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Hi everyone..yesterday in sbb ram said that the production house has asked him not to loose weight as there are many cute moments to come regarding his weight..bas wahin se i got this idea of starting a new thread with some..BADEY ACHCHEY LAGTEY hain moments..this topic wil have just random raya scenes in some selected situations..hope u all like it!

~*~Raya cute moments~*~
Moment 1...Pyar Toh Hona Hii Tha..Page 1..Smile

Moment 2..Perfect Love..Page 5,6 and 8..Smile

Moment 3..Shall We Dance..Page 10, 13 and 14..Smile 

Moment 4..A Wedding Gift..Page 16, 17 and 18..Smile

Moment 5..Happily Ever After..Page 21..Smile

Moment 6..Mrs. Ram Kapoor..Page 23..Smile 

Moment 7..Close To You..Page 25..Smile

Moment 8..Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar..Pg 26..Smile

Moment 9..The Wedding Night..Pg 32..Smile

Moment 10..Janam Samjha Karo..Pg 34..Smile

Moment 11..Kiss Of Love..Pg 36..Smile

Moment 12..Is this love?..Pg 39..Smile

Moment 13..Rumour has it!.Pg 42 ..Smile

Moment 14..Comedy of errors!..Pg 45.. Smile

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Its a scene in the hotel..everyone had gathered for the mehendi ceremony of nuts and priya being held together..the sharmas had reached there too..neha hugs priya and soo does niharika and welcomes them all..the ladies sit to get mehendi done and priya and nuts are made to sit together in the centre of the hall..priya smiles at nuts and she too says an excited hi and the two begin to get their mehendi on..while the men enjoy the drinks and chat..all the women are busy with the mehendi ceremony..NIHARIKA AND SHIPRA stand at a distance and watch their daughters take another step closer to the wedding..priya turns to nuts and finds her busy gazing at karthik as he too stood behind a pillar..smiling back at her..PRIYA FEELS SATISFIED to see that all was well between her brother and nuts..but with that she also felt something different..she looked around the whold hall looking for the man she was going to wed her..but he wasnt anywhere..and to her own surprise..PRIYA Wished he was around!..NEHA Who was watching all this walks upto priya and sits by her side to put mehendi in her other hand..PRIYA SMILES BUT turns back to look at the entrance of the hall..when neha's voice interrupts her thoughts as she says-kya hua priya..tum kuch khoyi khoyi lagg rahi ho..PRIYA REPLIES-nahin..vikram nahin nazar aa rahey?..NEHA FLASHES A BIG SMILE AND replies teasingly-VIKRAM YA RAM?..PRIYA looks embarassed as neha says-ram ki bahot important meeting thi..woh toh vikram ko janey ko keh raha tha..par mainney hii kaha ki ram ko lekar hii aaye..warna ussey waqt ka hosh nahin rehta..PRIYA SMILES AS NEHA PUTS mehendi on her hand and says on looking at priya on a more serious note-WOH ACHCHA HAI PRIYA..(balh track plays)..RISHTON ko nibhaney ki samajh hai ussey..bas uss samajh ko aaney mein waqt lagta hai (neha knew priya would be wondering how indifferent ram was so she says on) aur yeh rishta jo woh tumse jodney wala hai..usne kabhi socha bhi nahin tha ki uski kismet mein aisa likha hai!..AND TRUST ME..HE wil make a great husband!..

Ram is busy greeting all the guests..and as priya's eyes followed him all through the hall she had begun to feel angry at ram ignoring her presence itself!..BUT THE NEXT INSTANT SHE REALISES THAT she didnt have a right on him yet..and even after marriage she knew there would be no demands..no expectations on her behalf..shrugging away all sorts of thoughts..priya stares at the mehendi on her hands as the naach gaana begins to happen at full volume..RAM WHO was finding it hard to keep intact that same smile on his face and accept all the congratulations..manages to reach where priya was and since almost everyone had hit the dancefloor including nuts with her mehendi..ram was alone with priya..he takes a seat next to her..and looking at her ram flashes a tired smile..priya gives a faint smile and asks-meeting kaisi rahi?..RAM REPLIES-Theek thi..(balh track plays in bg as his eyes fall on priya's mehendi and ram says pointing to it)..its nice..

