OS - Chokri jova chaliyoh (going to see the girl)

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Chokri jova chaliyoh (going to see the girl)

"Oh Sudhir kyan gayab thaye gayo!" (Sudhir where have you disappeared.) Shipra yelled at the top of her voice.
Sudhir put down the newspaper that he was reading, sitting on the balcony where he had escaped for a few minutes, muttered with frustration, "jaara araam thi chappu paan nahi vanchava de.)"doesn't even let me read newspaper in peace.) He stood up and walked slowly down to the living room, only to stop and drop his jaw at the state of the rooms. The curtains were lying pooled at the bottom of the window, the cushions tossed around off the sofa, the sofas moved in the centre of the room.

"Shipra...hey Bhagwan...gandi thayi gaye che ke shun.  Bei kalak ma pela chokrawara aavavna che...ghar to godown javun!"  (Have you gone mad?  In two hours the guy and his family is coming here and the house is like a warehouse.) Sudhir yelled angrily.


Shipra made a face, "Haan khabar che...paan ghar ma kaune pari che ke ghar jarak theek thak kariye.  Sudhir ghar saaf suuf toh lagvun joyeh nah?"(Yes I know, but who is bothered in this house about cleaning it up and making it look nice. Sudhir house should look clean shouldn't it?)


"Haan paan tena mata utal pataal.  Aa sofa kem khasediya?   Ne curtains toh ole divasu dhoya?" ( yes but it doesn't mean you turn the house upside down.  Why did you move the sofa? And only the other day you washed the curtains?)

"babaad ni kaar...le aa nava curtain lagavi de. Ne pachi aa sofa ne cover lagavana che...huun jarak pota mari devun atlama." (stop moaning and put this new curtains on and after new covers need to be put on the sofa, in the meantime I will mop the floors.)

Five minutes later...

"Mummy...levo...tamaro catering order."  Priya walks in with two large bags full of food her mother had order.  She stops and watches her father struggle to put on the curtains while her mother in on her knees cleaning the floor.  "Mummy shun vaat...tame pota maro cho?" (Mummy what's wrong, you are mopping the floor?) Shipriya never mopped the floor...that was relegated to her two daughters.

"Tari mummy gandi thayi gayi che!  Priya...chal jarak haath de...mara ekla thi aa curtain nathi karata."(your mother has gone mad!  Come help me put this curtains up.)

Priya pulls her hair in a quick bun and kicks off her sandals and uses a chair to climb up so she can reach the curtain rod.  Shipra looks up, "Oye Priya...uttar neeche...khursi paar chadi gayi...neeche padi gayi toh...Pehla chokra ne shun batawanu...ke amari pori langdi che?" (Priya get down...climbing on chair...what if you fell down...what do we show the boy...that our daughter is disabled.)

Priya blows air out and snaps, "Mummy toh pehla vichar karvo toh ne...curtain kaune badalwna ketha taan?" (mother you should have thought of it first...who told you to change the curtains?)

Shipra stands up and stretches her body, it is aching after bending on all four.  She picks up the bucket. "Sambhal Priya...kehi devun chun...aaa vakhat chokra ni haa avavi joye...34 varas ni thawani...ketla vakhat sudhi mara ghar ma padi rehwani."  ( Listen Priya...I am telling you...this time the boy must say yes...you are going to be 34...how long are you going stay put in my house.)

Priya comes down and glares, "kehi dene toh hoon ajejah ghar mathi jaati revun...mara potanun ghar set karwa maa mane koi vandho nathi...atloon toh hun kamavun chun." (tell me to leave the house, I can set up my own home...I earn enough to do it.)

Sudhir comes quickly down, "Chalo...maa ne dikri...ladai nathi karwani...chalo tame ready thayi javoon...atle hun sofa ne badhun theek kari devun."  (come one...I don't want mother and daughter fighting...go get ready and I will put the room in order.)

Priya and shipra makes faces at each other and stomp off to their room.

In her room Priya opens her wardrobe and looks at the dresses and saris hanging.  She flicks through pulling out couple of dresses and saris and then in front of mirror holds them up and tries to make up her mind.  There is knock on the door.  "Didi..."  It is voice of her young sister Ayesha.

"aav andar..." (come inside.)

"Didi...joh...ek dress laveen chun Tamara mate...please didi...aa pehro ne...navi style che...tamane suit kare tevi che." (sister I bought one dress for you...please...wear this...its a new style and it will look good on you.)

Ayesha pulls out a red and cream sleeveless anarkali with embroidery around the neck and waist.  She holds it up against Priya.  Priya looks at the dress...she feels the material.  She likes the colour combination and the embroidery is not too fancy either.  She smiles at Ayesha.  "Thank you Ayesha...beautiful che."


Natasha, Niharika and Raghav get out of one car and from other car Vikram and Ram.  Vikram slaps Ram on the back, "Ready dost!"  Ram twists his mouth grumpily.  Niharika and Natasha link their arms through Ram's, "Nervous bhai?" Natasha asks with a grin.  Ram nods, "Of course...kaun jaane kevi jaal ma tame mane phasavana cho?" (Of course...don't know what kind of trap you guys are going to get me into ."

"Oh bhai...chill...Priya beautiful che...educated che ane ekdum aajkal ni chokri che." (Brother chill...Priya is beautiful...educateded and completely today's girl.)

Vikram joins in, "Natasha...aa taro bhai ne kem chokri thi daar lage che...maane joh...Neha and hun keva mazaana set thaiye gay ache."  ( Natasha I don't understand why your brother is scared of a girl...look at Neha and me...we have happily settled into marriage.)

