New FF Firefly Come Fly with Me. 26 nov pg 148(Page 28)

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hi hun
even this concept is nice. usually pia is the sweet simple girl. And now she's like a divaLOL 
ooh and abhay is again arrogantLOL i love it when he's like that. so hotEmbarrassed abhay was hilarious in the ragging updateLOL. the typical proud raichand. he's gona have a hard time keeping pia away from him n vice versa. he's already attracted to her, well sort off.
and jay's here with a vengence huh? am sad chand n haseena are not gona be part of this. i adore themSmile dont really care too much about neel, but he is sweet. oh n hot, cunning sid. man i miss him so much on the show. And ofcourse i also adore misha, she n abhay just hit it of straight awayLOL
continue soon sweety n thanks for the pmHug
Pia and Abhay ki dil  already in tune
Jays a wolfie but Abhay will turn him into a While Abhay tames him

 Story has only just begun and did i mention Arnab is head of the council on vampires trail
Misha and Abhay have their pow wow sessions already on a roll.
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hey ayesha dat was a rocking part...
abhay- pia- awww...i m still drooling over dat particaular part when he passed his jacket to her...
hats off to ayesha...u r just mindblwoing
keep d good work on... thanx for d pm...continue soon

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Originally posted by heena_mehta

hey ayesha dat was a rocking part...
abhay- pia- awww...i m still drooling over dat particaular part when he passed his jacket to her...
hats off to ayesha...u r just mindblwoing
keep d good work on... thanx for d pm...continue soon

 ...LOVED the fact U are fida over Abhay handing his jacket to Pia. I so want him to get rid of the blasted Jacket forever.jalebi Edited by matwamango - 2011-07-19T11:21:04Z
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awesome part dear

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:::Update 4:::Partying:::

Jeh followed Abhay to the party deciding to pose as a student in Mount College to get close to his nemesis and strike from within. It was all he could do given the time frame he had bring his Mom and Alina for the ride wasn't his idea but they wanted to be part of Abhay's downfall. His family had taken his brother from him and his father. Jeh was going to make sure Abhay paid his dues in full starting from now.

Abhay felt like he was being watched by someone in this party unfortunately for him most of the eyes he saw staring back at him were the girls he'd offended at te ragging ceremony. He hadn't forgotten the deep brown eyed beauty who he'd scared half to death thanks to his prank. Abhay felt a pang of pain at the very thought of hEr. The ache was unbearable, but insistent and penetrating as he fought for control over his thirst for blood. He'd never felt like this before. Abhay never gave into unrepentant self-indulgence but being around people again was going to test him to the extreme. Pia wasn't even his type not that he had a type. Abhay never had time for girls. It was number one in his rules to stay away from all humans to a limit he could handle but he sure hoped Pia wasn't going to be his vice.

Misha felt murderously at Abhay still p****d off at him for getting the better of the princess of pranks and for scaring the s**t out of her baby sister. Misha gave Abhay a stubborn expression rolling her eyes at him in disgust. Abhay was an apalling guy and knew her instant dislike for him was out of plain clash of egos. Misha saw Abhay as a threat seeing the reaction from Pia. Her sister had the dreamy eyes which was unusual as Pia was never this smitten by a guy before. Misha smelt trouble.

Pia in 
a Balmain red studded dress mainly for Abhay's benefit. She had evry intention of making tongues wag especially Abhay's.  It was all for him. Nobody had ever made her feel so restless like he did. Since this morning Pia was waiting for this party so she could impress Abhay. From his reaction Pia had no idea what Abhay thought of her making her heart sink.

Pia needed something to calm her nerves. It was the first time she felt insecure about her pulling power. She had plenty of male admirer's but not the men she wanted. Pia saw Jeh come on over towards her smiling at her brilliantly. He gave her his hand and Pia contemplated on what the best move should be but Misha pushed Pia into Jeh's arms.

Misha winked at Pia-Tuh jaana na. Jeh ki saath sirf ek dance hi toh karna hai!
Pia gave a glance at Abhay's direction sitting alone and saw the look in his eyes-Jeh right? Tum yahan naye ho?
Jeh to Pia sweetly eyes her checking out his enemy-Haan. Main yahan kaal ayaa apne Maa aur behen koh leke. Toh tum Pia Dobrial ho right? Aur woh Misha tumhari behen!
Pia smiled distracted by Abhay then tears her eyes away-Haan. Meri ek bari behen hain Panchi bhi. So tum kis main major kar rahe ho?
Jeh smoothly turns Pia around-Jis main koi yakeen nahin karte! Mujhe paranormal subject bohot acha lagtha hai. Filhaal main major kar raha hoon business main. Akhir mujhe business sambhal na hai. 
Pia swayed with Jeh-Mujhe business boring lagthi hain. Yawn fest. I want to be a designer or a journalist. Mujhe sab ki business main interfere karna bohot achi lagthi hai.
Jeh found his biggest accomplice in his quest to ruin Abhay and expose him-Acha toh tumhe journalism bohot achi lagthi hai so main tumhe ek challenge detha hoon. Tum us ladke koh goor goor ke dekh rahe ho ke meri dimaag main ek idea tumhe main aaj hi mila lekin mein kuch logo koh jaantha hoon joh tumhe madad kar sakhte hain tumhaare career ko pehle mokha denekeliye. Manzoor hai?
Pia was intrigued and at the same time suspicious og Jeh-Tum kuch zyada hi. Tum kyun meri madad karoge? Tumhare niyat main koi khot toh nahin kyuki main us type ki ladki nahin ju! (She lets go of Jeh's hand) If U don't mind i don't want to dance with U anymore.
Jeh to Pia softly holding her hand again-Pia tum mujhe ghalat samajh rahe ho! I didn't mean to pry but i can tell U this U are an intelligent girl. I am from a respectable family Pia and my Mom is part of the group making a studio in Dehradun she has all the contacts to make your dreams come true. I saw U had an interest in the black and thought i might pick your brains see he is also new in town like me. I want to see if U can dig some dirt on him and on me.  Pia's eyes widened in shock- U want me to investigate U as well. What kind of a request is this?
Jeh smiled-Hey i mean what i say. Mujhe dekhna hai tum main dum hain ya phir joh maine tumhare bhare main sunha yeh sab jhoot hain Lagi shart?
Pia found this opportunity to good to resist shaking Jeh's hand-Lagi shart! Lekin agar maine tumhare character main khot dikhi toh yeh agreement terminated. Aur joh bhi information main tumhe dethi hoon sab confidential.
Jeh nodded-Deal.