Priya looks at ram taken aback and as he looks at her with an innocent smile..priya could see the honesty in his eyes and her lips too break into a smile and amidst the loud music and partying in the hall..two hearts were finding pleasure in the silence in each other's company..A LITTLE LATER ITS DINNER TIME..and ram is busy making sure that everythng was arranged properly with vikram..and among all the rush..ram notices nuts and karthik sitting in a corner..and karthik making her eat the food..ram smiles and satisfied that his choti was happy..he looks away and finds priya's dad making shipra eat too..its when vikram says to ram hurriedly-ram main abhi aaya..neha ko bahot zoro se bhook lagi hai and thanks to the mehendi..mujhe jana hoga ussey khana khilaney..(and he leaves) That RAM REALISES.. He too had a responsibility to fulfill and for the first time in the evening..ram forgets everything and his eyes wander all around the hall..LOOKING FOR PRIYA!..and when he doesnt find her anywhere..ram looks for her more frantically..and reaching vikram he asks neha-priya kahan hai..NEHA REPLIES-woh upar room mein gayi hai..usey bheed mein achcha nahin lagg raha tha..WITHOUT WAITING FOR NEHA TO COMPLETE..ram makes his way to the rest room where priya was..and reaching there he knocks at the door..he was more than relieved to hear priya say a Come in and stepping inside he finds her standing by the window..and as she turned to look at him..the cool breeze blew her hair across her face and ram notices how elegant yet beautiful priya looked in the green outfit..THE SONG PLAYS IN BG ~JAB KISI KI TARAf dil jhukne lagey..baat aakar zuban tak rukney lagey..(ram reaches to the place where priya was and as he sees her try to set her hair right..ram steps close to priya and with his hand he removes the hair from her face and tucks it behind her ear..while a startled priya just gazes at him..and the lines play)AAkhon aakhon mein ikrar honney lagey..bol do gar tumhe pyar honney lagey..

Ram closes the window and turning to priya who was completely offguard by then..he asks-khana khaya?..PRIYA Calms herself and replies trying her best to sound normal-nahin..woh..mehendi..RAM SMILES SAYING- i knew it!..thats why mainey pehle se hii tumharey liye khana order kar diya tha!..THERE'S ANOTHER knock at the door and the waiter enters with a tray carrying a plate with food in it and keeping it on the table he leaves while a completely surprised priya stares at ram as he says-chalo..khana kha lo..PRIYA IS COMPLETELY SURPRISED and replies-par kaise Mr. Kapoor?..RAM FLASHES A VICTORIOUS smile and says-waise hii jaise neechey nuts aur tumhari mom kha rahi thi..karthik aur tumhare dad ke hathon se..BALH MUSIC plays in bg as ram brings the plate and filling a spoon full of rice he offers it to priya as she takes it wondering would she ever be able to know the Real Ram kapoor!

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OMG! What an awesome moment! Neha is afterall his friend and the best person to assure Priya! Lovely!
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can u pls post da video thanks
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really nicely written .. it is an apt moment .. I love the dialogue .. wondering who will  be the first to fall in love ?? I mean the way things are going I have no clue who is more stubborn .. but Ram tend to give in quickly ..so may be him
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Priya gives a sheepish smile as neha says-chalo abb tumhare honney waley saiyan ka naam likhtey hain..PRIYA LOOKS ek dum taken aback and awkward and as neha puts down ram's name in priya's mehendi..an embarassed priya looks away and as her eyes fall on the door this time..she finds Ram walk in dressed in a black buisiness suit with vikram..and a surprised priya stares at him as he walks in style and with a cute smile on his face greeting everyone..and then she looks down at his name written in her mehendi..the balh title track plays in bg as priya just gazes at ram talking to niharika and meeting shipra and in her heart.. To her own surprise she waited for him to walk upto her and meet her!
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Hey gals the moment wasnt complete yet lol plz read reamining of pt 1 too!
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