Natasha giggles, "Vikrambhai...shadi atle bandhan...jem tamare Nehabhabhi ne report karvoon pare...tem bhaiye paan report kavoon parse neh!" (Vikrambhai...marriage means loss of freedrom...just like how Neha keeps a tab on you so will bhai's wife.)

"haat chokri...daraawni Ram ne." (Stop it girl...don't scare Ram.)  Niharika pinches Natasha lightly. 


Ram stops and looks at them all, "Tame badha ne shun lage che ke hun behro chun?  Ne mane koi chokri no daar nahi lage.  Hun jevo chun temaj rehvano chun...koi chokri maate badalwano nathi." (What do you guys think I am deaf?  Listen I am not scared of any girl.  And I am going to remain the way I am...no girl is going to make me change.)

Everyone laughs.  Vikram knocks on the door.  Sudhir opens the door and then greets them enthusiastically.  "Avo...padharo...kem cho Niharikaben? Kem cho Ragavbhai? "  He leads them into the sitting room.  Shipra stands up and smiles coyly at the men and folds her hands in Namaste.  "Baiso...baiso..." (sit down...sit down...)


Ram sits down on the sofa...pulls out the cushion from the back and tosses onto the floor.  Shipra gawks...Niharika nudges Ram.  Ram shrugs and then on another nudge picks up the cushion and puts it at the side.  Sudhir smiles, "Aavavman kayin takleef toh nathi pari neh?" (you did not have any trouble getting here?) he asks.


Ram arches his brow, "aajnah zamaana mah GPS hoye toh kayin khovayee naa jawai." (In todya's world with GPS...you can never get lost.)  Vikram tries to hold back laughter.  Sudhir smiles at Ram, "Bhai computer thi toh akhi duniya badlayi gayi che...je kaam ketla divas lagta karvanu te aaje 5 seconds ma thayee jaye." (Today computer had changed the world, what used to take days to do now you can do it in 5 seconds.)

Shirpa not understanding, "aa GPS shun che?"  Ram rolls his eyes.  Sudhir says, "Shipra yeh pellun machine Kartik nato layee aviyoh...yaad che...Goa trip mate...raasta bataven...teh." ( Shipra remember that machine Kartik got for his Goa trip...the one that shows the roads...that one.)

Shirpa nods her head, "Haan pehle baidi...bakbak kariya kari teh ne...turn right...turn left...jaane military exercise karve." (Yes that woman who is babbling...turn right...turn left as if it is a military exercise.)

Ram snorts, Vikram and Natasha laughs while Niharika and Raghav tries to keep a straight face.

Just then Priya enters with tray of snacks and drinks.  The bangles in her hands tinkle and her heels make clicking sound.  She is staring straight at Ram.   Ram looks and then blinks again.  The woman was staring at him with fixed eyes and her eyes...they are dark and deep and thoughtful.  Interesting he thinks...

Priya sets the tray down and folds her hands in greeting.  Natasha nudges Ram and whispers loudly, "main kidhu tune...ketle mast che na bhai!" ( I told you that she is beautiful.)

Niharika smiles and says thank you as Priya offers her a glass.  Priya holds the glass out to Ram who takes it and then sniffs and peers at the glass.  Priya says sarcastically, "Saaf che glass ne fresh juice che...mei hamanj...banavuyun." (The glass is clean and I just made fresh juice.)

Ram looks at her blandly, "Maine allergy thaiye che...kevun juice che?" ( I get allergy...what type of juice is it?)

"Mix fruits che...pineapple, grapes ane apple."

"Ok...chalse!" (It will be fine.)  Everyone is having snacks, Priya sits next to Shipra observing Ram.  Ram avoids looking at her.  After some time Sudhir says, "Ram...tame jarak bahar javo...Priya saathe tamen vaatchit kari levo." (Ram why don't you go out with Priya...you can talk in private.)

Ram looks at Priya who flashes him a quick smile and her hold a peculiar gaze that makes Ram shudder.  Priya stands up, "Chalo...garden ma jayeeh toh vandho toh nathi neh...phool ni allergy toh nathi neh." (lets go...if we go into the garden you don't have any problem...you don't have an allergy of flowers do you?)

Vikram grins at Ram while Natasha giggles.  Ram stands up and buttons up his jacket and remains poker faced.  "garden is fine..."

In the garden, they walk in silence.  Priya wonders what shall we talk about.  Ram sneaking a look at Priya and thinks...not bad looking, in fact quiet nice looking for a 33 year old.  But she looks like she wants to bite my head off.   A small girl comes running and collides with Priya.  Priya bends down and hugs the girl, "Beta...aaste...aaste...padi jaise." (slowly...slowly else you will fall.)  Ram notices how Priya's face softens as she looks with tenderness at the child.  He hears a drumroll of his heart in his ears.  Wow, he thinks...what a change...she hides her real self.  The little girl giggles and then squirms herself free and runs off.  Priya watches her with laughing smile.  She turns to Ram and asks, "Tamne nana chokra game?"  (Do  you like small children?)   Ram almost want to blurt out...no they are pesky little things but he stops and turns the question back, "Tamne?"  Priya nods, "haan...akhon diwas nana nana chkorawon saathe rahun chun paan koi diwas thak nathi lagthoh."  ( I spend whole days with small kids but I never get tired.)

Ram makes a mental note, she will make a good mother...one point in her favour.

Priya wonders, he didn't answer my question, I guess he doesn't like them.  Minus one point.

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This is awesome Kanta 
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