BALH 28th June 2011 Written Update

Posted: 2011-06-28T14:09:37Z

Dheere Dheere Haule Haule Chupke se ab hoga

Kehtey hai yeh pyaar jisey hum na janey Kab hoga

Bade aache Lagte Hai
Yeh mausam ye baatein or


Video Update
(By Nipun)

Hello friends Finally my exams are overPartyThanks alot backup updaters for updating last week love you guyzHug ok now enough of my bak bak here is the updateEmbarrassed

BALH 28th June 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with yesterday scene Priya promise Ram that his sister marriage will happen at the same date that is fixed. then she said to her papa that if in my life there is some good boy so he will definitely meet me and i know he will but for this i can't stop my family life.Then she said to karthik that today your engagement will happen and you will not stop it. Natasha is also someone sister then she call Natz and make them exchange ringsEmbarrassed

Priya in garden all sad Ram comes and say to her i am the one who can understand your situation.He then say Just like you i have also try lo live alone and from now i will not force you for marriage but i just want to say whatever you have done for my sister i will whenever pray for my sister happiness i will pray for youBig smile Priya say this type of talks didn't suit your personality.Ram say i know and to be honest i don't like to talk this way but i was lil emotionalEmbarrassed Then Ram say whatever i say you didn't think that my view about you has changedLOL Priya say my view about you is also same.Ram then say we are very different from each other Priya say Thank God for thatLOL and if will live out life's on different way we will b more happy. Ram say but for sometime can we walk in same way as a gentlemen can i drop you at your homeTongue Priya agrees and they both leave.

Mamoo and Neharika talking. Mamoo say when i saw priya first time i thought she is serventAngry Neharika say she is problem for us cuz of her if Natz marriage will have some problem. Mamoo say i have an idea make Ram marry with Priya(mamu k mu mein ghee chakkarLOL) neharika say are you mad have you seen priya? How can i bring middle class girl in my family. Mamoo say you will have profit in it. then he ask why are you sending your daughter in that middle class family? Neharika say cuz i want that my daughter laws will b in my control. mamoo say so if there big daughter will b in your house so you can eaisly control them. Neharika say i can control them without this marriage also. Mamoo say u all didn't control karthik he put an demand and you all gets agree even ram kapoor leave all his work and is finding a guy for karthik sister.Then he sai that your son in law is very clever and to control him priya is the best way and there is one more profit no one will send proposal for Ram.. Neharika like it and say great idea but let me ask Ram. Mamoo say no first ask girl family and Ram will listen whatever you will say.

Ram sitting remembering what priya says in engagement. Vikram comes and ask him what happen ram say have you ever hurt anyone. Vikram say yea from 10 years i am hurting nehaLOL Ram say that's not the same thing if you make neha hurt then you are the one who make her happy then he say thst i am feeling really guilty. Vikram say you have safe her life.

In priya house ayesha and priya sitting ayesha say to her whatever you have done is right vaneet was not the last person you deserve much better them him. neharika comes priya ayesha making all things place rightlyLOL neharika say not to b formal ayesha and priya goes to their room. neharika say to shipra that we all really stressed esp ram for what ever happen yesterday but i have one idea and both marriages will happen. Then she say i want your daughter hand for ram.As you know Ram is still unmarried and we really like your daughter and Ram also.. Shipra say but don;t you think he is really small for RamD'ohi mean their jodi is good and then she work also. neharika say i promise you she will work after marriage. shipra say but when this all happen. Neharika say the way she was talking yesterday Ram was really impressed. Shipra in her heart say that ayesha life will change ram kapoor proposal for herSillyshipra say i will ask from her. Nehraika say but do it fast i will wait for your call and she leaves. Neharika thinking.

Episode Ends  


  Neharika to Ram that don't change the topic we are really serious and we have seen the girl for you. Ram say very funny i have crossthe age. neharika say exactly and priya is so nice 

Sorry for mistake
Hope you all like it

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Posted: 2011-06-28T14:15:38Z
thank you so much- i was patiently waiting for 3 hrs...i know we can't ask for update and it takes time to write a nice update, thx- really appreciate it.

Usually parents look for their children's partner in same age bracket  as their child- then how can shipra think of ram with ayesha. 10-20 yr difference b/w them.

It should be obvious that niharika is talking about priya if she is refeering to both marriages that was supposed to be together of bro-sis :karthik and priya with natasha and ram.

all of us knew ekta was going to create a misunderstanding about propsoal. i think she should cone up with better ideas.

I hope the misunderstanding ends tom and something nice for thursday episode than wait for next monday.


ok I just saw the episode. I noticed one thing. the reason shipra thinks niharika is talking about ayesha is captured in 2-10 secs of that scene.
  When Niharika is talking baout the proposal she points to the room where Ayesha and Priya are sitting on bed. she is referring to Priya. But, then Priya gets up from the bed and only Ayesha is seen. So, when Shipra look in the room. There is only Ayesha on bed. so shipra thinks niharika is talking about Ayesha.Then Shipra even says that "don't u think she is small for Ram" and will they make a good jodi".

This is the reason misunderstanding occurs (i can't argue that shipra is partial towards ayesha).
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Posted: 2011-06-28T14:22:43Z
Thanks Natasha!
Yuck!!! Shipra is really behaving like a step-mother to Priya. How come she can think of Ayesha's wedding when just a day before so much happened with Priya? For once also she did not think that it could be for Priya?
What kind of mother she is?
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Posted: 2011-06-28T14:27:33Z
Thanks for the update
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Posted: 2011-06-28T14:44:46Z
Thanks for the update. So for a couple of episodes its a case of mistaken identity.
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Posted: 2011-06-28T14:45:58Z
Thanks Natasha for the update.Thumbs Up
Typical misunderstanding formulaD'oh,jai ho ekta maiLOL
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Posted: 2011-06-28T14:51:13Z
Heyyy Natzz Hug

U r back with Bang Party

no need to thank us dear...we are here for you Embarrassed

thanks very wonderful UD...Clap

abt epi we can except this from Ekta maiya ROFLROFL

Love ya Hug
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Posted: 2011-06-28T14:55:10Z
Thank you very much...
Priya's mom is too much...Does she even consider priya as her daughter she treats her worst than  a step mother...
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