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Posted: 10 years ago
JULY Newsletter

Hi friends Hug hope you're all having a rocking summer wherever you are, 
lots of beach parties and ice cream floats Day Dreaming and school letting out for the summer holidays soon enough Embarrassed Man, I miss those days CryLOL

Anyway, the reason for this post is that I have a number of things to discuss with you all and instead of creating ten posts you won't read, I decided to create one post you hopefully will read! LOL

I - and Mels - have received a number of PMs and queries about certain things, so allow me to offer some clarification on these points. 

1. Merging / Morphing

You have all read and 'liked' Mels' sticky post reminder on this issue - if you haven't, check it out now:   

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Posted: 10 years ago

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Posted: 10 years ago
@Zoah - to be honest, to my mind the word "merging" is more appropriate to use when we talk about taking 2 or more pictures and making a sig out of them, which is what we usually all do. 

In the context of my original post, merging is equivalent to morphing, i.e. taking a picture of SRK, plonking his face next to a picture of Santa Claus and thus violating the copyright of both SRK and Santa. 

In fact I think we would be better off referring to that practice as MORPHING only so as not to confuse the two issues. 

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the sugg on texture/brush contests. Definitely a keeper :)
Posted: 10 years ago

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Posted: 10 years ago
Wow this was needed badly. There's alot of things going around for a while now.
NEed to say more on this.. will edit once i;ll get free :)
Thanks Vasu :D
Edited :-
ME, myself was too  much confused abt this copying fiasco.
I agree, similar way of placement pics/texts/ textures can be considered COPYING or OVERLY INSPIRED! but using textures( which we have taken from sites)  is not CONSIDERED COPYING or overly inspired . I'd seen notes flaunting in many galleries and like Vasu said everybody haave right to defend their work.. I don't even care if my work is being copied.. or you can call me selfish or whatever,. I actually feel good if my style is being copied.. because in this was i can know people are liking my work hence copying it..  But my question is why do get hyper over it? I mean, If XYZ member is trying to copy you the result will never be exactly same like urs because you;re the orignal maker and your way of working on signatures cannot be exactly copied. Confused  People are now blaming others for every single thing being copied,   for i.e, I made a signature in square shape, and ABCC member liked it and she/he used the same shape for her next sigg!  Should i go and say .. please credit me for using this shapE?Confused  No! because it will sound sooo stupid...ConfusedLOLSignatures makers keep experimenting wit their work. I'vent seen any single member who sticks to the same style.. maine kiya usne kiya make no sense..Confused
Even if you're really hurt k your style is being copied, then  what are mods for? to help you.. one pm can make your life alot of easier. Big smile
Coming to the texts...: - lol, if the member has used his/her brain to work on texts then simply DONT COPY ; It take ages to give a perfect text which can suit your signatures. Google takes only 5 minutes and you can get LOVLEY texts from there. Big smile And even if you like inform the member Via pm and tell how much you;re in love with the text and want to use it. Embarrassed
sorry for the mistakes.. havent rechecked.LOL
( This is just my view.. no offence to anyone here )
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Posted: 10 years ago
Thanks for the post Vasu!!! I totally agree with u and thanks for giving those examples of morphing. 
Posted: 10 years ago
Thanks Vasu esp regarding the text.. That was my main query and you answered it off well. Thank youHug
Posted: 10 years ago
Vasuuu! Hug

First I was like to say thankyouu to you for posting this. THIS WAS VERY much needed :D

But, I would like to say regarding colored borders. I m not saying that you should give them a warning but they should atleast credit you my saying..colored borders inspired by...

and I see alot of ppl using it so I m not going to say..give them a warning. Almost everyone who comments in my gall..uses tht colored borders and I hardly see ppl crediting me. I never used to see ppl using colored borders before? but why now? and why the ppl who has comment in my gall once, twice or regularly? :(

I would not put alot emphasis on it becus its not a big deal and I totally agree with you that..everyone has photoshop..they can experiment but USING colored borders the same way I do? ARE YOU SERIOUS? :(

ppl also use colored backgrounds too like I do...and I use colored backgrounds 24/7 and thats like my style..so If I see ppl using it..then THEY SHOULD get a warning! becus they are not just using colored backgrounds..they are SIMPLY copying/stealing my style :(

And honestly vasu, I m making siggs for more than 3yrs andd this copying issue is just getting too overboard this yr and also was last yr. I bet you are getting alot PMS that you never got before :( and its getting worse day by day. :( people do not listen and raising their warning is the best thing to do :)

Regarding text, I do not really care becus its nothing biggg.

STYLE/blending(sort of matters) is the most important thing in sigg making and when I see people copying that, you get SHOULD def take some SERIOUS action :))

I also have seen people cutting and copying parts from people's work. thats just too much! :( they should have a get a warning right away! :(

I already have like 3 to 4 warnings in my gall..PEOPLE still do not listen :(

thanks for listening to my BS :( I m FED up of people using colored borders EVERYWHR and not even crediting me. and I do not mind ppl using colored borders once or twice..but if they use it like 24/7..thats a major issue and Vasu, I will give them a warning in their gall to let them know to credit me ATLEAST :( becus thats the major thing..when ppl get inspired by you..they DO NOT credit you :(

and you should also mention..OVERLY inspired.. :( I see alot these days..

people should understand BETWEEN Inspiration & Copying! :(

thanks for reading my BS :( I m just really upset these days becus of this. :(

Thanks Vasu once again! *hugs* Hope you understand! :)

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