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This is a group venture to entertain you guys 

Here some of our very talented ff writers are going to write an ff 

wherein they themselves will be the characters 

They will be placed opposite the hot studs oftheir favourite shows Keep yourself tuned in for more 

If you like the idea please hit the like button 

Leave your comments and criticisms too.

Marriage a word which has various dimensions

It not only binds two human beings but also binds families.

A girl is taken from her home to a place which has to ultimately become her home. 

But making your husband's home your home isn't an easy task 

You need to gain support, love and faith of the family. 

Above all you need his faith and his love.

In this story we explore the lives of four such girls, what they go through and what they get.

 Title Song

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Maan Khuranna (Sur's husband & oldest son)
Siddharth Khuranna(sid)(fiza's husband& 2nd oldest son)
Krishna Khuranna(Ramona's husband &3rd son)
Jeh Khuranna (Nidha's husband & youngest son) 
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 Sur  Khurana:  24 years old has been married for 3 years  She has come from a rich family. She is very generous. She doesn't have much dream or desire. All she wants to have is the family she is living with and she is happy with the household things. She know's the family rules and respects them. She is  the oldest bahu and loves her deveranis they are like her littels sisters , loves her husband Maan but wishes he wasn't a workaholic.  He doesn't have time for her she wishes her old Maan,the one  before marriage  would come back to her the one who loves her so much that he would cancel meeting just meet her and make her smile.

 Maan Khurana: 30 years old been married for 3 years to Sur .   Is a workaholic hates how Sur makes him feel guilty for not giving her and the household enough time. He is arrogant , tough   and edgy  man, who believes in taking risk and going for what he wants by hook or crook. He is extremely attached to his Brothers oldest son has ton of responsibiltiy towards his family.  Loves his wife. He is just belives in everything his parents have told him mainly this "only give woman enough freedom you can handle otherwise its will backfire"

SUR-MAAN will be written by Lalmirch28 aka Fiza

Krishna Khurana :26 year old 3rd son of Khuranna's. To the outer world and to his family his the perfect, loving and caring husband. But he is secretly nursing the wounds given by a broken heart and broken marriage. He considers Ramona as the bad omen of his life and loathes her dearly. Will his hate one day turn into love?

Ramona Khurana: 22 year old, has been married to Krishna for one and a half years now. She never much like him in college but now absolutely loathes him for the game he is playing with her life. She loves and respects everyone in the Khuranna family other than her husband. But she is not one to lie down and take all that is served to her. Will she be able to lead a normal life with Krishna ever?

RAMONA-KRISHNA will be written by Nidhsara aka Nidha

Jeh Khurana
25 years old the youngest sibling of is his passion but he sacrifised it for his family especially for his elder brother maan he is a famous successful young businessman heartthrob of every young girl but married to Nidha...his marriage with nidha is compromise to him...he never notices his wife... for him nidha is nothing but a costly painting hanged on wall who is made to hold his hand in parties but a stranger in bedroom

Nidha Khurana
21 years old,youngest bahu of khurannas...she is madly in love with Jeh since college days...destiny played its game and she got married to her secret love but later she came to know her and her elder sister Fiza's marriage was a business deal... She doesn't want to live like a showpiece of Jeh's room but like his soulmate ...for everyone N&J are perfect couple but only they know nothing is perfect between them...she always wears a fake smile though initially she is heartbroken she is waiting for some magic that will change her life

NIDHA-JEH will be written by Sur001 aka Sur

Fiza Khurana- 24 yr old, second daughter- in- law of the Khurana household. A sweet and bubbly girl with a heart of gold. Unlike her sister Nidha,  Fiza is bold and can do anything for the loved ones. She shares a special bond with her in-laws. Fiza believes that love and trust are the essential requirements of any relationship... However, she has  beeen cursing her fate ever since she married Siddharth Khurana. Will she ever be able to change Siddharth's attitude?

Siddharth Khurana- A very rude and dominating guy. He is a male chauvinist who considers women as mere objects of pleasure. For him, a woman is required to do only household chores and bear children. He considers women as tissue papers.  His temper is very volatile, when he loses it... all hell breaks loose. Will he ever realise Fiza's importance in his life?

SID - FIZA will be written by KriYa_life aka Ramona.

Family Sketch
Khuranna family is one of the most prestigious families in Mumbai. It has been in existence since before independence. 
Owners of immense wealth and power they are one of the leading business families in Mumbai.
Presently it is headed by , Amarjeet Khurana father to Maan, Siddarth, Krishna, Jeh and a daughter Shikha.
He is a very strict and ruthless business man who believed that women will misuse freedom if given beyond a certain level. He loves his family very much. But doesn't know how to show it. His actions are mostly ruled by his aunt Savarnna. He has the greatest influence over his sons.

Shanthi Khurana, Amarjeeth's wife and mother of the five Khuranna's. She is a very demure and down to earth woman. She loves her daughter in laws just like her daughter and are their greatest support in the house.

Savarnna Khurana: Aunt to Amarjeet Khurana he followes her words like rules. She decides the events of the house. She bosses over the daughter in laws of the house.

Savitri Devi Khurana: Amarjeet's mother. She was known as Badi Dadi . Loved by one and all of the daughter in laws. A very jovial broad minded old lady.

Shikha Khurana: Spoilt little sister of four brothers. She doesn't see life realistically and behaves rudely with her sister-in-laws.

A modern yet traditional family. Its patriarchal like most Indian families where the male heads word is law. Men rule over women in the family to the extent of sometimes physically abusing them. 
Sometimes women themselves are the greatest enemy of women. Here in this family too such women exist.
So what are the challenges that our four lovely Bahu's face. Will they take it lying down? Or will they fight back to earn their rightful places?
To know that stay tuned
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Nice idea will look forward to it.
The girls and guys are awesome.
Thanks for the pm fiza.
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Posted: 2011-07-19T23:18:10Z
thnx 4 d pm luv...
awesome start...carry on...
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Posted: 2011-07-19T23:45:20Z
awesum start Fiza
really luvd the idea of this ff...
my and my mr.khadoos singh khurana's character sketch is awesome ...
lets see what 's in store for all bahus of khurana khandaan
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Posted: 2011-07-20T00:28:40Z
Excellent character sketch Fiza...
The pics are awesome too...
Sorry I couldn't do the glitter text introduction...had to got bed early yesterdayEmbarrassed
Badi bhabhiji...fikar not...khadoos ko hum pigla denge bhai...aadao se maarengeWink

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