BALH Written Update 22'nd June

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Hello Everyone I am Priya and I am Back Up Updater of Natasha on Wednesday also this is my first Update on BALH..hope you all like it.. Embarrassed

Episode Starts with Karthik working over time in Office and he calls canteen for coffee while Natasha then a girl brings Coffee for him and she asks to come movie with him but he ignores and says no to her then she point rifle on his head and Karthik gets tensed and asks her what is this nonsense then she says killing you be madness and whynot i will kill myself but Karthik concentrate on his works and says you are paper lioness who can't do anything and she shoots painting hurts her foot then Karthik becomes scared and finally agree to go with her to movie but after doing her first aid.

Priya was teaching then someone phone starts ringing then she asks them switch off her phone then her phone started ringing and her students gossips saying that call is from her boyfriend Ram Kapoor but it was her mom asking her to come home immediately and Priya says that she says important lecture to explain then her mom says she can do it tomorrow while her students were staring at her and she apologize them by saying she has a family affair to attend  then leaves but she hears some of her students gossips that this is only start we will have free classes frequently so no worries for them.

Niharika was in club playing cards with her friends then she see Mrs Jafri and she gets panicked then Mrs Jafri comes to her table to her bad luck and they greet each other then  she asks about Ram's wedding but Niharika tries to ignore her by saying she got the joker and she will win the game while everyone looks stunned then Niharika says that wedding news is at initial stage so don't try to spread it also this is Ram's Personal better not involve in it because he doesn't like it then they ask Niharika why did she hide to them and is their any problem then they can help them and she says there is no problem because she is his choice then she says Mrs Jafri she will give her exclusive footage of gossips then she becomes happy while Niharika thinks that if Ram comes know about it then he might choose the girls from they select then what about me.

Back in Priya's home Shipra asks her husband when Priya will come home then they hear a door bell and went to receive Vinit and his father then talk for a while then Priya comes home and her father introduces her to them while Shipra ask her to fresh and come but Vinit interrupts her saying he likes the way she is and no need to change also he likes her the she is then he ask whether he could talk personally with her then they agree and Vinit and Priya went near balcony then rain started falling Vinit enjoys the rain then he ask her whether she likes or not then she nods her head and he says  we are similar in many ways and then talk with each other ( I like this guy..he is very nice and soft towards her ) and Priya ask him time for accepting him and he agrees by saying i know you won't reject me. (  Sorry sweets she is made for Ram  )

Priya's Family was eating then she comes and talks with her father for a while then she says everyone that she accepts Vinit as her life partner and all for happy for her while Natasha was sitting on her bed and waiting for a message in her phone when she gets it she becomes happy back in Niharika's room she talks with someone in phone while her brother was sitting in sofa then Natasha comes and hug her mom saying that Priya's wedding is fixed then Niharika and her brother are happy then she says i have to call Ram and Akash then her mom looked stunned then ask why she is calling her Ex boyfriend and warns her not to do such work because she is getting married but she leaves from there.

In Ram's office he says Vikram that Priya liked the guy then he looks kind of shocked and Priya's mom hugs her then they happily eat together while Priya thinks their happiness is everything to her.


Priya is enjoying the rain while in back ground title song is playing then Ram comes.

Thanks everyone for bearing me with my first update Embarrassed

i know i skipped some parts and i am sorry that also any mistakes in itEmbarrassed

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Thanks for update. Liked the way sakshi and vinit were conversing with one another . Frankly speaking i liked vinit too with priya as he looked naive guy ,not greedy of money. His smile was nice . Why i feel as at crucial moment he will refuse to marry priya for some reason and then ram kapoor will come forward to marry her .
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Posted: 2011-06-22T12:42:01Z
Thanks for the update.after facing somuch rejections priya's fear of 'hw can everything be positive' is justified.but i have a feeling dat this proposal would be broken not by the guy but by niharika(for securing nuts life) so dat priya marries ram
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Posted: 2011-06-22T12:43:38Z
thanks for the lovely update
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Posted: 2011-06-22T12:44:58Z
the precap is nice waiting 4 tomorrow
thanks 4 the update
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Posted: 2011-06-22T12:54:39Z
 Thanks for the update!.The guy seems too good to be true! If he's real then the jodi looks good.  Don't want Priya to marry Vinit.She's made for Ram!
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Posted: 2011-06-22T12:55:08Z
Hello Priya nice to read your update here...still missing GKD thoughCry
Sounds like a good episode,  can't wait to watch it
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Posted: 2011-06-22T13:00:54Z
Completed the Updates Embarrassed

@ Nila di

heyyy Hug

how are you di ? 

missed ya...

me too missing GKD diCry

i have to update in other forum Smile

take care

love ya

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