BALH 30th June 2011 Written Update

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Dheere Dheere Haule Haule Chupke se ab hoga

Kehtey hai yeh pyaar jisey hum na janey Kab hoga

Bade aache Lagte Hai 
Yeh mausam ye baatein or


Video Update
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BALH 30th June 2011 Written Update

The epsidoe starts where it ended yesterday Priya arrives, nearly tripping. Mamoo tells Niharika that Priya was looking ten times worse than when he saw her first timeAngry. Ram would not look at her, let alone love her . He then says that Ram had rejected some hi-fi girls and he compromised and ended up with a behenji type girl. Mamoo goes to Priya and say her that she looks beautiful. . Priya goes and sits on arm of the sofa asking her mother whether the roka was over. Shipra and Priya have a conversation then and Shipra asks Priya to sit properly on the sofa.  Niharika takes the red chunari and goes around the sofa and puts it on Priya's head. Everyone on Priya's side look puzzled. Priya pushes the cloth down. Shipra is looking at Niharika and pointing her finger at Ayesha. Niharika again puts the cloth again on Priya's head.. Priya pushes it down and Shipra says that Niharika has to put the chunari on Ayesha. Niharika asks if Priya was her daughter. Shipra says that both were here daughters but Niharika had brought the alliance for Ayesha.  Niharika says that Shipra misunderstood. Though Ayesha was a nice girl but Ram and Ayesha had a big age difference. Niharika says that she had brought the alliance for Priya. Embarrassed

Priya intervenes and asks what was being said her marriage with Mr Ram Kapoor Approve. How could Niharika even think that she would marry him.  She then says that she knew that she was over 30, not married and just had a broken engagement, she felt bad about it but not bad enough to say yes to marry Ram. She says that she met Ram so many times and yet his thoughts, behaviour, his everything was beyond her understanding. She further says that she doesn't understand what he was and had even refused Ayesha's engagement with him. How could she agree to marry him. Ayesha then says that Priya thinks he's a khadoos. Now Ram get angry and  he tells Priya that she's not all that innocent and asks her to see a mirror. He was also not interested in marrying her, he agreed only because of the pressure from his family members. He says that it was nonsense that Priya did not know that the alliance was for her and Priya insists that she did not know. Priya says that they all knew the fact and were happy that Ram Kapoor's alliance had come for her. Priya says that they were happy but because they thought that the alliance had come for Ayesha not her.

 She says that there was some confusion but Ram tells Niharika that Priya had come with a plan of insulting him in front of everyone. Priya says that why would she make any plan and she would not have come there if she knew the alliance was for her. She would have refused at home itself. Ram says that she could keep her story to herself, others may believe her but he did not. He says that he knew her intentions, that day she pretended to forgive but came today with the intention of insulting. Ram asks what kind of confusion was there, if there was any confusion, shouldn't they think. Why would he send a proposal for Ayesha, didn't he have a brain, wasn't the age difference between him and Ayesha huge. Ram tells Niharika that he already said that Priya was like that.  Priya agrees that there was a misunderstanding. But they did not come there to insult anyone. They thought that the proposal was for Ayesha. If she knew how to plan, then she would probably have been married by now. Priya says that it was unfortunate that whenever they meet, it was always because of some misunderstanding, confusion. But now she wants to break this engagement. Priya says that she has nothing to do with his good or bad nature. She started to have a good opinion of him but that changed when she thought that the proposal had come for Ayesha. But he had now changed her opinion of him but that did not mean that she would marry him. Ram is just listening to her. Why would she marry him and she did not understand why he agreed to the alliance. Priya says that he said they were different and she agreed and they should go on different paths. Ram is standing listening to her. Priya says it would be good if they travelled the same way and he should not think that she would marry him just because he was famous and rich. She was not ready for the marriage. Shipra folds her hand in apology.  He tells Niharika that Priya was right and he was trying to tell them the same thing but they did not listen to him.

Neha is angry with vikram that he did not tell her about what had happened. She wanted to talk to Ram and solve everything. Their kids come and they have a cute family moment. Vikram again says something that irritates Neha and she angrily takes the kids and leavesLOL

Mamoo comes and tells Niharika to do something. Priya was the perfect mismatch for Ram and they could not afford to lose her. Priya would not take advantage of her position and Ram would not love her. Where would Niharika find such a girl. Niharika says that she thinks Ram would not agree now but mamoo says that if Niharika wanted to keep her position in that house, she had to make Ram agree at all costs.

At priya house Ayesha is folding the roka sarees. Priya tries to talk to her but Ayesha is upset and starts to cry. She is unhappy that her dreams have been shatteredErmm. But Priya advises her that she should dream but the realization was not in their hands. Ayesha says that her dreams would not happen but Priya tells her to be positive. It did not matter if this alliance did not happen, God would have something much better for her. Priya asks her to come and eat. 
Scean shifts to Niharika and Ram. Ram tells Niharika that there was absolutely no chance of him marrying Priya, she insulted him.  She says that Priya was mentally disturbed  2 or 3 of her engagements were broken and if she said some insulting words, to ignore them. .

 Ram asks what Natz has to do with all this. Niharika tells him that the past few days, so many things have happened between the 2 families that has created bitterness. She says that Natz will not be happy and Karthik would at sometime or the other say something hurtful to Natz. Ram is in a dilemma and thinks about Natz's suicide attempt and Priya's words too. He asks Niharika whether him marrying Priya would be the solution to the problem and Niharika agrees that it would be. She asks if he loves Natz and Ram asks what sort of a question was that, he loved her more than himself. Niharika tells that then just for the sake of Natz he should say yes to the marriage. She further says that he always said that if he married at this age, it would be only a compromise. Then why not compromise for his sister. She tells him to meet the girl once, she was not going to force him but to think and decide. 

Episode Ends
No Precap

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 Thanks for Posting Natasha!  abt  today's  episode and no precap .
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Posted: 2011-06-30T14:28:35Z
Thank you for the fab update Natasha :)
Why do Ram & Priya always spar in front of others...their confusions & two-pole apart thoughts does prove hurtful to both of them, especially if its in public...why can't Ekta let them talk it out alone!!
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Posted: 2011-06-30T14:40:43Z
Thanks for the update Nutz!!

So Niharika is emotinally blackmailing Ram to marry Priya ... wah!!! Okay, Ram will agree but what about Priya? Can she be emotionally blackmailed? Confused
Would love to see what Shpiraji has to say know? ... Sorry too many questions popping in my mind.

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Posted: 2011-06-30T15:01:31Z
thanks for the quick update..ok so now ram will agree but i wonder what will make priya agree
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Posted: 2011-06-30T15:56:02Z
thanks for a lovely update natasha.don't know wat ekta is day it's a gr8 episode the nxt day her typical dramatic epi.why can't she keep  things simple always high pitched dramas whenever there is engagement/mrg.n did anyone notice the jealousy on ayesha's face when she finds out that the rishta is for priya particularly when she says priya feels ram to be khadoos which is uncalled for at dat moment infront of all.i felt she just couldn't accept priya-ram alliance even for a moment.nw i can see her negative shades.i feel wat all she talked abt her respect for priya is all a tactic to make priya accepting ayesha-ram alliance in y'day's epi.(sort of emotionally blackmailing priya).hw many more epi is ekta going to take for airing ram-priya's mrg yaar.
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Posted: 2011-06-30T15:58:06Z
Thanks for the updateThumbs Up
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Posted: 2011-06-30T16:21:54Z
Fantastic update Clap thanks alot
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