BALH 14th July 2011 Written Update

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Dheere Dheere Haule Haule Chupke se ab hoga

Kehtey hai yeh pyaar jisey hum na janey Kab hoga

Bade aache Lagte Hai 
Yeh mausam ye baatein or


Video Update
(By Nipun)

BALH 14th July 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with last scene then shift to  Natz room she is on the phone, shouting at one of her staff Neharika comes into the room and Natz rushes to the bathroom to vomit. Her mother scolds her for eating junk food and says that she would bring some medicine for her. Natz again rushes into the bathroom to vomit Stern Smile and Niharika has a thoughtful expression. She tells Ishika to bring the pregnancy test kit  She asks Natz why she was vomiting and Nutz tells her she doesn't know, she isn't a doctor and rushes to vomit again.LOL Niharika gives her the kit and tells her to do the test. Nutz refuses but Ishika asks her if she and Karthik Nutz gets angry and tells Ishika not to interfere,Niharika screams  and tells Nutz to do the test.Shocked The kit confirms that Nutz is pregnant and Niharika goes angry Angry! She is worried that the engagement is broken now this happens. Niharika tells Ishika to phone Ram and ask him not to cancel the engagement but Natz does not want to marry Karthik.Confused She says she would abort the baby Thumbs DownNiharika tells her to shut up and screams and say this is all her fault because she always tried to hide Natz mistakes.(True) Natz did whatever she wanted but she says that from now on, she would do what Niharika wanted. 

The scene shifts to Shipra and Priya in the car where Priya says that the marriage will not take place. as her marriage was not meant to be everything happened because of a mistake that became an accident but from now no such mistake or accident would happen, at that moment, Shipra bangs into a car. Priya tells her mother to sit in the car, it was their fault and she would handle it. She walks out, Ram is looking at his car and he turns around and tells, What is this, you don't know how to drive. when he sees Priya Both get surprised to see each other. Priya asks him whether he was driving. Ram asks if it was a sin to drive oneself in this country  and Priya says it wasn't like that. Normally his driver would be driving. Ram is annoyed and says that the driver was on leave. Ram asks angrily if she had come to fight and Priya says no. She talks about the accident happening at the same place as before and Ram wonders what sort of a coincidence it was that they had an accident at the same place. Priya says it was all strange and it was good they met because she wanted to talk to him. She starts to talk about the incident involving her brother but Ram says to leave that, it was perhaps his fault . He apologises for thinking bad about her brother and the title track plays. Shipra is trying her best to listen from the car. LOLPriya says that she was anyway going to come to see him in a day or two, when Karthik and Natz relationship did not exist, then their (Ram/Priya) relationship too did not have any meaning. Priya says that they got engaged for Karthik and Natz but  they were not lucky for the.because the day they, Ram and Priya got engaged, Karthik and Natz relationship broke. Priya says perhaps their relationship wasn't meant to be Priya returns the ring and says that their engagement was also nothing less than an accident. But the ring falls to the ground and Ram picks it up.Embarrassed He then tries his best to remove his ring,  but doesn't succeed. Ram's phone rings and he asks Priya to hold her ring while he attends the phone. Niharika literally orders Ram to come home. Ram tells Priya that there was an emergency at home and he had to go. Priya tells him that she hopes everything was fine and tries to give the ring to Ram. He tells her that his ring wasn't coming out, he would go home and remove it and until then she kept her ring with her. . 

Shipra is literally stuck between the 2 front seats trying to listen to Ram and Priya talking LOLShe is happy to see the ring still with Priya. Priya says that Ram wanted to return the ring on his finger but it didn't come out. She assures her mother that they would meet in a day or two and the unique ring exchange programme would take place. She goes on to tell Shipra that her mother should return the ring as she did not want to see Ram anymore. Shipra tells Priya that she did not see the signs of destiny and it was God's will. Priya calls her mother filmy and said that real life was not like films. Shipra says that Priya got engaged for Karthik's sake but it could also be that Ram and Priya were meant to be and that was why Karthik and Natasha met and fell in love. Priya doesn't want to believe in all of that and Shipra says that what she thought was her bad luck was actually her good luck. Priya who doesn't want to see Ram again but thinks of him  and some of their scene plays in flashback. 

