New One shot *Sands Of Time*...

Posted: 9 years ago
Part 1 pg 1...Smile
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Posted: 9 years ago

Its evening..everyone was busy getting ready for the roka ceremony of natasha and priya being held together..Ouch

shipra comes out priyas room after giving her the suit she was to wear for the function..priya changes into the pink salwar kameez and stands staring at herself in the mirror when an excited aisha enters the room and chatting with priya she begins to do her makeup..Smile
but priya wasnt listening to her..she was still wondering how could she find someone as perfect as manish!..for the happiness of her family once again she had ignored what her heart had to say and did what everyone else wanted from her..Confused
SHIPRA walks into the room annoucing the arrival of the kapoor clan..and asks aisha to hurry some final touches aisha too leaves the room..outside everyone greets each other and an elated ram meets manish and his family and as he shakes hands with manish he thinks to himself -at last bali ka bakra mil hii gaya..LOLWink
INSIDE U SEE priya stand alone when vikram walks in and says-hi..Smile
PRIYA turns around and smiles at him..saying a hi she walks upto him..he says- finally u did say a yes..Embarrassed
PRIYA SMILESSmile and vikram could clearly see the disapproval in her expression..and he says on- aap bahot achchi hain priya ji..u r a real fine woman..aur aap se jo shaadi karega..lucky man..( priya remains silent and looks up at vikram as he says)..i really wish ki mujhe aap jaisi hii bhabhi miley..ClapWink
STUNNED priya stares at vikram as he just smiles at her and without waiting for her to say anything he turns around and walks out of the room..Tongue
PRIYA turns to look out of the window..vikram's words echo in her head..there is thunder in the sky outside..priya recalls meeting ram for the first begins to rain and a smile crosses her lips as she vividly remembers calling him a dianasour..LOLEmbarrassed
BALH title track begins to play in the background as priya brings forward her hand into the rain and lets it get wet..the coldness gave her a sense of calmness and the voice of the falling raindrops seemed to silence her inner turmoil.. StarDay Dreaming

Ram enters the room dressed in a black suit and pink shirt and tie..looking as charming as ever..he finds priya standing by the balcony and enjoying the rain..he walks upto her and stands behind her..the song ends and ram smiles saying-congratulations..Clap

PRIYA recognises his voice..turning around she just remains expressionless and says an indifferent thank you..and turns back to look out of the window..Wink(THROWING ATTITUDE toh koi insey seekhey...)...LOL
RAM SAYS- I am glad that at last u did get the man of ur choice..PRIYA turns to face ram and says-hmm..meri haan se itne logon ko khushi mil rahi hai..aur kya chahiye mujhe?..Smile
RAM LOOKS at priya surprised..he had thought that it was her wish to marry manish but now as he stood watching her..there was no joy on her face and excitement in her eyes like he found in natasha's!..taken aback he asks-par yeh shadi toh aapki pasand aur razamandi se ho rahi hai na?.Shocked...
PRIYA falls silent..she was busy analysing ram's question..YES MANISH was her choice..he had all qualities that she wanted in her lifepartner..YES IT WAS all happening as per her one was pressurising her..YET WHY..WHY WAS HER HEART WANTING HER TO STOP HER AND BACK OUT!..still silent..priya gazes at ram as she tries to find out what was wrong with her?!..BlushingD'oh
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Posted: 9 years ago
Great work Ashima!!!
The expressions and descriptions do all the work in this OS. Your portrayal of feelings speaks volumes here, so well done hun!!!
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Posted: 9 years ago
Hey trinket so glad that u lykd the os that much :D next part asap hope u lyk
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Posted: 9 years ago
Hey februaryflower so glad that u lykd the os that much :D next part asap hope u lyk and i am so happy that u could imagine and feel thngs i tried to pendown :)
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Posted: 9 years ago
Hey nishi so glad that u lykd the os next part asap hope u keep enjoying :)
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Posted: 9 years ago
Its beautiful Ashima!!!
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Posted: 9 years ago
Hi preet glad u lykd the os next part asap hope u enjoy it dear:D
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