ffjay-misha i hate luv stories ch4 pg8

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Hey everone im fiza back with new ff i want to thank aysha  aka matwamangofor inspiring me  with JiSha  Jodi  aysha this for you

I Hate Luv Storys


  Pia   who is  that guy  over their in the black avtar glasses that idiot muhje pe misha dobrial pe line mar ra tha  i thought him a lesson he would never forget.  asked  A girl wearing a blue halter top with cargo shorts and tennies    Pia  replied him  the infamous  college Casanova  play boy of the town  jay Khurana A guy who is the perfect example of   the so called angry Young man image , who hates  love stories  cant  he stand them he  hates every thing about them says pia  , oh really a flirt  him like hates love story but what does he hate about  them  guys like him learn trickls to impress girl from love storys and you are telling he hates them  waht does he hate? Asks misha , he hates  the swashbuckling, mandolin wielding hero and a sari clad heroine dancing in slow motion against the backdrop of heavenly Swiss Alps, and those Karvachauth sequences when the heroine looks at the moon through the sieve and the dapperly hero steps in the frame just in the nick of time to consolidate her faith that theirs is janam janam ka saath. Oh really that inresting  that's exactly what I hate as well  i always want to throw up when i see such flims  i feel this losers pain  but even though he looks so malicious he has a heart of  gold  underneath this rough guy look is guy who care alot for his mom and brother he ahndels everything after his dad left his mother for another woman infact thats why he hate the word love  his father broke his mother heart but ironicaly he too  loves to play around with girls says pia ... ok so i guess father like son eh  says misha ?


Precape for chapter 1

 Misha,pia panchi   walking in to the canteen when jay bumps in to misha pulls her bra strap

 Your ugly but yiu intrest me dobrial #2 says jay

 Eh hello tum kuta ke pooch  teri tho  how dare you pull my bra strap (slaps him)you jerk you might be hottie in this town for the last 1 year  but you know what now that im back you better not mess with me  or my family your stupid idiotic pick uplines and cheap acts wont work here you got mr jay khurana  

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pg 1 teaser and ch1 precap
Character sketch pg 1
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interesting teaser.
please udpate soon.
thanks for the pm.
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Posted: 2011-07-01T14:42:33Z
i also like jisha as a pair. i will enjoy reading ur ff.Smile go ahead
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Character sketch

Misha dobrial  18 year old tom boy gundi of the town knows how to set  twisted people straight '. Full of life party animal, doest have time for love '. Feels guys cause lot of drama a she already has enough in her life doesn't want any more ' cant stand stuck up @$$ %&*# but she is  sweet kid at heart loves her sisiter  and family was in paris for year with her sisiter panchi  while her other sister pia stayed with mama papa  worried for her sisters who have been heartbroken  but knows time heals everything

Jay khurana  20 year old casonva of mount college play boy of the town ' hate the word love but loves to break girls hearts it is his hobby '. Doesn't  believe  in love after he saw what love  did to his mom  and his family '.his dad brokes his moms heart so badly that she always told him and his   love is only pain before anyone can break your  heart break there's
Pia dobrial: 18 years old misha s twin sister  is a style glam doll does some part time modeling for top designers in india and is currently waiting for her love of her life abhay raichand to come back to her

Panchi dobrial 24 yrs old social butterfly  who has changed after her ex daanish betrayed her currently dating Siddharth mehra works in her fathers comanpy  dobrial empire

Siddharth mehra: play boy casonva flirt his wicked onlines make you laugh non stop loves panchi and has to prove it her  wants to make panchi belive love can happen again
Abhay raichand :  loves piya but for her own good is staying away from her but for how long will her love pull him back to her?

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Awesome start! I know this is primarily a Jay-Misha FF but I'm still looking forward to a few Abhay-Piya scenes as I am a die-hard fan of Abhiya! Looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile
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Posted: 2011-07-01T22:19:56Z
AWESOME DEAR. Continue soon dear Clap. You are a good writer. Love you so much.Smile
Eagerly waiting for next chapter
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Posted: 2011-07-01T23:21:37Z
A JISHA ff...
Awesome sweets...
The character sketch is superb...
Continue soon...
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Posted: 2011-07-02T00:01:02Z
Wow...a jisha FFTongue
always wanted to see Misha with someone hot and goodlooking
Never mind not in show then in your FF...
Looking forward to read more... 
continue soon
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