Neharika wants to talk to Natz but Natz doesn't want to talk to her. Neharika gets angry  tells Natz that she was her mother and knew what was good for her. She tells Ishika to call the Pandit. Natz doesn't want to marry Karthik but Niharika says that she wasn't giving her a choice, it was her order. She tells Nutz that whenever she wanted she could get Natz kicked out of the house and property.
 Natz says that she has her own identity. She tells her mother that she would abort the baby. Ishika tells her that such matters could not be hidden. Neharika tells Natz that she has not understood her mother. Niharika says that Ram is controlled by her, he didn't marry till now because she did not want that and now she chose Priya for Ram because Priya would not stand up to her. Natz is shocked at her mother's words.Niharika tells Natz that she could destroy Natz's support system called Ram Kapoor.  She would tell him about the real Natz and her various wrong-doings like drugs, boyfriends, pregnancy etc. She literally threatens Natz who is shocked. Niharika tells Nutz that Ram loves her very much because she, Niharika created that love inside Ram for his sister. She tells Natz that without Ram, Natasha Kapoor was nothing. Niharika says that she came to this position because of compromises, marrying a man 20 years her senior and gave birth to them.She orders Natasha to go to Ram and say that she wanted to marry Karthik.

Shipra and Priya arrive at the coaching centre. Shipra tells her that everything happens in the world for a reason and her meeting Ram was also God's will. She tells Priya to wear the ring and even destiny did not want to separate Ram and Priya. Priya reluctantly wears the ring and leaves for the class.Embarrassed  Priya goes to class and Shipra prays to God that he brought Ram and Priya so far, she asks God to pull them a little till the marriage mandapBig smile

Scene shifted to Niharika who tells Ram to listen to what Natz has to say. Natz asks Ram if he loved her and Ram very cutely tells her that he would give her a thappadLOL, she was asking him this after all these years. Natz says that she can't live without Karthik and doesn't want to break the engagement. Ram has a shocked look. Shocked

Ram asks Natz if she knew what she was saying, was she crazy?
 Did she forget that he slapped her and insulted her and them. Niharika says that while Karthik was wrong, Natz was also not right. Ram doesn't want to believe that Natz was in the wrong, when Natz tells him that it was her fault too and Karthik loved her. She tells him to get her married to Karthik and Ram asks if she was sure. She nods her head and Ram hugs his sister. Ram tells Natz that if she was sure, then he would get them both married.

Episode Ends 

Precap: Priya say what should i tell them now this ring is with me cuz omy ring stuck on Ram finger and they all are so happy cuz of this on the other hand Ram say to Vikram that i am so confused that if i get married now so i will put var malla on bansi kaka LOL

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Thank you very  much...
I bet karthik may not be father of the Natz's baby...
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Posted: 2011-07-14T14:48:19Z
thank you for the awesome update Natasha..
Gotta watch the show tonight for Niharika!! :))
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Posted: 2011-07-14T14:52:10Z
Originally posted by anna44

I bet karthik may not be father of the Natz's baby...
thanks for the fab update natasha.niharika koThumbs Up

@bold blue even i got dat doubt,bechara karthik toh buri tarah se phasnewala haiUnhappy
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Posted: 2011-07-14T15:05:18Z
This show is nice, so stop dragging it Sony.  Move the storyline ahead and stop wasting screen space on Natz and Karthik.  They are junior actors (not that good by the way) and the show is not really about them.  Let us see Ram and Priya.  That is why I'm watching.
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Posted: 2011-07-14T15:42:35Z
Thanks for the update..Seems like both marriages will take place and the pregnancy of Nutz will turn out false...LOL
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Posted: 2011-07-14T15:50:35Z
Thanks for the detailed update. Wish this show focuses more on Ram and Priya .
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Posted: 2011-07-14T18:14:52Z
thanks for the update.
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