OS- Damn Angoothi

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Car Accident...Priya and Ram face each other...lost in their little world.

tujh ko pukarey meri angoothi hoo ho oo o

tujh ko pukarey meri angoothi

aaja mein to thak gaya hoon teri aane ki rah mein

tujh ko pukarey meri angoothi



kitne pal huwe meri annkhen tujhey dhoond rahi hein

bheti saansein khuli nigahein tujhey dhoond rahi hein

saamne aaja aik baar hooo

aaja mein to khada hoon teri rah mein

tujh ko pukarey meri angoothi hoo


The phone rings...Ram leaves in a huff.


"Maa!"  Ram shouted as he stepped into the house, still trying to get the ring off.


"Uff...stupid ring.  I don't know why I agreed to allow it to be put on in the first place."  Ram muttered angrily.


"Ram...there you are darling.  What is the matter?"  Niharika walked up to Ram and kissed his cheek lightly.


Ram looked at his mother as if she was some strange creature he had not seen before.  "Maa...you called me...remember...come back home."

"Oh...yes.  But why are you trying to take the ring off Ram?" Niharika fluttered her lashes and pouted her lips.

"I am trying to get the damn ring off.  I was in the middle of giving it back to that moron of a woman when you called."  Ram stressed each word angrily as he dug his nails into the skin of the finger trying to push the ring.

"Oh Ram...stop that...you don't need to give her back the ring.  The engagement is back on...Natasha has changed her mind...you know..." gives silly laugh, "lovers...little tiff."  She kind of gives a coy look to Ram.

"What! What do you mean?  Choti has changed her mind! Where is she?  She can't go about yo-yoing my life.  Do you know what I said to Kartik's behen...woh Priya?  I was ready to strangle her for what her brother has done to my life."  Ram shouted with frustration, "LOOK...LOOK at my finger...I think I need a surgery to get this stupid piece of metal off."

Niharika, rubbing Ram's back like she is soothing a naughty upset child.  "Ram...please...calm down. Come let's have a drink...what you need a shot of cognac...that will relax you."

"Maa...I don't need cognac...what I need is to see choti and ask her what she is upto."  Ram resists being tugged into the lounge.

Niharika giggles, "Uff Ram...choti is gone...she is taking Kartik out...you know kiss and makeup."

"Well then in that case...I need to go and see Vikram...I need to discuss something."  Ram takes out his phone to call Vikram to let him know he is coming.

Niharika takes the phone from Ram, "First promise me that you will not take this ring off.  Ram I want you to get married to Priya.  She is just the kind of wife you need...someone who will completely run your life, your home and will make a perfect mother for my grandchildren."

Ram gasps, "Maa...bacche...grandchildren...have you gone mad.  At my age have children! Isn't choti enough for me to look after.  I don't want any more children.  I don't want to die young."

Niharika titters like a silly schoolgirl.  "Ram...darling.  You are not old.  Now days men in their fifties and sixties are becoming fathers.  And Natasha is your sister...let Kartik look after her now.  I mean that is why she wants to get married.  She told me...maa bhaiya needs someone else to love him now."

Ram grabs his cell phone, "I am going maa...I don't understand you women.  I don't care what the rest of men are doing...I am not going to be labelled as one of them."

"Vikram...it's me Ram.  Meet me at the club."


Vikram arrives at the club.  Ram is sitting at a table nursing a drink. Vikram looks at the scowl on Ram's face.  "What's up buddy?  Bhabhi has been telling you off." 

Ram glares at Vikram, "Oye...don't talk crap.  And who is bhabhi?"

Vikram grins, "Priya ofcourse.  I think I have earned a right to call her bhabhi you know.   Such a sweet woman.  You know Neha was telling me that she can feel good vibes going on between you two.  She can't wait to decorate your room for the wedding night.  I found her browsing on my laptops...looking for candles."  While Vikram is speaking, Ram eyes are inching into round orb while he feels his pressure is sky rocketing.

"What the hell Vikram?  You better stop Neha.  It was bad enough the other day when she barged into my bedroom and turned it upside down.  And anyway there is going to be no wedding.  I have decided...Priya is not suitable for me."  Ram is once again starts to pull the ring off.

Vikram picks up Ram's drink and down it. "I needed that to digest what you just said.  What is wrong with you man?  At your age...a nice, pretty, sensible girl is willing to get hitched to you and you are saying she is not your type?  Have you had a look in the mirror lately?  You are not getting younger.  Look at you...a fat paunch, grey hairs and already you behave like you are sixty year old."

"what did you say?" Ram shouts.  Everyone in the club looks at him.  The manager walks over, "Anything wrong sir?" he asks politely.

