had the same catering company that were in her lets try another catering...niharika says ok and tells her brother to contact the manager and gives the responsible of the arrangement to him. those guests who are coming from UK and US, you have to take care of them...mamaji says worry not..i have taken care and we have arranged 3 chartered flights also. and niharika says for ladka and ladki marriage costumes must be designed from Anisha Malhotra only...natz says no...and tells do whatever to ram and priya's marriage, but for my and karthik marriage, i will only design the wedding costumes...ram requests mamaji that security should be strong. so many people are coming, important people, film stars...politicians...nobody should face any problems...and from delhi and other cities, some of them are coming...please arrange 25 vehicles for them. mamaji says he has arranged everything.

 Sudhir leaves the area...priya sees her father leaving the area and she follows her father. priya asks her father..why did he leave the area and he is standing seperately and says he should involve in the discussions...sudhir says everybody is there, your mother is there...your honewalla pathi hai, he has lots of money, working force is between them..what is my place...priya says why he is talking like this...sudhir says he cannot understand the high profile discussion...priya says if you cannot understand then i will also stand here only...priya starts crying... sudhir tells priya not to cry and go there...

Ram sees priya coming very sadly and asks, if she is ok..and tells if you are thinking about the afternoon can bring everything from your house, chair, table and even the plant, i will adjust...priya says i was just trying to pull your leg...i was just joking...ram says ok..good...and asks priya why she is looking upset...priya says to ram, you cannot understand...ram says...what is this...why are you underestimating me now can try to understand me...priya says her father is not so rich and does not have as status as you have...but he has lots of dreams in his eyes...he has stored the dreams in his heart...and the most dream is the that his daughter's marriage...marriage is going on, but not from his involvement...ram does not understands and asks again..priya says with your big world, big people and big father is lost some where here...if he wants also..he cannot adjust in his situation...his heart wants to do lots of things..but his mind and his hands and legs are not giving support. In daughter's marriage, father's head will feel very kapoor...but my father is not at all daring to see his dreams only he has been feeling like stranger and feeling very low.

Sorry guyz as my net is not working Angry its really slow so can't able to watch the show onlineOuch i have taken the update from othere site with permission.. Sorry for the inconvenienceOuch
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During "In process"

Waiting eagerly Nats (hope you don't mind me calling you this). More later. Smile
After completion:
Hey Nats, it seems that the update is not complete. The end seems abrupt. No problem but many thanks for posting it.
I liked Ram's concern towards Priya's sadness. I really appreciate the way Priya instead of hesitating openly explained the reason of her sadness. This indicates the start of a strong relationship.
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Humble request - can you please break up the written update in paragraphs for ease of reading/following?  Based on themes? For example - as is done in 'saas bina sasural' written update?
Many thanks!
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Posted: 2011-07-20T20:24:15Z
Thnks for posting the updates even though  u faced an uphill task.
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Posted: 2011-07-20T21:34:17Z
Thanks for posting in spite of the online issues. 
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Posted: 2011-07-20T22:18:47Z

Can anyone please clarify how many siblings does Ram have? We already have see 2 sisters and 1 we have 2 more brothers?Shocked

In the short time Niharika was involved in a marriage of convenience with Ram's father she had 5 kids?
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Posted: 2011-07-20T22:48:05Z
thanks for the update
just liked the last part. priya conserned abt her father as always but good thing was that she is trying to tell it to ram so that he can also understand what a middle class man can think abt a wedding!!!!!!
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Posted: 2011-07-20T23:15:46Z
thanks for the wonderful update...Clap
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