Pia moved away from Jeh back to Misha weaving passed all their peers-Interesting fellow Jeh is trying to fish for info on Abhay of all people. He wants to see if i can get info on the Khuranas too. I feel like i am betraying Abhay in the most egregious manner despite not knowing him.
Misha was intrested in knowing Abhay's background so she could use it against him- So Jeh is helping U?
Pia pressed her full lips together-Haan.
Misha egged Pia on-Then what have U got to lose Pia? As far as i know U will gain an entry into your dream vocation. Start mingling with the enemy and get what U can out of him. U look hot so i doubt he'll turn U down unless he's gay or blind. And whatever U do don't fall for him Pia. I saw U give him the goo goo eyes.
Pia sulked-Did not!
Misha pushed Pia forwards-Do me proud baby sis!

Pia bravely moved to Abhay sat alone with a few girls trying to ignore her. Pia had the temerity to tap Abhay by the shoulder shaking with nerves-Do U mind if i ask U for a dance? (Please don't say no I can't take rejection from U) If U don't mind that is. (Bites her lips in anticipation and lips going dry)
Abhay saw his doe eyed beauty waiting for an answer and could hear her thoughts-Ok
Pia was stunned into silence not expecting him to accept her offer. Pia never saw a more handsome guy, tall, brooding and delicious. He was striking from his perfect jawline to his prominent cheeks and his eyes were killer-Thanks.

Abhay felt he owed Pia a dance and he couldn't turn her down looking at him with those baby brown eyes. They both danced to Haal-E-Dil Tujhko Sunatha


Hey kash..
Kash yun hota..
Har shaam..
Sath tu hota..
Chup chap..
Dil na yun rota..
Har shaam..
Sath tu hota..

(Abhay sways with Pia in his arms side to side as their eyes meet getting closer)

Guzara ho tere, bin guzara
Ab muskil hai lagta
Nazara ho tera, hi nazara
Ab har din hai lagta….

Haal e dil tujhko sunata
Dil agar yeh Bol pata
Bakhuda tujhko hai jata jaan..

Aaha tere sang jo pal bitata
Waqt se main woh mang lata
Yaad karke muskurata haan…

(Pia touches Abhay's cheek with one of her hands softly trailing to his bare chest as she sucks in the air making her completely lost into this moment where everyone at the party had now become invisible. It was just Abhay and Pia here)


Tu meri rah ka sitara…
Tere bina hoon main awara…
Jab bhi tanhai ne sataya…
Tujhko besakhta pukara…
Aa..chahte meri la fana
Par meri jaan
Dil mein hoon rakhta han..haan..

Haal e dil tujhko sunata
Dil agar yeh bol pata
Bakhuda tujhko.. hai jata jaan..

Tere sang jo pal bitata
Waqt se main woh mang lata
Yaad karke muskurata haan…

(Pia shivered at Abhay's strong soft embrace filling her mind with only his gorgeous face like he'd invaded her mind becoming one with her. Abhay moved around the dance arena with Pia's back to him moving in unison as their eyes do a dance of their own)


You're love to me
I know love whats meant to be
I know you feel it too
E.. come I love get you

Khwabon ka kab tak loon sahara…
Ab toh tu aa bhi ja khudara…
Meri ye dono pagal aankhen….
Har pal maange tera nazara…..
Aa..samjhao inko kis tarah..
Inpe mera (mera)
Bas nahi chalta han.. haan…

(Abhay twirls Pia around back around a few times swirling her back into his arms where she fit so well like she was his oasis. Pia's face half illuminated by the lights had only enhanced her girl next door look transforming her into the most desired girl in the planet to Abhay as his crazy eyes craved to take in Pia's face)

Haal e dil tujhko sunata
Dil agar yeh bol pata
Bakhuda tujhko.. hai jata jaan..

Aaha tere sang jo pal bitata
Waqt se main woh mang lata
Yaad karke muskurata haan…



Abhay shook Pia back to reality taking himself out of this trance. What happened here? This was just a dance as a way for him to say sorry and humouring Pia. He knew the girl was a little enamoured by him. Most girls found him too irresistible thanks to his supernatural unearthly good looks.

Abhay to Pia-I have to go bye.

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Hey ayesha itna chota update or is this precap.Chalo jo bhi ho I loved it.Jeh already started his games & Abhay is falling 4 PiaSmile
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Originally posted by cuteshrishti

Hey ayesha itna chota update or is this precap.Chalo jo bhi ho I loved it.Jeh already started his games & Abhay is falling 4 PiaSmile
Not finished yet honLOL Edited by matwamango - 2011-07-20T14:01:23Z
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brill update...plz cont soonSmile
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