Priya Creations#6 pg135-hc,ph,pr,kk,vd,sk

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Posted: 10 years ago

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Posted: 10 years ago

pm list

IMPORTANT: So fully and finally decided that this will be account people will get PMs from priyacreations 

Add this person to get PMs, makes it much easier for me and it's much more obvious.

Thanks and sorry if any trouble caused. Please add this person to your buddy list yourself if you want PMs Embarrassedand this person is only for update PMs so please don't send any thing else to this id other then this gallery related things

  From now on the pm list is anybody in this persons buddy list, if you've reqed and are not in the buddy list you will still be PMed from this ID

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Posted: 10 years ago

Index for Updates

6- arjuhi/karnika, d3, arhi, kash, sushaan, delena
14-karnika,sallu, karishma, kritika-additi,sgp,raya, arman, kareena, harshiti, juhi and sanaya irani
23- harry potter and karnika
32- reqs
44- premheer
52- harshad, harshiti, dharampatni, amber dhara (harshad+shweta), sushita
59- harshad additi/ friendship day special/ message
66-PH,pkyek,PR,DDLJ,TVD,sgp, gulaal, navya, iqbal & shweta
pg76 megamassive- prem, sgp/ ragini, sajjal etc
pg85- premheer, harshad
pg92- premeer,hc,mausam,arman
pg99- hc, ag, bodyguard, kmh. lolo, sgp pc, mausam
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Posted: 10 years ago

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Posted: 10 years ago
 I like to credit ppl for their help so here is recent list
(old one is in prev gall):
 blending- amna
dling fonts- fatto,reeno  mostly LOL
 For PSDs I usually don't remember which one i used when so here is general list of which ones i have saved

PSDs(i have)- Raee Piano Meh Riya Shikha Payal 

 Resource List for textures/ brushes in Mandatory topic  
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Posted: 10 years ago

thank yous - editing

like everything is incomplete without love this shop is incomplete without love and support from you all so thank you for that

some special people i'd like to mention in no order

marj- my not so active assistant it seems a miracle when you actually even appear online nowadaysLOL
fatima- the only reason im making stuff on ps today Embarrassed you are seriously one of the nicest poeple here 
zoobi- always was first to post and very sweet about my stuff
sofia & hoor how can i not take your names together? you both are so sweet with your commenting and as peopleBig smile = sweet package
aisha(senorita)- youve been here since the start reqing, commenting etc  
faiza- your so sweet i dont know you for very long but it seems like ages
pratz- im glad you like my stuff that much that you didnt want to miss any updts
vips- craziest fan of ragini i know, love your comments and your really sweet, most sushan stuff i make is keeping you in mindLOLEmbarrassed trust me i have tons savedLOL hopefully in this gallery i'll eventually post them all
kiru- the best thing about opening a shops is getting to know new people from it your one of the poeple whose been here since the first and i met in this forum not one of tv forumsEmbarrassed
liana- your so so sweet hun
lunza- always using my stuff your damn sweet coming to this forum only for commenting
meh-your a great support/encouragement i was so happy when you liked your sig that muchEmbarrassed love you and your comments literally make my day
raee- your so sweet i still remember you were the first person i made a sig for Embarrassed
kash an old but very inactive and bhootni friend of mine
jen/wids/fiona -youve been great help esp initially and even now always ready to help
preeti, anu harshu  hina and many others for commenting regularly(there are more will edit when i remmeber)
kash bhootni gang maham ramsha cherry etc
(still adding)
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Posted: 10 years ago

competitions ive taken part in / won

avatar and signature (tinypic deleted the entry)
won(non animated)
 the topic was to make an icon animated or non animated that defined christmas
banners i made (coming soon)
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Posted: 10 years ago
Congratz on 6th gall Priya Hug
wish u make many many more Hug
i really i mean really really like the banner
keep smiling & keep rocking

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