New FF I'm Yours Forever 17 November pg 130(Page 20)

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awesome update...very interesting Smile
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:::Update 3:::The scent:::

In the dark silent night Pia breezed past the obstacles before her moveing branches and ducking her head to avoid getting hit scanning the area for signs of a struggle; of any clues the culprit or even the victims may have left beind; Pia snapped a few twigs on the ground startling herself senseless  scolding herself for frightening herself. Pia felt her heart beat pick up pace the more closer she got. Pia ventured further deep than she'd anticipated until she found something sticking out from under the fallen pile of leaves. Pia came closer to investigate finding what seemed to be a body. Pia immediately put on her gloves to avoid her fingerprints from getting all over the body. It was another girl. Just her luck. Pia inspected the body with her flash light in one hand. The body appeared fresh making Pia feel sick to her stomach. Her first case was so full on and the body had Pis in distress. Pia checked the girls neck. There were two red dots  or puncture wounds. The skin around it was smooth and cold, while the circles were neat a diametre of a tiny pea. There was another set of marks on the girls shoulders. Pia felt a chill replace her curiosity. How was this poor girl attaked thought Pia? Pia heard a loud thump and thuds reverberated followed by another scream of a girl. It sounded like a struggle.

Pia picked up a log as a weapon as she didn't have a fiream on her. She left the blasted thing in her car. She muttered-Blast.

Then Pia intuitively followed the screams and saw a feral man hovering around another body as Pia herself screamed.
The beastman saw Pia and howled at her mouth twitching as it came at her. Pia saw a stranger fling the beast like a rag doll against a tree,  then a pair of arms came around Pia. Strong arms holding her steady. Pia's eyes were focused on perfection itself. The same eye's she'd seen as a child. Could this be a dream or reality itself? Pia searched for this man all the way through her childhood all the way through her teens till now. Could it be him or was he a mirage? A figment of her imagination. She remembered how many times she'd come out of therapy as a kid telling everyone of a superman saving Pia from the inferno. Pia had tried to forget her beautiful nightmare although she preferred to think of it as a beautiful dream despite it being so morbid. Pia's chest rose and fell unevenly as her heart skipped beats furiously. Pia groped on the man so he'd remain with her. Why couldn't she tear away from his eyes. It was like she was hypnotised by those majestic ever changing eyes turning icy blue to violet to grey. 

Then they'd stopped moving and Pia was still captivated by this superhuman who'd taken away her breath. Finally the man cleared his voice-Are U ok? Did he get U?
Pia limped like jelly in the man's presence. His voice sounded so sexy she thought as she whispered-Huh?
Abhay placed his stony marbled face with his trademark smirk expecting this reaction from her. All the girls and heck even men fell for his charms and his good looks-Lady U ok? I won't bite U just try to catch your breath and then relax yourself breathing in and out.
Pia felt embarrassed still staring at his beautiful deep oceanic eyes drifting her somewhere reconnecting her with her past-Sorry! I didn't realise. 
Abhay smiled back at Pia-Its understandable. So what's your name and what is your business here? This is a crime scene and U my dear are trespassing.
Pia through the fog of shock and intrigue managed-Pppia! (She wanted to kick herself for stammering like a school girl but this guy totally made her knees weak that he was still supporting her. She felt like a lovesick teenager. Pia couldn't take her eyes off of his soul stealing eyes. He had to be him right? He hadn't aged a day.) Pia Dobrial. (Gathering her composure straightening her self) I'm assigned to the previous case this would fall under my jurisdiction and U are?
Abhay smiled back showing her his ID Badge letting go of Pia kicking himself for not reading her mind. He hated using his powers for self gain unless it was for a case. Now he'd began to understand why Pia was still staring at him like she knew him from somewhere-Private Investigator Abhay Raichand. I am on a case solving this murder. I believe this is an animal attack. Or a man pretending to be an animal U decide. I'll take my leave.
Pia grabbed Abhay's hand. From the ID badge it turned out Abhay was 26 years old but this was impossible the guy from her childhood had been the same age. He should have changed his appearance by now aged.-Stay! I mean we can solve this together. There's no reason why we can't work together Abhay. We can solve this faster.
Abhay chuckled slowly turning around-I work alone. I don't do well with partners specially girl. That too immature rookies. Sorry if i sound a little harsh but U haven't got enough experience to be working with a case as big as this and i don't have time to teach newbies. Bye Pia Dobrial it was nice meeting U.
Pia shouted at Abhay calling out for him-No wait Abhay please. 

This was where her obsession with Abhay Raichand began. This man was hiding something. He had a past and Pia was going to find out what it was. Pia saw Abhay disappear from the scene like a gust of wind. She went home checking her face in the mirror. Her hair was dishevelled. She looked like the cat that got dragged out of a gutter somewhere. She looked horrendous in front of Abhay. Pia washed her face with water and wrote a report and relayed her findings to Kabir.

Jeh noticed everything from far away. He saw his enemy save the human. How very heroic and ironic if not moronic a vampire the taker of life had giveth life. He'd given away his identity and for a girl. Jeh had expected Pia to become mince meat. His own suspicions were correct and so was this hunch on a new power rise. This shapeshifer wasn't a werewolf but an animal. Ok a human panther or whatever the hell it was. This town was getting stranger by the day.

Jeh relayed to his boss Kabir-Hey boss Pia is going to make a fine officer. She has the makings of one just needds to brush up on her instincts a little more.

Kabir decided to take Josef on his offer of enlisting Pia as one of their new recruits meeting him face to face-Yes! Pia is fit to do this job but she's a close friend of mine. Please look after her.
Josef made a cocky grin-I'll watch out for Pia with my own life at stake. She's in good hands.

Josef left smiling away his eyes glittering with mischief. Abhay was going to love him when he got news of who his workmate come playmate is.
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haha wow I loved it.Awesome update.I was waiting 4 this FF so eagerly.So destiny already plan their meeting.Now Abhay have 2 work wid her Pia.Gud sign.I m loving it.Jeh agn prepared wid his plan.Chalo lets c aage kya hota hai?

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This Is My New Favorite FF. Now. Conti Soon As You Can. (:
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awesome last pia again met abhay...
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Clap Hey , It was just awesome, I mean Wow. I myself Is a huge  of thriller and crime stories, and you made me love them more . Thank you so muchClap
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wow... Abhay investigatin the murder case ... so nice n pia abhay meetin so nice ...
Awesomme ...itz so gud !!!!
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awsome update.i m loving this ff so much.update again soon. SmileEdited by urmita - 2011-07-21T20:53:03Z
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