Vikram answers quickly, "No nothing...just my friend is bit excited...you know just got engaged."


"Oh congratulation sir.  I will have a congratulatory drink sent over sir.  What would you prefer, vodka, rum, brandy..."

"Make it two rum please." Vikram  gives the order.


Vikram grabs Ram's hand that is trying to pull the ring off.  "Listen Ram...this ring is your destiny...I think it is not meant to come off.  Just think about it...the coincidences...your car having accident and you indirectly meeting Priya.   The boy that Natasha loves turns out to be Priya's brother and then Kartik declaring he will not marry until Priya does...I mean who does that now days...siblings get married without waiting for others.  I mean in your house...your brother and your sister they all got married before you...no one said...let us get Ram married first."

Ram drops his head on the table in frustration.  "I think I want to kill all of you.  All you people are mad.  Why can't I stay a bachelor?  Why do you all want to make my life miserable?"

"Sir your drinks." The waiter sets the drink down.  Ram looks at the waiter, "Do you have a chainsaw?"

The waiter stares at Ram with surprise, "Chainsaw no sir.  Why do you need a chainsaw sir?"

Ram holds up his finger, "So I can get this damn ring off."

"OH!  That is a big problem sir...sorry sir...I think you do need a chainsaw. "  The waiter runs off.  Vikram shakes his head, "God what a stubborn mule you are.  I think maybe you should not get married.  You do not deserve Priya."

Ram's phone ring.  He smiles as he sees Natasha's name flashing.  "Hi Choti.  What's up?"

He hears giggling, "bhaiya...I just proposed to Kartik again...he said he willing to get married as long as you don't break off your engagement with Priya.  Bhaiya...promise nah...that you will get married...for me...I love you bhaiya."  Ram laughs, "Haan choti...I promise.  And I love you too.  Say sorry to Kartik for me...tell him I a stupid moron when it comes to you.  And choti...you and me are going to sit down and make up a prenuptial agreement...I want to make sure that he does not hurt my choti ever again."

"Oh bhaiya...you are the best.  And Bhaiya...I like that...why didn't I think of that?"

Ram looks pleased, "That is because you have a smart brother to do all the thinking for you."  Vikram in the meantime realize Ram is talking to Natasha and pulls faces.  "Smart...my foot.  The man does not even realize the bitches in his house are manipulating him around their little fingers.  I think I need to get away from him...or else I might become stupid like him."

Ram ends the call and is making another call.

"Mr Sharma...hello sir.  How are you?  How is auntiji?  Good...good.  Is Priya at home?"  Ram asks.  Vikram frowns.

"Priya...this is Ram.  Natasha just called me...she and Kartik have...you know decided once again to get married. So...I guess...our wedding is on too."

"What!" Priya screams.

Ram holds the phone away.  "Please Priya...look I am sorry.  I know I am stupid ass.  And if you can forgive me for yelling at you...can we pretend it did not happen."

"What!  You think I am crazy...that I love playing musical chairs with an engagement ring...now it's on...now it's off.  No way Mr Ram Kapoor.  Priya Sharma is not a stupid ass like.  Good bye." Priya cuts off the call.

Ram wears a shocked look on his face. Vikram raises his brow in question. "Yaar...she said she is not stupid ass like me...she said no...she told me no.  What will I tell maa?"

Vikram almost falls off his chair laughing.  "What you tell your maa in your problem yaar!  I love this woman.  Neha was right...Priya is no door mat.  I guess it's time to go and get a chainsaw to get the ring off."

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what is this suppose to be??
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Posted: 2011-07-15T19:40:43Z
  He he he. very nice OS Divan enjoyed it.

Ram gasps, "Maa...bacche...grandchildren...have you gone mad.  At my age have children! Isn't choti enough for me to look after.  I don't want any more children.  I don't want to die young."

@ bold  this really had me on floor.

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Posted: 2011-07-15T21:25:09Z
damn Kantaben you are too much!! I simply love the name damn anguthi :)  will come back and read, now have to cook, lunch invitation ...:P
Damn good Kantaben!!  Loved it to bits!!  :)
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Posted: 2011-07-15T23:08:20Z
Daam good!! Lovd the OS
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Posted: 2011-07-16T00:16:10Z
ROFLROFL... very cute one!!! ClapClap
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Posted: 2011-07-16T07:21:02Z
Hehe ROFLROFLROFLROFL Loved it!! Too funny!!! LOL Clap Clap
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Posted: 2011-07-16T10:31:53Z
I was Rofl-ing throughout!! 

And the ending was the best!!! ROFLROFL

Awesome stuff. Poor Ram!! LOL

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